SP-404SX Electribe EMX1SD Kaossilator Pro

DJ Samplers & Groove Workstations
Kaossilator Pro Plus
Tons of Music — at the Touch of a Finger
The Korg Kaossilator Pro Plus puts a synth in the palm of your hand! Anyone —
musician or not — will have a blast getting instant results from this highly intuitive
and interactive instrument. With additional new sound programs and drum sounds,
Kaossilator Pro Plus has been turbocharged to give you even more musical inspiration. Create amazing sounds and phrases by tapping or sliding your finger across the
touchpad. Deploy 250 onboard synth and drum sounds, four loop record banks, and tons
of gate arpeggiators for a crazy good time making multi-layered music in any style —
with the touch of a finger.
Korg’s KP3 Plus takes all that is great about the original KAOSS Pad - and pushes right
to the cutting edge. Bands like Radiohead and Korn used the KAOSS Pad to inject their
music with a stiff dose of KAOSS, and now - with the KP3 Plus - it’s easier than ever to
integrate touchpad-generated effects morphing and samples into your performance. The
KP3 effects combinations that have become cross-genre staples have been juiced, and
rad new features have been added. Ratchet your live effects to a new level, with the Korg
KP3 Plus.
Loads of effects at your fingertips! The KAOSS PAD QUAD is stuffed with a wide range
of extremely playable and sonically versatile effects. You’ve never had so much fun! You
can use up to four effects at once and with the KAOSS PAD QUAD’s robust looping
capabilities, you can take your sound in practically any direction. Create
your own combination of Kaoss effects, and simultaneously control up to
four effects using a single fingertip! The KAOSS PAD QUAD: it’s KAOSS control
evolved to a whole new level.
ONLY $15/mo.
KOProPlus Kaossilator Pro Plus...................List 569
KP3 Plus.....................................List $48900
KAOSS PAD QUAD......................List $35000
Hours of Fun with This Handheld Synth
Korg’s KAOSSILATOR 2 packs 150 drum, synth, and
acoustic instrument sounds, ready for you to play with
a swipe of your finger. You choose the scale, key, and
note range that are right for your musical vision. The
KAOSSILATOR 2’s touchpad is easy to play for a variety of
styles. You can record your playing in two independent
loop banks, mute them or crossfade between them, and
even save your recorded loops and performances. The
equally compact MINI KAOSS PAD 2 gives you 100
programs, a built-in mic, automatic BPM detection, and
even an onboard speaker. The KAOSS PAD QUAD is
stuffed with extremely playable and sonically versatile
effects. Use up to four effects at once and take advantage
of the KAOSS PAD QUAD’s robust looping capabilities.
The KP3 gives you effects, synth sounds, custom samples,
vocoder programs, and more. The KAOSSILATOR PRO
gives you 200 synth and drum sounds, four loop record
banks, 31 scale patterns, and more.
ONLY $10/mo.
KAOSSILATOR 2.............List 230
MINI KAOSS PAD 2.....................List $23000
Electribe EMX1SD
Your Music Production Station
Korg’s Electribe EMX1SD still holds onto the ease of
use of its predecessor, which made the original Electribe
one of the most popular drum machines and instruments
for creative musicians. Yet, with the addition of SD card
storage and updated patterns for dance and electronic
music, this Electribe is hotter than ever before. The Valve
Force circuitry is still built in, giving you everything
from analog warmth to menacing bite. The Electribe
ESX1SD has great new features for the modern
electronic artist. You’ll find an SD slot for convenient
storage, with support for up to massive 32GB SDHC cards.
And you even get amazing preset grooves from today’s
hottest talent!
ONLY $19/mo.
Electribe EMX1SD......................List $75000
Electribe ESX1SD........................List $75000
Portable Sampler Records Straight to SD
Beefy sampling capabilities in this on-the-go sampler!
The SP-404SX is your new portable sampling partner,
packed with a built-in microphone, a flexible pattern
sequencer, battery power, and stacks of DSP effects. Get
creative with such effects as filter, delay, and subsonic.
There are even unique voice effects for sonic explorations.
Tap tempo is onboard as well. And don’t worry about
running out of space, as you get a 1GB SD card for 90
minutes of stereo sampling time. And with support for up
to 32GB SD cards, the SP-404SX gives you up to 48 hours
of stereo sampling time.
ONLY $19/mo.
SP-404SX.................................List $59900
DJ Samplers & Groove Workstations
MPC Renaissance
MPC Workflow Meets Your Computer’s
Processing Power
Protect your MPC
Renaissance with the
G-Club Control 25.
Call your Sweetwater
Sales Engineer today!
Incredible groove-production tool — and much more! Akai Professional’s MPC Renaissance
music production system gives you the feel and hands-on functionality of a traditional MPC, plus
the awesome processing power only your computer can provide. It’s the perfect hybrid hardware/
software digital audio workstation for anyone who’s serious about producing beats or making
electronic music. In addition to a set of genuine MPC pads, the MPC Renaissance hardware puts 16
Q-Link encoders as well as classic MPC Note Repeat, MPC Swing, and MPC transport controls right
at your fingertips. There’s even a legacy MPC mode built right in, so you can instantly call up the
sound of the MPC60, the MPC3000, and other vintage Akai models. Even if you’re completely new
to the MPC workflow or groove production altogether, you’re going to love making and performing
music with the MPC Renaissance. And if you’ve been using MPCs forever, the MPC Renaissance is
going to totally blow you away!
MPC Studio
A Super-portable MPC Hybrid DAW
MPC performance and feel plus the power and flexibility
only a DAW can offer. Akai Professional’s MPC Studio
music production system gives you the creative,
hands-on workflow of Akai Professional’s MPC sampling
groove workstations, plus the power and flexibility only
your computer can deliver. Integrating with your Mac or
PC, MPC Studio combines Akai’s versatile MPC software
environment with an ultra-portable MPC-style hardware
controller. With MPC Studio, you get the experience of
using a traditional MPC, the advanced capabilities of a
DAW, and the freedom to work the way you like.
Designed with low-profile knobs, the MPC Studio controller fits easily in your laptop case, letting you take your
beat-creation studio anywhere. Its super-durable brushed-aluminum body houses 16 backlit genuine MPC pads, plus a
full set of MPC controls and a large backlit LCD screen. In fact, the MPC Studio controller was built to give you access to
every aspect of Akai Professional’s legendary MPC workflow, so you can create entire songs without ever looking at your
computer screen. Put your inspiration to work with this incredible machine!
ONLY $23/mo.
MPC Studio........................List 999
MPC Renaissance.....................List 1999
ONLY $49/mo.
iPad not included
Transform Your iPad into a Beat-creation
The MPC Fly takes the powerful processing capability
of your iPad 2 and transforms it into a full-fledged beatcreation workstation. Coupled with Akai Professional’s
MPC iPad app, this super-flexible hardware controller
gives you the hands-on control and real MPC musicmaking power you need — and it’s totally portable! Your
iPad 2 slides right into the MPC Fly controller, turning it
into a single integrated groove workstation. Set it up or
lay it flat, and when you’re through making beats, just
fold it up and go.
ONLY $12/mo.
MPC Fly.....................................List 499
Groove Monster, Designed by Two Industry Legends
The Dave Smith Instruments Tempest is an all-in-one beat-creation machine,
capable of synthesizing, sequencing, and performing pattern-based, electronic
music. This fantastic instrument, codesigned by the legendary Roger Linn, is a
studio and stage performer. Whether you want to tweak sounds in the studio or
perform live with 16 velocity-sensitive pads and 90 real-time controls, this is the
drum machine for you. The backlit drum pads are arranged in a convenient 8 x 2
matrix, so you can use them for live sound triggering or step programming.
Each of the Tempest’s six analog voices has two analog oscillators plus two digital
oscillators. You also get a massive bank of included samples. The Tempest includes
a VCA with feedback, five envelopes, two LFOs, and incredibly flexible modulation
routings. You also get complete access to analog effects and processors, including
compression and tube-style saturation/distortion. A large graphic display and
function controls make routing and sound editing easy. And the Tempest also has
excellent hands-on controls that put you in complete command.
Tempest...................................List $219900
ONLY $75/mo.
MASSIVE was designed and developed entirely by Native Instruments GmbH.
Solely the name Massive is a registered trademark of Massive Audio Inc, USA.
is the go-to choice for beatmaking and
performance – now even more brilliant with new multicolored pads. With the renowned
MASSIVE synthesizer on board and new effects, MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO
give you more sound than ever. And with a choice of black or white, more chance to
express your individual style. The flagship MASCHINE can even be customized with
optional colored faceplate and knobs. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer and they’ll
help configure a Maschine to match your style and needs – brilliant indeed!
Call a Sweetwater Engineer today at (800)-222-4700 | www.sweetwater.com
DJ Samplers & Groove Workstations
Create and Perform Grooves
with This Cool Software/
Controller Combo
Make killer grooves! Native Instruments’ Maschine is a complete groove-production system that’s primed
for the studio and the stage, and it gives you the perfect combination of software versatility and hardware control.
With Maschine, you can program grooves right onto the hardware box, either by playing the 16 velocity-sensitive pads or
by using them in the traditional step-sequencer style. The redesigned Maschine controller even features brightly lit multicolor
pads, making it an ideal companion for Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ software. What’s more, all controls on the box are MIDI
programmable, so Maschine is ready to interact with your favorite software programs. It’s truly awesome for Live users.
Maschine’s pattern-oriented concept frees you from the limits of linear arrangement. Build song “scenes” by layering patterns,
and rearrange the scenes on the fly. Maschine offers external sampling through your computer’s audio interface as well as via
internal resampling, precise editing and slicing, automapping, effects, and an ultra-convenient browser — all perfectly attuned
to the hardware controller. There are 10 new destructive sample-editing tools that let you go beyond groove arrangement, turning
Maschine into a full sample-editing workstation and groove-production tool. New slicing tools let Maschine do
everything classic groove-production samplers could do — and more.
More than a controller, Maschine comes with stellar sounds too. You get great-sounding drum kits, awesome synth
sounds, and even samples of acoustic instruments — all at your fingertips, all ready to feed your inspiration! You
also get Komplete Elements, greatly expanding the massive 6GB sound library. Plus, Maschine now comes with a
full version of NI’s amazing Massive virtual synth. You’ll enjoy enhanced editing features, new hardware shortcuts,
improved polyphony, and much more. Run it as a standalone instrument or use it as a plug-in with your DAW. Either
way, Maschine lets you seamlessly work its amazing content into your productions. You’ll be creating and manipulating
astounding grooves in no time. The new colored Maschine controller is available in both white and black.
ONLY $23/mo.
Maschine2WT Maschine, Wht................List $66900
Also available in black
Maschine, Blk.................List $66900
Maschine Mikro
A Smaller, More Portable, and More Affordable Way to
Get into Maschine
Whether you’re looking to save space on your desk or cash in your wallet,
the Native Instruments Maschine Mikro gives you a whole new way to
experience Maschine. Whereas the original Maschine is designed to let
you turn off your computer’s display and create music via the hardware
controller alone, Maschine Mikro is an ideal fit for anyone who’s
already used to going back and forth between a software music-creation
environment and a hardware controller. It’s also great if you already have
a desktop crammed full of keyboards and other essential gear.
Here’s the best part. Since the whole concept behind the Maschine environment is a hybrid between a well-designed hardware
controller and a well-designed piece of software, you still have access to all of the same tools you’d get with the full-size version of
Maschine, even if you can’t do everything from Maschine Mikro’s more compact controller. What the Maschine Mikro controller
does offer you is a full set of 16 multicolor pads plus all of the core navigation controls that let you quickly lay down patterns
and beats. You also get all of the same amazing virtual instruments and software that come with the full Maschine controller,
including the Komplete Elements suite and a full version of Native Instruments’ Massive analog-style synth. Available in both
black and white.
ONLY $14/mo.
MaschMik2BK Maschine Mikro, Blk........List $39900
Maschine Mikro, Wht.......List 399
Also available in white
(800) 222–4700
DJ Samplers & Groove Workstations
Analog Four
An Awesome Combination of Analog Synth and Sequencer
The Elektron Analog Four is a welcome addition to any modern production studio.
Elektron engineered this 4-voice powerhouse with a punchy and organic-sounding fully
analog signal path as well as precise digital technology for components such as the
envelopes and LFOs — the best of both worlds. Making the most of the Analog Four’s sound
engine is a breeze, since Elektron has completely filled the front panel with hands-on
control. The Analog Four also has a powerful step sequencer that can even breathe new life
into your old analog gear, thanks to control-voltage connectivity. If you’ve been waiting
for the classic combination of a 4-voice analog synth and a sequencer, wait no longer. The
Elektron Analog Four is here.
Innovative Sampler
Analog Four ........................List $114900
ONLY $42/mo.
Here’s an easy approach to on-the-fly sampling. The flexible
Octatrack treats loops with 100% in-sync elasticity. You
can pitch shift them and change the tempo of the device,
but everything will remain strictly in place. What’s more, you
can mold single sounds into practically any shape imaginable.
Assign any parameter you want to the optical crossfader for precision control.
This amazing 6-track sampler is also totally portable and perfect for both production
and live work. An onboard flash card gives you massive library storage, and the
Octatrack’s handy USB port allows for fast file transfers.
Rhizome SXE
Serious Groove Production
The Rhizome SXE groove-production workstation
merges the power of a dedicated audio computer
(complete with a 500GB hard drive) with the hands-on
creativity of a hardware unit, to create an exceptionally
playable production environment that’s just as capable
performing onstage as it is in your recording studio.
You can go from playing your software instruments (via
the MIDI controller or the 16 touch-sensitive pads) to
creating sequences to even arranging a complete track
— all without ever missing a beat. Rhizome is the ideal
host for your VST instruments and effects. If you already
have a computer, you can get the same hardware surface
with Rhizome LE, while saving a bundle.
Rhizome SXE....................List 3400
Rhizome LE........................List $140000
ONLY $102/mo.
Octatrack.................................List 1290
ONLY $47/mo.
Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII
Monstrous Percussion Synth and Sequencer
Compact powerhouse! Elektron’s Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII
drum synth/sequencer packs comprehensive drum synth and
sequencing functionality into its chassis, and it boasts greatsounding effects and even full MIDI support for external control.
If you crave those classic-sounding beats but enjoy shaping
your sounds too, Elektron’s Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII makes a
perfect companion. Even with the depth of this synth and its onboard sequencer, the
Machinedrum is designed to be as user friendly as possible. Want to take your drum synth
even further? The Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MKII
adds Elektron’s amazing UW sample engine.
ONLY $38/mo.
MachDrumMK2 Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII........List $104000
MachDrumUWp Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MKII........List 1540
Beat Thang
Amazing Hybrid Groove Machine
Get ready to Spark your creativity! When you’re at
the helm of Spark, you’ve got a massively flexible
All-in-one Beat Production (and unbelievably great-sounding) grooveproduction machine that’s ready for any kind of
Create original beats and electronic
music. Combining both cutting-edge software
music, wherever and whenever you want! The
synthesis and hands-on control, Spark is a software/
Beat Thang lets you choose from its massive library
hardware hybrid that gives you the best of both
of cutting-edge samples. Or you can import your own or even
worlds. Need classic 808- and 909-style sounds? They’re
hook up a mic and create new samples on the fly. Thanks to the Beat Thang’s
super-intuitive layout, you’ll be making beats in minutes, even if you’re totally here, right along with authentic-sounding acoustic kits
as well as sounds for dub, techno, house, hip-hop, R&B,
new to groove production.
and much more.
BKE Tech designed the Beat Thang so that nearly every function has its own
Whatever beats you’re making, Spark is ready. Thanks
button or pad — forget about navigating through endless submenus! Even
to its intuitive hardware layout, you’ll be making great
if you’ve never tried producing music before, you’ll find creating beats and
grooves in no time, without getting lost in the software
grooves with the Beat Thang fun and easy. This sophisticated machine gives
you all of the layering, slicing, sampling, and sound-creation tools you need to interface. Eight velocity-sensitive and pressure-sensitive pads give you total expressive control, and a
slick touch-sensitive FX pad lets you manipulate filters and effects in real time, making Spark a killer
make fully polished tracks.
live groove machine. For Spark mojo
ONLY $15/mo.
in a smaller form factor, you’ll want to
ONLY $38/mo.
SparkDrumSpark Drum................................List 599
get your hands on SparkLE.
BeatThang Beat Thang...............................List $149999
SparkLE .....................................List $29900
DJ Gear
A pioneer in the world of digital DJing, effects, and virtual instrument development,
Native Instruments makes the gear you need to take your ideas and turn them into
tracks — and perform totally original mixes live!
Kontrol S4
The Perfect Way to DJ with
Traktor Kontrol S4 is a do-it-all laptopbased DJ system that merges Native Instruments’
Traktor Pro S4 software with a custom-built USB
DJ controller and an audio interface. The Traktor
Kontrol S4 hardware gives you incredible hands-on
control over four playback decks, including Native
Instruments’ Sample Decks, which allow you to perform live sampling and looping tricks. Each Sample Deck can hold
up to four loops, so you can DJ entirely from loops, without giving up the pacing and the environment of a traditional DJ
setup. A pair of excellent mic preamps and plenty of other analog I/O accommodates any other DJ gear you want to use,
making the Traktor Kontrol S4 easily one of the most complete DJ systems available.
Traktor Kontrol F1
DJ in a Whole New Way
Are you a controllerist, or do you want to integrate
loop and sample remixing into your live DJ sets? The
Traktor Kontrol F1 is just what you’ve been waiting
for! It features a matrix of backlit soft buttons and
smooth faders, all of which correspond to the functions
of Traktor Pro 2.5’s innovative Remix Decks. Traktor
Kontrol F1 also gives you instant access to 64 loops and
samples in Traktor Pro 2.5.
ONLY $10/mo.
USB DJ Controller............List 279
ONLY $34/mo.
USB DJ Controller System........ List $99900
Traktor Kontrol S2
Turn Your Laptop into a 2-deck Traktor DJ Rig
Your complete on-the-go DJ rig! Native
Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S2 is
an all-in-one laptop-based DJ system
that combines the revolutionary
next step in the Traktor Pro DJ
software series, Traktor Pro S2, with a
custom-built USB audio interface and
a turntable-style controller. You get
amazing hands-on control, including
two amazing high-resolution jog wheels
equipped with patent-pending magnetic
brakes, as well as a general layout that covers
all of Traktor Pro S2’s primary functions. More
than just a DJ controller, the Traktor Kontrol
S2 controller is also a 2-channel USB audio
ONLY $19/mo.
Traktor Scratch A10
USB DJ Controller System.......List 559
G-Club Control 25
The Ultimate Way to DJ with Timecode
The Perfect Bag for Your DJ Controller
Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch A10 digital
DJ system makes it easy to DJ your way — from CDs
to LPs. Talk about fully loaded! The Traktor Scratch
A10 bundle comes with everything you need, including
a copy of Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro 2.5, an
amazing Traktor Audio 10 USB audio interface, and a
full set of Traktor Scratch Mk2 timecode records.
Gator’s G-Club Control 25 padded gig bag is the ideal size
and fit for most popular DJ controllers, including Numark’s
NS6 and MIXDECK models. This amazing soft case gives you
the lightweight convenience of a gig bag, with the heavy-duty
padding and protection you’d expect from a hard case. It’s
made of extremely rugged nylon and thick protective padding.
A large external accessory pocket gives you plenty of storage for
cables and other peripherals. As do Gator’s G-Club CDMX bags,
the G-Club Control 25 features a bright orange interior
for added visibility in dark clubs or rooms.
GClubCont25 Laptop/Controller Bag..........List $14499
ONLY $19/mo.
Digital DJ Bundle...................List $55900
(800) 222–4700
DJ Gear
DJ Anywhere!
Powerful Serato Controller
When you’re rocking a Pioneer DDJ-ERGO
DJ MIDI controller, you’re ready to take your
rig wherever the party is. The DDJ-ERGO practically redefines the concept of a portable
digital DJ setup. This road-ready, all-in-one DJ MIDI controller and audio interface fits
in even the most crowded DJ booths, yet it puts all of the controls you need to juggle
four decks at once right at your fingertips. An integrated laptop dock makes your setup
even more compact, and a built-in high-quality sound card provides you with all of the
ONLY $19/mo.
analog audio I/O you need.
Pioneer’s DDJ-SX was built from
the ground up to give you total hands-on
control over Serato’s four decks. Eight soft-touch rubber
controller/trigger pads per deck give you total control of your loops/
samples. Seasoned ITCH user? The DDJ-S1 gives you iron-fisted control.
If Traktor is your tool of choice, check out Pioneer’s DDJ-T1 controller/ ONLY $38/mo.
DJ Controller..............................List $69900
MixTrack Pro II
USB DJ Controller.....................List 1199
USB DJ Controller........................List $89900
USB DJ Controller......................List $129900
MixDeck Quad
Everything a Digital DJ Needs
Numark’s Next-gen DJ Controller
The Power to Excite
Numark’s Mixtrack II Pro adds two sets of responsive
trigger pads to its classic 2-deck layout, letting you trigger
samples and loops and control various other aspects
of your DJ software. Capacitive touch-activated platters
with lighted rims let you blend old- and new-school
turntablism, while the onboard 4-track audio interface
and Serato’s DJ Intro software juice your productivity.
Also available, sans interface, is the MixTrack II.
Numark gave the NS7 MKII an extra set of channels in
its mixer section, expanding its predecessor’s capabilities
to make it compatible with the 4-deck software standard
that’s dominating the digital DJ world. They also added
two sets of eight backlit MPC pads for triggering samples
and loops, and dedicated iZotope effects controls. Add to
that premium Serato DJ software, and look out dance
floor! Also available: the Numark NS6.
Now you don’t have to haul a ton of gear to your DJ gigs
just to work with different media. Spin nearly any kind of
music file off of CDs, USB thumb drives, computers, and
even your iPod — all from one unit! Numark’s MixDeck
Quad puts it all together, giving you the freedom to DJ the
way you like. For a powerful and portable DJ system that’s
ready to go at a moment’s notice, check out Numark’s
MixDeck Express.
ONLY $12/mo.
MixTrackPro2 USB DJ Controller/Interface....List $39900
USB DJ Controller...................List 299
USB DJ Controller/Interface......List $159900
USB DJ Controller......................List $129900
ONLY $57/mo.
A DJ Controller for the Controllerist
Powerful, Ultra-mobile Controller/Interface
The Vestax VCI-380 is a 2-channel USB MIDI DJ
controller with a built-in digital mixer. Developed in
cooperation with Serato, the VCI-380 is bundled and fully
integrated with ITCH, giving you a powerful musicmanipulation tool kit. The near-limitless possibilities
of this machine will
have you sampling,
looping, slicing,
cueing, mixing,
scratching, and
effecting — right out
of the box.
Novation’s Twitch combines a cutting-edge DJ controller
with a 2-in/4-out audio interface. With Twitch, the
included Serato ITCH DJ software, and your laptop, you’ve
got a seriously powerful music performance system.
Twitch offers a slew of high-quality knobs and buttons to
give you instant access
to its powerful mixing
capabilities. Two
touch strips provide a
new way to navigate
your tracks and adjust
loop points.
ONLY $34/mo.
USB DJ Controller.....................List 1399
DJ Controller..................List 999
DJ Controller...................List $69900
DJ Controller/Interface................List 499
You’re a DJ who loves to perform, but you don’t
look forward to hauling a cumbersome controller to
each gig. With the Numark DJ2GO controller, you can throw
your entire rig into a backpack and hail a cab. At just 13 ounces, the
DJ2GO may be a featherweight, but its ergonomic surface offers two platters
and boatloads of control over your set.
USB DJ Controller.........................List $7900
This Feature-loaded DJ Controller Lets You
Travel Light
Big-time features, ultra-compact footprint! Allen &
Heath’s small-format Xone:K2 DJ MIDI
controller puts a ton of knobs, buttons,
and sliders at your fingertips, plus a handy
4-channel audio interface. An included
case doubles as a stand, elevating the
Xone:K2 to the height of a standard DJ
mixer. It also includes Allen & Heath’s
X:LINK protocol, which allows you to daisychain the Xone:K2’s MIDI and power with
other X:LINK-equipped gear via a single Cat
5e Ethernet cable.
ONLY $15/mo.
DJ Rig for the Road
ONLY $30/mo.
ONLY $12/mo.
DJ Controller..............................List 499
Awesome Upgrade for Any DJ Deck
The result of a collaboration with Serato and DJ Tech Tools’
Ean Golden, the Novation Dicer extends straightforward
usefulness and software integration into Serato Scratch. The
Dicer lets you instantly set cue points. Each mode lights the
Dicer’s buttons a different color, so you get instant feedback.
Use the Dicer to browse your crate, load tracks, trigger
effects, and more
DJ Controller..............................List $12599
Integrate Your iPod
into Your Rig
Bring all kinds of music to
the show! The iCDMIX 3 is
packed with two CD players
that support MP3 CD playback.
Plus, there’s an iPod dock, so you can take your tunes to an interactive iPod night at the
club. There are also smooth-moving jog and shuttle wheels and a 3-band EQ onboard. You
can even use the built-in BPM detector to beat-match your tracks, or you can manually
tap in your tempo with the
ONLY $15/mo.
dedicated button.
DJ Controller..............................List $54900
Super-versatile CD Deck
The Numark NDX900 digital turntable is a
powerful MP3/CD/USB player and controller,
complete with a USB MIDI computer interface.
You can play straight from CDs, MP3 CDs, USB
flash drives, and your favorite control software.
Onboard, you’ll find beat-synced DSP effects,
including chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, and
phaser. For the same great feel, minus the USB
interface, check out the NDX400.
ONLY $15/mo.
CD/MP3/USB Turntable..............List 599
CD/MP3 Turntable.......................List $39900
Onstage or in your studio, Pioneer
Pro DJ’s RMX-1000 remix station
gives you the tools you need to create
fun, original, and exciting remixes. This fully loaded effects workstation and samplemanipulation system makes creating solid buildups, breakdowns, rolls, and transitions
both simple and intuitive. Live, you can automatically sync your RMX-1000 to the beat,
creating flawlessly quantized effects that stay locked to the tempo. In the studio, you’ll
love the RMX-1000’s advanced plug-in software integration, which lets you easily add
the RMX-1000 to your DAW workflow. Anyway you use it, you’ll have a blast creating new
sounds with your Pioneer Pro DJ RMX-1000 remix station.
ONLY $30/mo.
DJ Controller..............................List $99900
All-in-one DJ Rig
The Stanton SCS.4DJ portable
digital DJ rig is the perfect on-the-go
DJ system. Forget your laptop. Leave
your turntables at home. With an
SCS.4DJ, you can just plug in and start
the show. Designed for mobile DJs who
demand both the flexibility of a computer-based system and the reliability of hardware,
the SCS.4DJ gives you a complete set of tools for mixing, scratching, and creating
memorable on-the-fly performances. A pair of weighted high-resolution 4.75" platters
gives you the feel of traditional vinyl, and a widescreen color LCD display
ONLY $19/mo.
makes beat-matching
incredibly easy.
SCS4DJ DJ Controller..............................List 839
Killer All-in-one DJ Controller
Develop your own digital DJ style with
Stanton’s DJC.4 DJ controller/audio
interface. Other than your laptop and
some killer tunes, the Stanton DJC.4 DJ
controller system gives you everything
you need to light up the dance floor.
With over 90 hands-on controls,
including buttons, knobs, encoders,
faders, and a pair of high-resolution touch-sensitive jog wheels — all of which are
MIDI assignable — the DJC.4 gives you the tactile control over your music you need.
The built-in 4-channel audio interface even lets you hook up your turntables or other
outboard gear. And though you can use it with just about any DJ software out there, the
DJC.4 comes with the 4-deck Virtual DJ LE.
ONLY $14/mo.
A Must-have Tool for Any
Remix Artist
DJ Controller..............................List $58900
The CDJ-2000nexus is the first industry-standard
digital turntable that uses both Wi-Fi and USB
connections to load tracks from your Mac, PC, or
smartphone, making finding the right song easier
and more intuitive than ever. The CDJ-900 turntable
lets you play back MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF files from
your CDs and USB memory devices. The CDJ-850 is
one of the most reliable and straightforward DJ CD
ONLY $75/mo.
players available. The CDJ-350 CD/USB/thumb-drive
player gives you DJ software CDJ2000nex USB DJ Controller...............List $239900 $
compatibility plus MIDICDJ900
USB DJ Controller................List $160000
over-USB control.
USB DJ Controller..................List $99900
USB DJ Controller..................List $80000
Transport your DJ gear safely and in style! Gator’s G-Club
CDMX Series padded gig bags are made to protect DJ
turntables and mixers. They’re perfect for Pioneer CDJ,
Numark NDX, and Stanton C324 CD decks, as well as
Allen & Heath Xone and Denon DN-X mixers. A padded
shoulder strap and reinforced handles make these bags
comfortable for the long haul to your next gig.
When you’re traveling with your mixer, you
want a dependable case to keep it safe. You’ll
get just that with the GMIX-1818-6-TSA! This
18" x 18" x 6" case offers 1" interior EPS foam
protection with an airplane-ready rotomolded
exterior design.
CD Deck/Mixer Bag....List $14499
Heavy-duty Protection
Digital DJing with Wi-Fi Freedom
G-Club CDMX Series
A Safe Way to Transport Your DJ Gear
DJ Gear
ONLY $10/mo.
Mixer Case...... List 269
(800) 222–4700
DJ Gear
DJM Series
Pioneer’s DJM Series Packs a Punch
Powerful DJ Mixer and Scratch Live System
Much More Than an Amazing DJ Mixer
From Pioneer’s powerhouse flagship digital DJ mixer
to their entry-level model, Pioneer’s DJM Series gives
you the creative tools and digital audio quality you need
to get your audiences on the floor and keep them there.
Advanced features like
intuitive touch-panel
track arrangement, Beat
Slice, and Sync Master
keep Pioneer at the
forefront of the digital DJ
technology revolution.
Ignite your creativity
with a DJM Series mixer.
Rane’s 2-channel Sixty-Two mixer packs a powerful
3-band EQ plus a wide
selection of inputs that makes
hooking up your turntables,
CD players, samplers, and
computers easy. Use your
favorite effects or any of the
built-in effects via Rane’s
FlexFX controls. You can also
control Scratch Live software
functions right from your
mixer. The more affordable
Sixty-One mixer comes
packed with several of the
Sixty-Two’s great features. Both mixers include Serato
Scratch Live software.
Quite possibly the most advanced 4-channel DJ mixer
money can buy,
the Allen & Heath
Xone:DB4 puts
a world of flexible
routing, must-have
tools, and freakishly
powerful effects at your
fingertips. Each of the
Xone:DB4’s channels
comes loaded with
a killer DSP effects
engine, a 3-mode EQ/
filter section, a temposyncing looper, and more. The streamlined 4-channel
Xone:DB2 is also available.
DJM2000NXS 4-ch DJ Mixer.................List 3000
ONLY $94/mo.
4-ch Mixer.......................List $239900
4-ch Mixer.......................List $199900
4-ch Mixer.......................List $127500
2-ch Mixer.........................List $70000
2-ch Mixer ..............................List 2499
2-ch Mixer ...............................List $179900
ONLY $75/mo.
4-ch Dig Mixer.........................List 3499
4-ch Dig Mixer..........................List $219900
ONLY $109/mo.
A Basic DJ Mixer with Pro Performance
Streamlined DJ Mixer
Built for the Long Haul
The Xone:22 is
a straightforward
2-channel DJ mixer with
extraordinary audio
performance and a wellthought-out feature set.
You get a light version
of Allen & Heath’s
VCF system, including
sweepable lowpass and
highpass filters. The
Xone:22 also features a
3-band EQ with kills on
each band, plus other cool features that are unheard
of at this price. If you’re ready to kick your DJ rig up a
notch, check out the professional Xone:42 4-channel
compact mixer.
Pound for pound,
Stanton’s M.203
2-channel DJ mixer
brings more to the table
than nearly any model in
its price range. Its clean
and intuitive layout puts
all the controls you need
right at your fingertips.
Both of the M.203’s
channels give you a
standard 3-band EQ with
a -64dB kill and a fader
start control. The M.203’s
replaceable, long-life Alpha crossfader lets you select
between cut and mix curves — absolutely critical for
serious turntablism!
Rane built the TTM 56S
to make you perform
better, period. When
you’re looking for the
perfect DJ mixer, you don’t
want unnecessary bells
and whistles cluttering up
your workspace. You want
the controls you need,
where you need them. And
you want faders that keep
performing over the long
haul. And that’s what you
get from the TTM 56S. The
non-contact magnetic faders alone make this amazing
mixer worth the price, but that’s just part of what you get.
ONLY $12/mo.
2-ch DJ Mixer............................List $34900
4-ch DJ Mixer w/USB.................List $99900
2-ch DJ Mixer............................List $16500
ONLY $32/mo.
2-ch Mixer ..............................List 1099
Maximum Flexibility, Minimum Hassle
Groundbreaking DJ Mixer
Numark designed the C3USB for modern DJs, who
use more types of media than ever before. To stay
competitive, you need to be able to combine everything
from old-school vinyl to MP3s streaming from your
computer into a single mixer. That’s where the
5-channel C3USB comes in! With its selection of inputs
and outputs, you can run karaoke one minute, scratch
vinyl the next, and then present a speech — and record
the whole night’s audio straight into your favorite
software via the C3USB’s USB connection.
Pioneer Pro DJ’s DJM-5000 professional digital DJ mixer
represents a number of breakthroughs in DJ technology
that are sure to blow your mind. The DJM-5000 sports
all of the DJ mixer basics, such as four channels of line
input and a dedicated microphone channel, but it also
adds a ton of flexibility with its advanced features. For
instance, you can transmit music from a separate source,
such as an MP3 player, to a lounge or a cocktail room
while simultaneously outputting high-energy music from
digital turntables to a main dance floor.
ONLY $38/mo.
The Behringer VMX1000USB professional 7-channel
rackmount DJ mixer features dual BPM counters, an
adjustable VCA-controlled crossfader, and USB connectivity.
You can tweak each channel with the bypassable 3-channel
EQ and individual gain controls. Two mic channels,
subwoofer output, XPQ stereo sound effects and USB I/O
give you the tools to put on one killer party.
ONLY $12/mo.
5-ch DJ Mixer............................List $39900
4-ch DJ Mixer..........................List $127500
Take Your DJ Rig to the Next Level
ONLY $10/mo.
7-ch DJ Mixer.........List $29999
PDX-3000 mkII
DJ Gear
T.92 USB
High-performance Turntable
Setting the Next Turntable Standard
Great-sounding Turntable with USB
The Vestax PDX-3000 mkII is a high-performance
machine that incorporates ultra-high-tolerance
machining, epic torque control, and super-flexible digital
tuning to give you the kind of performance that simply
responds to your touch, fading into the background so
that you can focus on putting on a great show.
Stanton’s ST.150 direct-drive DJ turntable raises the bar
for turntable performance. Its direct-drive motor gives
you three times the torque of the old standard, plus all
the control you need to dial in the perfect feel. Then there
are the ST.150’s rock-solid stability and killer quartz
clock, plus cool features such as reverse
ONLY $23/mo.
playback and key correction.
You don’t have to DJ to appreciate Stanton’s T.92 USB
direct-drive turntable. True, this ultra-tough, battle-ready
turntable is great for scratching, beat juggling, and
turntablism in general, but it also sports incredible
sound quality and a high-torque motor with tank-like
durability. Factor in its affordability and USB flexibility,
ONLY $12/mo.
and you’ve got a real winner.
ONLY $30/mo.
PDX3000mk2 Direct-drive Turntable.........List $119900
Direct-drive USB Turntable..........List $99900
Direct-drive USB Turntable..........List $49900
Direct-drive Turntable with Built-in USB
The TTXUSB features a powerful direct-drive motor
with user-adjustable torque, plus an interchangeable
tonearm system that includes both straight and S-shaped
tonearms. What’s more, it has an interchangeable
pitch fader and button cartridges, making it perfect for
old-school turntable use.
Whether you want to digitize your vinyl or take it with
you, the Numark PT-01USB is an incredibly handy
turntable. You can also run it on battery power, using the
internal speaker for playback. A built-in case makes the
PT-01USB ready to hit the road.
The Shure M44-7H phono cartridge gives you the
legendary Shure M44-7, pre-mounted in a Technics
headshell. The M44-7 is renowned for its ultra-high skip
resistance and big, loud output. With the cartridge premounted in a Technics headshell, changing cartridges
even during a chaotic gig is easier than ever.
Go-anywhere USB-equipped Turntable
ONLY $15/mo.
Direct-drive USB Turntable..........List $62900
Beats Pro
• Studio-monitor accurate
• Superior acoustic isolation
• Dual input/output cable ports
• Unique flip-up earcups
Belt-drive USB Turntable.............List $14900
• Built from the ground up for DJs
• Effective one-ear monitoring
• Extended 5Hz–30kHz frequency range
• Soft-touch housing
Treat Your Vinyl to This Legendary Cartridge
• Maximized power handling
• High-output bass and extended highs
• Closed-back, circumaural design
• Built Shure tough
Phono Cartridge..........................List $14500
HD 205 II
• Perfect for DJ or studio use
• Dynamic, smooth audio reproduction
• Closed-back design
(800) 222–4700
LED Followspot 75
You need the right spotlight for the right job. That’s what makes
the LED Followspot 75 perfect for your venue. It’s compact
enough to remain unobtrusive, but its powerful seven-color
LED options and generous zoom range make this Followspot an
impressive performer. Smooth LED dimming gives you the fades
you want, and the LED Followspot 75’s mechanical iris lets you
focus the spot tightly, right where you need it. You can easily
access the controls manually, or take command via convenient
DMX control. This amazingly affordable followspot comes
complete with a sturdy, lightweight stand.
It’s like having four lighting fixtures in one! Built into
a single standalone fixture,
the 4BAR features four
individual wash lights, each
loaded with 108 LEDs. The
4BAR is completely DMX
controllable and can also run
in sound-active mode.
Complete Lighting Rig, Portable Package
Compact, Easy-to-use 75-watt Followspot
ONLY $19/mo.
LED Followspot 75ST.......List $69999
Intimidator Spot LED Series
ONLY $15/mo.
4BAR.........................................List $57499
4BAR Tri
Four Fixtures in One Great Lighting Rig
Add a Bright Spot to Your Lighting Rig
Looking for an automated spot for your lighting rig? Chauvet’s powerful
Intimidator Spot LED series spots are perfect for any lighting system. The
Intimidator Spot LED 350’s bright 75W LED with separate color and
gobo wheels gives you a multitude of colors and effects. The moving yoke and
super-crisp optics add a professional touch to your light show. The mobile
spot includes a selection of built-in programs that will save you valuable time
during setup. You can even hook up and control multiple Intimidator spots
for larger rigs. The even more affordable Intimidator Spot LED 250 has a
40-watt LED, an 8-gel color wheel, a 7-slot gobo wheel, automated programs,
and great DMX control options. The Intimidator Spot LED 150 gives you
ONLY $34/mo.
great performance, at an even lower price. It features a
25-watt LED, separate color and gobo wheels, and a large
IntSpotL350 Intimidator Spot LED 350.......List 1259
selection of built-in programs.
Intimidator Spot LED 250..........List $83999
The ultra-portable Chauvet
4BAR Tri gives you a complete
4-light tricolor LED fixture
that’s a perfect centerpiece or a
great addition to any lighting
rig. Each of its four wash lights
comes loaded with seven tricolor
LEDs, which allow each to
produce intensely colorful pools
of light without casting RGB
shadows. Incredible value!
Intimidator Spot LED 150..........List $55999
ONLY $23/mo.
4BAR Tri....................................List 839
SlimPAR Pro VW
Warm or Cool White Light
A great way to adjust the lighting
“temperature” onstage! Chauvet’s
SlimPAR Pro VW par can lets you
achieve “warmer” or “cooler” white
lighting effects during performances.
It also makes a great lighting tool
for video shoots. Its variable white
LEDs give you flicker-free performance,
for ultra-reliable camera lighting.
Convenient, Compact LED
Par Light
The SlimPAR Pro RGBA’s compact
design allows you to mount it in tight
spaces, for easy placement. You customize
the color output, thanks to the SlimPAR Pro
RGBA’s array of red, green, blue, and amber
LEDs. This light can be used independently or as
part of a DMX setup.
ONLY $15/mo.
SlimPAR Pro RGBA.......List 529
ONLY $14/mo.
SlimPAR Pro VW........List 489
SlimPAR Pro Tri
SlimPACK 56
Powerful LED Lighting Plus
DMX Control
All-in-one Lighting Rig
A great way to get into lighting!
Chauvet’s SlimPACK 56 all-in-one
LED lighting system saves you money on
a set of four Chauvet SlimPAR 56 LED
lighting fixtures plus an Obey 3 DMX
controller and a full set of must-have
accessories. Using simple 3-channel
DMX control, this system will have
you creating washes of vividly colored
light and running sound-activated colorchanging programs in mere minutes.
Need lighting for your stage show or
video studio? The SlimPAR Pro
Tri light is perfect for all types
of lighting situations. Tricolor
LEDs let you customize the color,
so you get the results you want
in any environment. Use this light
as part of a DMX-controlled rig or
by itself.
ONLY $15/mo.
SlimPAR Pro Tri.............List $55999
ONLY $17/mo.
SlimPACK 56.......................List $59999
Micro Galaxian
64B LED Pro
Laser Light Show in a Compact
and Affordable Box
Light It Up, Beat the Heat
ADJ’s 64B LED Pro par-style light
uses 181 ultra-bright 10mm LEDs
to produce amazing floods of light
in just about any color you can
The portable, affordable Micro Galaxian laser produces more
than 200 beams that you can project on a wall, a ceiling, or a
dance floor. It’s really easy to use too. Just plug it in and run the
built-in lighting program in either Auto or Sound Active mode. It
even comes with dual hanging brackets and a wireless remote.
Micro Galaxian....................List $13995
ONLY $10/mo.
64BLEDPro64B LED Pro...............................List $27995
Mega Par Profile
Compact, Low-profile Par Can
Magnificent Underwater Light Effects
As the H2O LED’s two glass-effect wheels spin against one another,
bands of rippling light pulse in a breathtakingly realistic underwater
pattern. The H2O LED produces six vivid colors, and two color
modes make the effect even more exciting: Single-color mode and
Seamless-scrolling mode. Shine the H2O LED on the floor, the walls,
or the ceiling for a dazzling single-surface display. And since the H2O
LED uses just a single 10W bright LED, you also get all of the benefits
of LED technology, including low power draw and long lamp life.
The Mega Par Profile offers smooth
RGB color mixing and a 30-degree beam
angle. You also get six operational
modes (including DMX, Sound Active,
and Master/Slave) and seven DMX
Channel modes for a variety of
programming options.
ONLY $10/mo.
H2O LED....................................List $21995
Mega Par Profile System
Build Your Lighting Rig Around This Bundle
Great Projection, Output,
and LED Efficiency
ADJ’s Mega Par Profile System is the perfect start to any serious lighting rig.
Whether you’re a DJ in need of a portable lighting system, or a live performer
looking for a way to add energy to your stage show, the ADJ Mega Par Profile
System lets you cover a lot of ground with vivid colored light. This system comes
with everything you need to get started, including four Mega Par Profile LED
lighting fixtures, a light stand, a footswitch controller, and handy carrying bags.
Even if you’re a complete lighting novice, you’ll be up and running in no time.
ADJ’s P36 LED par-style light
produces only a minimal
amount of heat or UV emissions,
but it gives you the same kind
of projection and output you’d
expect from a similarly sized standard par. On top of that,
it provides you with amazingly vivid colors.
ONLY $15/mo.
MegaParPFSysMega Par Profile System.....List $55995
Mega Bar 50 RGB
For awesome moving-light effects, check out ADJ’s Mega
Pixel LED indoor LED lighting effect. It’s like a standard
color bar, only longer (over 3'), and it’s armed with a
massive array of 384 bright red, green, and blue 5mm
LEDs. Includes three operation modes.
Mega Pixel LED.............List 349
The S81 LED weighs in at
just one pound and is only
5.5" long, making it one of
the most compact strobe
lights ever! Whether you’re
using a fog machine or not, the S81 LED
gives you ultra-bright strobe effects, thanks to its
21 white LEDs.
S81 LED .........................................
ONLY $10/mo.
Micro Royal Galaxian............List 279
DMX Operator
Pint-sized Strobe Light
ADJ’s palm-sized Micro
Royal Galaxian laser
effect fixture unleashes huge
energy on your dance floor. A single unit can cast an
array of over 200 individual beams of moving laser light
across your dance floor, walls, or ceiling.
ONLY $10/mo.
Great Laser Effects
ONLY $10/mo.
Micro Royal
Get Your Light Show Moving
If you want a cool onstage lighting effect to add
ambience, check out the Mega Bar 50 RGB LED.
Create incredibly cool depth-of-field effects and
breathtaking silhouettes. Using the 126 red, green, and
blue 10mm LEDs, you can create 32 different colors.
MegaBar50RGBMega Bar 50 RGB.........List $20995
P36 LED......................................List $6995
Mega Pixel LED
Awesome Stage-lighting Effects
MegaParProf Mega Par Profile ......................... List $13995
Control Your Lighting Rig, Affordably
Classic Black-light Effect
Turn the club into a glowing dreamscape with the
ADJ Black-24BLB black light. This 2' black light has
reflectors to enhance the output, and it comes with the
tube and fixture ready to go. If you want to create a
surreal atmosphere, get the ADJ Black-24BLB black light!
BlackLight24 Black-24BLB ...........................................
Each of the DMX Operator DMX controller’s 12 fixture
channels sports 16 DMX channels (a total of 192 DMX
channels), and a bank of eight smooth faders gives you
fine control over each
channel’s value. The
myDMX 2.0 system is
also available.
ONLY $10/mo.
DMX Operator.................List $23995
myDMX 2.0......................List $41995