Tundra Installation Check List
Carefully remove unit from it’s packaging and inspect for any damage
that may have occurred in transit. If damage is found, report it
within the first 24 hours of taking delivery. Please report this damage to
your point of purchase and the carrier responsible for handling.
Be sure that all parts have been included. These parts will consist of black
mounting screws and a bottom flange piece.
(NOTE: On T18 and T22 units, the bottom flange piece comes
pre-assembled. Only on larger refrigerators and freezers will this
bottom piece come as a separate part. If your particular application
calls for the unit to sit on the ground when installed, this bottom
flange piece may not be required. See manual for further
Stand unit upright for a minimum of 8 hours (before applying power) to
allow compressor oils to settle.
(NOTE: Though we state on our packaging to always keep unit
upright, we cannot control how the carrier handles our boxes.
This also applies if unit has been set on it’s side to affix the
bottom flange piece.)
Carefully review all wiring diagrams included. If you purchased a
DC only Tundra unit, simply wire your unit directly to the appropriate DC
power source. If you purchased an AC/DC model, please refer to
wiring diagrams to assure proper installation per your individual
Make sure adequate ventilation is provided to assure proper operation of
your unit. Refer to the manual for details.
Once all of the above have been satisfied, you are ready to enjoy your
new Tundra Refrigerator or Freezer. For best results, allow unit to run for
24 hours before loading with goods.
Revised: 01-09-02 L-2083