Poseidon model 3265 Flyer

Poseidon model 3265 Flyer
Poseidon 3265
HW group
Product description
Poseidon 3265
Sends SMS, e-mail, SNMP trap when temperature/humidity high.
Poseidon 3265 is an independent temperature and humidity monitoring solution. To send an alarm
SMS to a mobile number, only GSM coverage and a power supply are needed.
Configuration takes place over a graphical web interface. Each of the five sensors has a
name and a monitored temperature/humidity range. Features DHCP support, easy
connection and installation.
Poseidon 3265 works with any SNMP NMS (Network Management System).
 Up to 5 external temperature and
humidity sensors can be
connected (up to 60m).
 SMS and e-mail are sent
whenever an alarm is activated
or deactivated.
 For further processing of alarms, the
free “PD Trigger” utility can be used.
Application examples
IT environment monitoring
Temperature and humidity monitoring near
computers, servers, disk arrays, and so on.
19” IT rack monitoring
rooms, monitoring of temperature inside a closed 19” rack.
Food industry
Monitoring of operational and storage conditions in
storages, coolers, freezers, cooling plants.
Supervisory system
Environment and status monitoring in info booths,
ATMs and underground switchboards.
HVAC optimization.
Pharmaceutical industry
Monitoring of storage conditions for medicaments (coolers, storages). Applications for small
pharmacies as well as large pharmaceutical operations.
HW group
Poseidon 3265
HW group
Basic features
Independent system – Sends SMS via external
GSM modem, even if IP (LAN) does not work.
No special SW needed.
Graphical WWW interface for configuring the unit
and monitoring the readings (built-in web server)
Alarm alerts:
 SMS over an external GSM modem
 E-mail over LAN
 SNMP trap over LAN
Poseidon 3265
Inputs (relay contacts):
Outputs (relay contacts):
 1Wire bus (local area):
 Ind. bus (up to 1000m):
Alarm alerts by e-mail:
Internal flash logger:
GSM modem (SMS alerts):
IT applications:
 Poseidon is tested with and supported by many NMS SNMP systems (MSC OM, IBM
Tivoli, HP OpenView, Nagios, SNMPc, LoriotPro, IMS, MRTG, Zabbix, ...)
 HWg SDK (Software Development Kit) simplifies programmers' job.
Examples for various programming languages (ActiveX, VB, Delphi, C, C#, .NET).
Industrial applications and other uses:
 Poseidon is supported by food industry applications and pharmacy IT systems.
 Poseidon is supported by the SensDesk web portal service.
GSM Modemcom G10
600 312
Poseidon 3265
600 165
Poseidon T-Box2
600 280
Poseidon T-Box
600 040
Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset
600 313
600 165
Poseidon 3265
Poseidon 3265, without GSM modem and power adapter
600 313
Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset
Quick start set with a GSM modem, temperature sensor, CD with
software, power adapter, etc.
600 344
HTemp-1Wire Box2
Temperature/humidity sensor - 2x RJ11 on the sensor, RJ11 cable
included (T-Box not needed). Designed for wall mounting.
600 330
Temperature and humidity sensor, 1U RACK device, 2x RJ11
600 005
Temp-1Wire 3m
Temperature sensor, 3m cable (600 056 = 10m cable)
600 311
Temp-1Wire-Outdoor 3m
Stainless-steel outdoor temperature sensor (-30°C to 120°C), 3m cable
600 337
Temp-1Wire-Flat 3m
Stainless-steel temp sensor for refrigerators (-30°C), 3m cable
600 329
Temperature sensor - installs as a 1U RACK device, 2x RJ11
600 279
Humid-1Wire 3m
Humidity sensor, 3m cable (1m = 600 278, 10m = 600 333)
600 040
Poseidon T-Box
Hub to connect five RJ11 sensors to a Poseidon unit
600 280
Poseidon T-Box2
Hub to connect two RJ11 sensors to a Poseidon unit, 2m cable
HW group
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