Extron MLC 226 IP L control panel - Office of Information Technology

Extron MLC 226 IP L
control panel
The Extron panel functions to power on
and off the projector, control volume, and
switch between displays.
Useful Instructions:
1. Turn Display On. Use the Image Mute
button to temporarily disable the projector
2. Select the source to display on the
projector using the buttons on the right.
3. Use the Volume knob to control sound.
4. If the display won’t come on, sound will not
play, or you have other questions or
issues give us a call at 426-4357
Other Examples:
Common Issues:
● Laptop is not displaying to projector:
○ Ensure the VGA cable is plugged
securely into laptop.
○ Press Laptop button on the right
side of the panel.
○ It takes several seconds, in which
you may see the buttons blinking,
to complete a request
Other Information:
Visit http://support.boisestate.edu and select Classroom
and Lab Technologies to schedule a General Purpose
Classroom equipment demonstration.
For assistance you can contact the OIT Help Desk
● Call us at 208-426-4357 (HELP) or 426-1850 for
immediate classroom support
● Email at helpdesk@boisestate.edu
● Web oit.boisestate.edu/classroomlabtech
● Visit the Zone in ILC 128