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Pool Rules
Lifeguards are only available during designated family times. At other times, please use the pools at
your own risk.
Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the lap pool, therapy pool, whirlpool, cold plunge, sauna and
steam room.
Please shower before entering the lap pool, therapy pool, whirlpool, cold plunge, sauna and steam room.
Food & drink are not allowed in the pool or on the pool deck or other wet areas.
No entering the pool immediately after eating.
Please avoid using any electrical equipment around the pools.
Please use caution when walking; pool deck may be slippery.
Please use handrails when entering and exiting pools.
No running, jumping, diving or horseplay in the pool or on the pool deck.
No hanging on lane-lines in lap pool or safety rope in the therapy pool.
No walking on pool deck with flippers on.
Kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and water fitness equipment are for instructional use and swimmers only.
Aquatic classes and swim lessons are held in both lap and therapy pools. Please refer to our aquatic
schedule for class days and times.
Swimming pools will be cleared at the first sound of thunder or first sight of lightning and 30 minutes
should lapse after the lightning and thunder stop before swimmers get back into the water. (National
Lightning Safety Institute)
Spitting, spouting or nose-blowing are not allowed in the pool.
Persons with communicable diseases are not allowed in the pool. These include any open wounds or
sores that might expose bodily fluid to the water.
The pool(s) will close 12-24 hours for removal and disinfection whenever fecal matter, blood, or vomit
is observed.
All other rules enforced by pool staff must be obeyed!
Teens ages 13 - 15
• Teens ages 13-15 are welcome to swim and use the whirlpool, cold plunge, sauna and steam room at any
time but must have adult supervision (age 18 & older).
• Teens ages 13-15 may become certified to swim without adult supervision (age 18 & older) through the
Teen Fitness Program. The adult supervisor, who assumes full responsibility of the teen, must be
present at all times within the Healthplex.
Children ages 12 & under
• Children 12 years and under are not allowed in the lap pool, whirlpools, cold plunges, steam rooms or
saunas at any time.
• Children 12 years and under are welcome to swim in the therapy pool but only during designated family
time hours with direct adult supervision (18 & older).
• Swim belts are recommended for children 12 and under who do not swim proficiently.
• Children who are not toilet-trained and are less than four years old may swim but must wear a swimsuit
diaper. Cloth or disposable diapers are not accepted. Plastic pants are recommended over swim diaper.
30 minute bathroom breaks are enforced to avoid accidents.
• Parents must sign in children ages 4 and under with lifeguard on duty before entering pool.
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