D-Link | DES-5016 | FlexSWITCH Backbone Switch - D-Link

FlexSWITCH is a 5-slot chassis.
An SNMP module is preinstalled in a full-size slot. 2
additional full-size slots and 2
half-size slots are provided.
Users can select to configure
the port density and expansion
modules to meet their specific
Up to 24 10/100Mbps ports can
be configured in a FlexSWITCH.
These ports auto-sense 10BASET and 100BASE-TX connection,
and auto-negotiate between full
and half duplex.
Users can also install up to 16
100BASE-FX fiber ports,
or combine both twisted-pair
and fiber ports in a single
Options available include ISDN,
100Mbps Gigabit Ethernet
modules. * These modules can
be installed in the half-size slots.
- Up to 24 10/100Mbps, up to 18
100BASE-FX ports
- Full/half duplex for all LAN ports
- 3 full-sized slots, 2 half-sized
- Optional 128Kbps BRI ISDN
- Optional 1000Mbps Gigabit
Ethernet port *
- Up to 7 trunks, each with up to
1600Mbps (8 ports at full
- Extensive diagnostic LEDs
- FCC Class A, CE Mark, VCCI
Class A, C-Tick
- Cut-through, store-and-forward
- 8 K address filtering tables
- Packet filtering/forwarding
10BASE-T: 14,880 pps per port
100BASE-TX/FX: 148,800 pps
per port
- Dynamic buffer allocation for
each port
- SNMP standard
- Flash memory:
512KB provided
Socket for additional 512KB
- Auto-learning of source MAC
- Custom filters support *
- Broadcast storm protection *
- RMON, Telnet support
- Up to 8 VLANs per switch
- Spanning Tree for redundant
backup paths
- Built-in RS-232 console port
* Available on later date
Multifunction Backbone Switch
16 10/100Mbps ports, SNMP, RMON agents
16 100BASE-FX fiber ports, SNMP, RMON
8 10/100Mbps ports, 8 100BASE-FX fiber
ports, SNMP, RMON agents
24 10/100Mbps ports, SNMP, RMON agents
Optional Modules
1 ISDN port (S/T BRI), IP/IPX routing, bridge
1 ISDN port (U BRI), IP/IPX routing, bridge
2 100BASE-FX fiber ports
12 10/100Mbps ports
1 Gigabit Ethernet fiber port
Management Software
See pages 87 to 94.
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