Power adaptor
(item code 048610)
Rechargeable batteries
already fitted
Remove this tab
and charge batteries
for 24 hours before use.
3 Immediately press OK on the handset to confirm. The base will go into registration
mode for 90 seconds and will beep when registration is successful. The handset will
automatically be assigned the next available handset number and registration is
now complete.
3 Remove the protective film from the
handset screen and activate the batteries
by pulling the plastic tab away from
the back of the handset.
2 Plug the other end of the power adaptor
into the wall socket and switch on.
The power must remain on at all
times for the phone to work.
1 The display will show Please Register and once the batteries have charged for
24 hours and you are close to the base station, press the left soft key
(i.e. BT Diverse 7110, 7150, 7410, 7450 or 7460)
1 Plug in the power adaptor (item code 048610).
Easy registration to a BT Diverse 7000 base
2 Register
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
For further information within and outside the 12
month guarantee, please refer to the full user guide at
9682 Diverse 7100 QSG [2_1].indd 1
R&TTE Directive & Declaration
of Conformity
This product is intended for use within the UK for
connection to the public telephone network and
compatible switchboards.
This equipment complies with the essential
requirements for the Radio Equipment and
Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive
For a copy of the Declaration of Conformity
please refer to www.bt.com/producthelp
1 Plug in and charge
This guarantee does not cover any faults or defects
caused by accidents, misuse, fair wear and tear,
neglect, tampering with the equipment, or any
attempt at adjustment or repair other than through
approved agents.
Check box contents
•The equipment is returned to BT or its agent
as instructed.
•Proof of purchase is required.
Screws and wall plugs
2 The display will show Press and Hold Base Find Key. The
button is located
on the Diverse base underneath where the handset sits. Press and hold the
button on the base for approximately 8 seconds until the base beeps, then release.
•The guarantee shall only apply to defects that
occur within the 12 month guarantee period.
2x AAA NiMH 600mAh
rechargeable batteries
(already in handset)
If registration was not successful first time, repeat the process again in case the
base registration period ran out of time.
The conditions of this guarantee are:
You can register up to 5 handsets to a BT Diverse base. If there are already
5 registered, the registration will fail. You must de-register a handset before
you can register a new one. See the full BT Diverse 7110 user guide online at
Subject to the terms listed below, the guarantee
will provide for the repair of, or at BT’s or its agent’s
discretion the option to replace the BT Diverse 7100,
or any component thereof, (other than batteries),
which is identified as faulty or below standard, or as a
result of inferior workmanship or materials. Products
over 28 days old from the date of purchase may be
replaced with a refurbished or repaired product.
4 Place the handset on the charger to
charge for 24 hours.
www.bt.com/producthelp for instructions.
Your BT Diverse 7100 is guaranteed for a period of 12
months from the date of purchase.
Important: Charge the handset batteries for 24 hours or your phone
may not work.
If you want to register the handset to another DECT GAP compatible base station
that is not in the BT Diverse 7000 range you will need to refer to the user guide for
that base for registration instructions.
The symbol shown here and on the product
means that the product is classed as Electrical or
Electronic Equipment and should not be disposed with
other household or commercial waste at the end of its
working life.
The Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) Directive (2002/96/EC) has been put in place
to recycle products using best available recovery and
recycling techniques to minimise the impact on the
environment, treat any hazardous substances and
avoid the increasing landfill.
Product disposal instructions for residential users
When you have no further use for it, please remove
any batteries and dispose of them and the product as
per your local authority’s recycling processes. For more
information please contact your local authority or the
retailer where the product was purchased.
Product disposal instructions for business users
Business users should contact their suppliers and check
the terms and conditions of the purchase contract
and ensure that this product is not mixed with other
commercial waste for disposal.
This equipment is not designed for making
emergency telephone calls when the power fails.
Alternative arrangements should be made for
access to emergency services.
If you ever need to remove the batteries, simply slide open the battery
compartment cover and using the finger holes grip the batteries and pull them out.
For information on safety instructions,
cleaning, technical information or
connecting to a switchboard, please
refer to the ‘General Information’
section in the full user guide at
Product disposal instructions
Important: Only use the power adaptor and rechargeable batteries supplied in
this box or this product may not work. Any replacement rechargeable batteries
must be of the same type and are available from the BT Diverse Helpline. BT
accepts no responsibilty for damage caused to your BT Diverse 7100 by using any
other type of batteries.
Your BT Diverse 7100 is now ready for use.
General information
BT Diverse 7100
BT &
Working together, supporting energy saving products
BT & British Gas have joined forces to help our customers find new ways to save energy
around the home, so we can all do our bit for the environment & save money too!
User Guide
1 Plug in and charge
2 Register
3 Go!
Offices worldwide
The services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be
modified from time to time. Services and equipment are supplied subject to
British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract.
Nothing in this publication forms any part of a contract.
© British Telecommunications plc 2010.
Registered Office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ.
Registered in England No. 1800000.
Designed and produced by The Art & Design Partnership Ltd.
Printed in China / Issue 2 / ADP02-10
Setting up is easy. Just follow the simple steps in this guide.
If you need further assistance, please visit our website www.bt.com/producthelp
to view our advanced user guide or call our helpdesk on 0800 218 2182*
*Calls made from within the UK mainland network are free. Mobile and International call costs may vary.
18/2/10 17:06:20
Your phone
Indicates new missed calls.
To remove the icon you need to
view missed calls. See the Caller
Display section opposite.
Alarm set.
Indicates new text messages.
Handset ringer off.
Range indicator: On=in range.
Flashing=out of range or not
registered to base.
The keypad is locked.
Battery status indicator.
(scrolls to indicate charging)
Headset socket (on side of handset)
Headset not included.
See full user guide online at
for further details and where
to obtain a suitable headset.
Opens BT Services menu.
Press to open and scroll
through Redial list.
In talk mode adjusts
earpiece volume.
Scroll up.
Left soft key
Press to access names
in the phonebook.
Select options on screen.
Go back to previous menu
level and clear digits
and characters.
Make/receive a call.
In talk mode, press to switch
handsfree on/off.
a call.
Press and hold to switch
handset off/on.
In menu mode, press to
return to standby.
Use to enter a space when
entering text.
Right soft key
Press to enter menu.
Press to select the
option displayed on
the screen.
Press and hold to switch
handset ringer on/off.
When entering text, press to
switch between upper and
lower case letters.
Calls list.
In talk mode, adjusts
earpiece volume.
Scroll down.
Press and hold to lock/
unlock the keypad.
Recall for use with
Switchboard/PBX and
BT Calling Features.
Press and hold to enter a
Pause in a phonebook entry.
Use to enter punctuation
marks when entering text.
Navigating the menus
to make internal calls
(where more than one
handset is registered).
Your BT Diverse 7100 has an easy to use menu system. Each menu has a list of options,
which you can see on the menu map below.
Then use the
Caller Display and the Calls list
If you have registered to a base in the BT Diverse 7000 range then all the following
features are available. If you have registered to another make/type of handset it is
possible that some features, e.g. Caller Display will not work correctly.
Set time and date
to Settings, press the right
Date & Time is highlighted, press OK. Time Format is highlighted, press OK.
and press OK.
to choose how you want the clock displayed, either 24 Hour or 12 Hour
to Date Format and press OK. Scroll
MM/DD/YYYY and press OK.
to choose DD/MM/YYYY or
to Enter Time and press OK. Enter the time using the keypad in 24 hour mode
only (e.g. 17:30 for 5.30pm) and press OK.
to Enter Date and press OK. Enter the date, e.g. 09 04 2010 (displayed as
09/04/2010) for 9 April 2010. Press OK.
Making calls
then dial the phone number. Press
Answering calls
If you have subscribed to Caller Display, the caller’s details will be displayed before you answer
(see the full BT Diverse 7110 user guide online at www.bt.com/producthelp for details).
Lift the handset from the charger to answer incoming calls.
If the handset is not on the charger, press
during a call to switch the call to loudspeaker.
Press the left soft key
Press the left soft key
, scroll
Date & Time
HS (Handset) Settings
BS (Base) Settings
Some menus are accessed by pressing the relevant feature button, for example
for the calls list,
for the redial list,
for BT Services and the
left soft key
(Names) for the phonebook.
Enter the name then press OK. You may need to press the same button a few times until
the letter you want is displayed. For example, press
once for A ,or twice for B.
9682 Diverse 7100 QSG [2_1].indd 2
For further information on call groups or to select call group ringtones, please refer to
the full BT Diverse 7110 user guide online at www.bt.com/producthelp
Dialling a directory entry
Press Names, scroll
to the entry you want. Press
to dial the number.
Copy entire phonebook to another handset registered to a Diverse 7000 base
Press Names. The first entry is displayed.
Press Options and scroll
provides quick access to a range of useful pre-stored
The BT button
numbers and further BT Calling Features. You can access the following services:
BT Diverse Helpline, BT Directory Enquiries, Call Divert on/off/check and Call Waiting
. Helpdesk is highlighted. You can now scroll
options available.
through the
to call and follow any announcements.
Text messaging
Before sending and receiving text messages you need to register to the text
messaging service and subscribe to Caller Display. You will be automatically
registered to the text message service when you send your first text. See the full
BT Diverse 7110 user guide online at www.bt.com/producthelp for details.
Most problems can be fixed with a few simple checks.
No dial tone
Only use the cable and batteries supplied.
Make sure the power adaptor cable is plugged
in correctly.
Make sure the product is not located too close to other
electrical appliances. This can also help improve the
handset range from the base.
Make sure you charge the batteries for 24 hours before use
to ensure maximum battery performance.
Poor speech quality
Group is displayed and the group ringtone melody is played (you cannot change the
ringtone at this stage). To add the entry to a call group, scroll
to select a
group and press OK. Display shows Saved (if you don’t want to use this feature simply
select No Group for all entries).
If you are not connected to the BT network some of these services may not be
available. Please contact your network provider for more information on network
services. You may be charged for the use of these services.
to redial the number.
Number is displayed. Enter the number and press OK.
to dial a displayed entry.
(Secrecy) during a call to activate secrecy mode.
again (Secrecy) to return to your caller.
to choose the number you want. Press
When the service you require is displayed, press
to end the call.
Storing new directory entries manually (up to 100)
Press Names. New Entry is highlighted, press OK.
Write Message
to scroll
BT Services button
(Menu) and scroll
buttons to scroll through the available options.
Press the right soft key
soft key
To exit a menu and return to standby, press
View and dial from the Calls list
, the most recent entry in the list is displayed. Press
through the list.
Press Options. Details is highlighted, press OK. The call details will be displayed.
(Menu) to open the main menu.
(OK) to select a menu option or the left soft key
Press the right soft key
(Back) to return to the previous screen.
You must subscribe to a Caller Display service for this feature to work.
Your network provider may charge you for this service.
Providing you have subscribed to your network’s Caller Display service the date and time
is set automatically when you receive your first call. To set the date and time manually
follow the procedure below:
When the handset is switched on and in standby:
Press the right soft key
3 Go!
to Copy All and press OK.
to select the handset you want to copy all entries to and press OK.
At the receiving handset the display will show Accept entries.
Press Yes to confirm or No to cancel. When successful the display shows ✓ Finished.
Battery icon not full/
handset dead
Using broadband on the same
phone line?
What is the BT Diverse 7000
range base default PIN?
Make sure you plug the base station
telephone cable into the wall
socket via an ADSL microfilter (not
supplied), otherwise you may have
problems with this product and
your broadband service.
Base default PIN = 0000
Find out more
• New Frequently Asked Questions available at www.bt.com/producthelp
• If you need more detailed instructions, please refer to the BT Diverse 7110 full
user guide which can be downloaded from www.bt.com/producthelp
• If you cannot find the answer to your problem in the full online user guide,
then please call the free Helpline on 0800 218 2182* or email bt.helpdesk@
vtecheurope.com. Our dedicated advisors are more likely to be able to help you
than the retailer where you made your purchase.
• This document is also available in other formats, such as Large print, Braille
and Audio CD. If you would like a copy, please call 0800 218 2182*.
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