Digital Home Cinema 5.1-Channel Speaker System
Compact, Complete Digital Home Cinema 5.1-Channel
Speaker Package. A Very Convenient and Affordable Way to Begin Enjoying the Thrilling
Experience of Multi-Channel Movie Sound.
Surround Yourself with Rich, Clear Sound from Five
Compact Speakers and a Subwoofer.
1/4 (W)
You’ll Barely Notice These Small Speakers, but Their Clean,
Powerful Sound Will Make Every Movie a Memorable Experience.
䡲 Ideal combination for 5.1-channel
movie sound formats
NS-P100 Main Specifications
• Package Includes 4 Satellite (Main Left/Right and Rear Left/Right)
and Centre Speakers and Subwoofer
• Advanced YST (Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology)
Subwoofer for Powerful Bass Response
• Magnetic Shielding Allows Placement Near the TV (All Speakers)
• System Frequency Response: 30–25,000 Hz
䡲 6-speaker package consisting of 4satellite (main L/R, rear L/R), centre
speakers and subwoofer
䡲 Excellent sound quality and smart,
compact design.
䡲 Advanced YST subwoofer for powerful
bass response.
䡲 Dual 5cm (2”) full-range drivers for high
sound quality (4 satellites and centre)
䡲 Flexible placement
䡲 Magnetic shielding allows placement
near a TV.
4 Satellite Speakers (Main L/R and Rear L/R)
• Acoustic Suspension Design
• Dual 5cm (2”) Full-Range Drivers
• Input Power (Max/Nominal): 100 W/30 W
• Sensitivity: 86 dB/2.83 V/m
• Impedance: 6 ohms
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 72 x 164 x 111 mm; 2-13/16” x 6-7/16” x 43/8”/unit
• Weight: 0.9 kg; 2 lbs./unit
Centre Speaker
• Acoustic Suspension Design
• Dual 5cm (2”) Full-Range Drivers
• Input Power (Max/Nominal): 100 W/30 W
• Sensitivity: 86 dB/2.83 V/m
• Impedance: 6 ohms
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 72 x 110 mm; 11-13/16” x 2-13/16” x
• Weight: 1.1 kg; 2.4 lbs.
• Advanced YST for Powerful Bass Response
• Dynamic Power: 100 W
• Output Power (RMS): 55 W (5 ohms) [U/C]
• Output Power (RMS): 50 W (5 ohms) [except U/C]
• 16cm (6”) Multi-Range Driver
• Auto Standby with Sensitivity Selector
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 200 x 365 x 375 mm; 7-7/8” x 14-3/8” x 14-3/4”
• Weight: 8.5 kg; 18.7 lbs.
Digital Home Cinema
5.1-Channel Speaker
• The NS-P100 is also offered with a silver
and black finish in some areas.
2/4 (W)
Designed for Use in 5.1-Channel Home
Cinema Systems
Enjoy Home Cinema Surround Sound at Its Best
with an All-Yamaha System.
This speaker package is designed for use in a 5.1-channel (6speaker) system. This configuration allows Dolby Digital and DTS
movie sound formats to be enjoyed at their full potential. The
speakers’ high performance capabilities ensure accurate
reproduction of DVD and other high quality sound sources, as
well as of Yamaha’s dynamic and realistic CINEMA DSP sound.
If the NS-P100 speaker package sounds like a good idea, wait
until you hear it matched with a Yamaha Home Cinema Amplifier
or Receiver and DVD Player. These components give you the
unique sonic benefits of CINEMA DSP and a wide range of music
and movie surround programmes, plus the full 5.1-channel Dolby
Digital or DTS Digital Surround movie sound experience. With an
all-Yamaha system, you get top quality sound, easy connections,
and stylish components that look good in any setting
䢇 5.1-Channel System
5.1-Channel Compatible
DVD Player
5.1-Channel Speaker Package
The NS-P100 5.1-Channel Speaker Package constructs 4 satellite
(main L/R and rear L/R), centre and LFE (Low Frequency Effect i.e.
subwoofer) channel speakers.
Optional Speaker Stands: SPS-80
650–900 mm (25-5/8”–35-1/2”) Height Adjust
Not available in some areas.
Good Speakers Are Important for Good Home Cinema.
Main Speakers
Required to handle most of the sound
output, these speakers require excellent
sensitivity, frequency response and
dynamic range.
Centre Speaker
The centre speaker delivers most of the
dialogue, so high clarity output is vital to
movie enjoyment.
Rear Speakers
The quality of the surround sound
experience depends on the quality of the
rear speakers. Yamaha ensures that they
perform up to high standards.
3/4 (W)
Because good bass response is
necessary for enjoying movie sound,
Yamaha Advanced YST subwoofers are
ideal for use in digital home cinema
High Sound Quality Speakers
4 Satellite Speakers and 1 Centre Speaker
High Performance Dual 5cm (2”) Full-Range Drivers
These speakers use high quality parts to achieve excellent
performance. They have 45mm (1-3/4”) dual ferrite magnets with
shielded cases for maximum power. Kapton bobbins contribute to
high S/N ratio. Unwanted vibrations
are prevented by a heavy-duty steel
frame and a parallel-surface cabinet
design. Even the wiring is an antiresonance type.
Advanced YST for Powerful Bass Response
Advanced Yamaha Active Servo
Technology (Advanced YST) is a
unique system in which the speaker
and amplifier work together to cancel out impedance so the
speaker unit has a perfectly linear motion. Advanced YST helps to
ensure the highest levels of sound pressure and overall
High Performance 5cm (2”)
Full-Range Driver
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4/4 (W)