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3 Overview
A Professional Range refers to a product with high output burners and commercial, restaurant styling. Although pro ranges can be more expensive than even a restaurant range, they are also more func=onal and easier to clean. You can place a professional range next to wood cabinets and other combus=bles without special sprinkler and ven=la=on systems unlike a commercial range. Yale Appliance + Lighting
4 What’s New for 2014 - 2015
Controls Pro ranges have always been rela=vely unsophis=cated, but now most have added be@er controls. Wolf was first. Jenn-­‐Air added a 7 inch LCD screen with “doneness” controls. Miele now has a GUI control system (like your phone) with automa=c programs for any type of cooking, with 16 just for bread. Yale Appliance + Lighting
5 What’s New for 2014 - 2015
Special features You do not have to buy ovens by default. In 2013, Thermador added a steam oven and warming drawer to their 48 inch oven. In 2015, Miele added steam, a warming drawer and a speed oven. Yale Appliance + Lighting
6 What’s New for 2014 - 2015
Colors Viking has always had colors, but specialty ranges like La Cornue and AGA reintroduced different colors for a fashionable alterna=ve to stainless steel. Yale Appliance + Lighting
7 Professional Ranges
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8 Table of Contents
How to Buy
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10 Overview
Ranges are available in 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60” sizes. The price range of a professional range is $3,500 for a 30” to over $17,000 for a 60”. Outputs of the burners can vary from 15,000 to 22,000 per burner. Most standard gas ranges now have at least one high output burner for far less money than a professional range. Yale Appliance + Lighting
11 Viking
Viking once dominated the professional range market with a 50% share. Although they have upgraded the top to a maximum of 18,000 BTU, Viking is now figh=ng a quality percep=on. In February of 2013, Viking was sold to the Middleby corpora=on. That bodes well for Viking’s long term prospects. It is s=ll a great American brand with a great palate of interes=ng colors and op=ons. Their new 7 series has 23,000 BTU burners. Yale Appliance + Lighting
12 Wolf
Owned by Sub-­‐Zero, this company boasts 15,000 BTU burners and an excellent 500 BTU consistent simmer. Their dual fuel has two convec=on ovens, sealed burners and a clock with a =mer. Wolf has the most cooking modes like proof and dehydra=on allowing you to cook in every conceivable way Yale Appliance + Lighting
13 Thermador
This is an unbelievable top with sealed burners for easy cleaning. Thermador is best known for its simmer at an average of 100 BTU. It’s maximum output is 18,000 BTU. On the 48” range, one of the burners is 22,000 BTU with a steam oven and warming drawer. Yale Appliance + Lighting
14 Jenn-Air
Retooled with the most interacGve clock and Gmer, up to 20,000 BTU burners and great rebate packages including a free dishwasher. Their 30” range is especially popular at less than $4,000 with a free $1,200 dishwasher. Yale Appliance + Lighting
15 Capital
The former owners of DCS founded Capital Range. It looks similar to the old DCS, but has beJer BTU output. Look at the Capital Culinarian for an open-­‐ burner, stripped-­‐down tank of a stove with a 23,000 BTU output per burner. Yale Appliance + Lighting
16 American Range
A rela=ve new comer in the residen=al pro range market. They have been manufacturing commercial ranges for 30 years. All of their ranges will have varying outputs from 17K BTU to 9K BTU. With a manual clean all-­‐gas range as well as a self-­‐cleaning dual fuel range, American Range is one of the more versaGle brands on the market. The two exclusive features offered by American range are shown on the next slide. Yale Appliance + Lighting
17 American Range
Saute/Step-­‐Up Range
The first is the Saute/Step-­‐Up range which puts the rear burners on a 4” pedestal above the front burners making it easier to cook with mul=ple pans. Yale Appliance + Lighting
Hybrid Gas/InducGon
The other is a Hybrid Gas/Induc=on range with one set of gas and induc=on burners. 18 GE Monogram
GE Monogram is decent range with high output and low simmer. Monogram is sold mostly through GE’s builder channel and is somewhat expensive to buy for the features provided. Yale Appliance + Lighting
19 Miele
Miele is the newest professional range on the market. Although the burners are 19,500 BTU, the oven really dis=nguishes Miele from any other professional range. Miele has added automa=c controls similar to their wall oven. Pick a food, enter the weight and hit start. Cooking is really that simple. They have 21 different cooking modes powering their twin convec=on fans, and another 16 just for bread. The wireless probe can be placed anywhere without a@aching to the oven itself. Yale Appliance + Lighting
20 Specs At a Glance
Brand Output Simmer Grill BTU Large Oven Self-­‐Cleaning 15,000 open, 18,000 Burners 900 BTU 18,000 Yes Electric and Gas Op=on Wolf 16,000 / 15,000 both 500 BTU 16,000 Yes Op=onal Thermador 18,000 sealed / 22,000 48”* 100-­‐365 BTU on 2/900 rest 18,000 No Yes Dacor 15,000 sealed 900 BTU N/A No Yes Capital 23,000 /19,000 140* 18,000 Yes Op=onal Jenn-­‐Air 20,000 500 BTU Griddle Only Yes Yes American Range 17,000 900 BTU 18,000 Yes Op=onal Miele 19,500 500 BTU 18,000 Yes Yes La Cornue 17,000 500 BTU 14,500 Yes No Viking Yale Appliance + Lighting
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22 Terms
Simmer: Ability to maintain a low temperature. Thermador has the lowest simmer, but it is intermi@ent (turns on and off). Wolf has a great consistent simmer at 500 BTU. Thermador Star Burner BTU: Bri=sh thermal unit A BTU is quite simply a measure of heat output. Dual Fuel: Gas top and electric convec=on oven. Gas will deliver more heat than standard electric. Electric convec=on is be@er for baking. You do need separate 220V power for a dual fuel range. There can be a big difference in controls and other features between dual fuel and all gas especially with Wolf, Miele and Thermador. Yale Appliance + Lighting
23 Terms
ConvecGon / Double ConvecGon: Every professional range has a convec=on cycle, or fan-­‐forced heat, for more even heat in the oven. Two brands, Jenn-­‐Air and Wolf, have twin convec=on (two fans) for more even temperatures, especially in larger 36”, 48” and 60” ovens. ConvecGon Yale Appliance + Lighting
Double ConvecGon 24 Terms
Proof: Low-­‐temperature mode for rising bread. Grill: 16,000-­‐18,000 BTU surface for grilling. An indoor grill is tougher to clean and needs to be ven=lated properly (at least 900 CFM on a 36”, 1100 CFM on a 48”). Of all the grills, Wolf with the infrared burner seems to be the best. Yale Appliance + Lighting
25 Terms
Griddle: Thermosta=cally controlled metal for pancakes, etc. Temperature is more even than a store-­‐bought griddle over a burner. Jenn-­‐Air has the best griddle for clean-­‐ability because it is infused with chromium. Dehydrate: Mode for removing moisture for food, like dried fruits. Self-­‐Cleaning: 950° 3-­‐hour heat cycle removes all stains from the inside. Some pro ranges do not offer this feature. Yale Appliance + Lighting
26 Terms
Sealed Burner: Burner sealed to the base for easy cleaning. Although 95% of the regular gas ranges have sealed burners, a few pro ranges have open, rather than sealed burners. The ho@est burner is Capital Culinarian at 23,000 followed by Jenn-­‐Air and Thermador at 22,000. The best simmer is Thermador at 100 BTU’s and Wolf at 500 BTU Yale Appliance + Lighting
27 Terms
Clock/Timer: A given on a regular range, but only half the pro units feature a clock. The most advanced clocks are Jenn-­‐Air, Thermador, Miele and Wolf. LP: Short for liquid propane. If needed, most ranges need to be ordered this way. French Top: A Wolf and La Cornue exclusive. A French top looks like a griddle with three removable rings and a high-­‐powered burner underneath. Cooking foods at different temperatures is the main benefit, as the temperature is ho@er in the center and less around the edges. Yale Appliance + Lighting
28 Terms
Steam: Thermador recently introduced their steam 48” range. Steam is a great way to cook as it adds moisture and does not bake out the nutrients in food. Speed: Convec=on microwave, a Miele exclusive. Warming Drawer: A Miele and Thermador exclusive in the 48” range only. Can maintain food temperature for up to 3 hours without dehydra=on or be used to refresh lepovers. Steam Yale Appliance + Lighting
Warming Drawer 3
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How to Buy
30 Kitchen Examples
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31 Kitchen Examples
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32 Kitchen Examples
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33 How to Buy
Pro is a tough choice, as there are compelling products that have similar specs. Each range has its strong points. Thermador is the most reliable followed by Wolf. Miele is the most reliable manufacturer, but their pro range is brand new. Look at rebates, especially Thermador and Jenn Air with free dishwasher and hoods with qualifying purchases. Miele love the GUI technology. It works like your phone and is simple to operate. Their 48" has a speed oven and warming drawer. Wolf has the best oven with double convec=on along with tons of cooking modes and the best performing grill. Jenn-­‐Air has great burners at 20,000 BTU, the best LCD clock, twin convec=on, =mer and especially griddle. Capital has the ho@est burners at 23,000 BTUs and a lower cost. La Cornue is technically a professional range with a few 17,000 BTU burners. This range is totally customizable with French top, grill, griddle and a whole spectrum of colors. It’s available in a number of sizes and styles. Read this for more informa=on. Yale Appliance + Lighting
34 Rebates
Sub-­‐Zero/Wolf: $2,500 dollars with qualifying Wolf/Sub-­‐Zero products Thermador: Free Dishwasher with purchase of qualifying cooking products as well as free hood with dishwasher and refrigerator purchases Jenn-­‐Air: Free dishwasher and hood in a very similar program to Thermador GE Monogram: Different cash offers every 3-­‐4 months Viking: Different cash offers and free dishwashers depending on the month Yale Appliance + Lighting
35 A Little About Us
We have been marke=ng pro ranges since their introduc=on in 1989. There are about 30 pro professional products on display, and 2 of our 9 live kitchens are dedicated to professional cooking. We also service what we sell with 20 service techs. Be a Yale Insider and choose topics of your interest from Cooking =ps, sales informa=on, ligh=ng and much more. Click here for more informa=on 2014 Awards
Residen;al Ligh;ng Magazine Showroom of the Year Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston 2014 Retailers Associa=on of MA Retailer of the Year Read more about us here Yale Appliance + Lighting
36 Contact Information
For product recommenda=ons, ques=ons or anything else please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Address: 296 Freeport St., Boston, MA Website: Blog: Email: Phone: 617-­‐825-­‐9253 Facebook: Twitter: @MyYale Yale Appliance + Lighting
37 Virtual Showroom
Want to get a sneak peak at our state of the art showroom? Check out the link below for a full interac=ve virtual tour of the Yale Appliance and Ligh=ng Showroom located in Boston, Mass. See the Yale showroom here Yale Appliance + Lighting
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