AMP-200 Series TRMS Clamp Meters

AMP-200 Series TRMS Clamp Meters
AMP-200 Series
TRMS Clamp Meters
The Modern Evolution of the Professional Clamp Meter
Amprobe’s AMP-210 and AMP-220 600 A TRMS Multimeter Clamps
offer a complete range of measuring functions for today’s modern
electrical environments. Both models feature True-RMS sensing,
low pass filters and fast response processors for quick, error-free
measurements. The Amp-Tip function allows for precise measurement
of current down to the tenth of an Amp, enabling accurate current
measurement of both large and small diameter wires.
AC Clamp
AMP-200 Series Key Features
• True-RMS for accurate
voltage measurements
in noisy environments.
• Low pass filter for
current and voltage
measurements on
variable frequency
• Amp-Tip function
for precise low current
measurement of small
diameter wires down
to 0.1 Amp to help
with electrical system
AMP-210 AC Clamp Meter
AC/DC Clamp
AMP-200 Series Key Applications
• Non-contact voltage
detection (NCV)
• Audible continuity
and diode test
• Data hold,
relative zero
• Large LCD backlit
• Safety rated
• Accurate measurement
of current, voltage and
frequency on all electrical
systems including distorted,
non-sinusoidal signals (TrueRMS function) and variable
frequency drives (low pass
• Capacitance measurement
for start and run motor
• Low Pass filter allows
measurement of current and
voltage on variable frequency
drives (motors with speed
controlled by frequency).
Without this feature, the meter
would provide erroneous
readings when measuring
voltage and current.
• Resistance and continuity
functions to verify quality of
electrical connections and to
check if motor and transformer
coils are working properly.
AMP-220 AC/DC Clamp Meter
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AMP-220 AC/DC Clamp Meter
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