MobileMapper 6 Frequently Asked Questions

MobileMapper 6
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is MobileMapper 6?
MobileMapper 6 is an entry-level mapping device from Magellan. It is an affordable and
easy-to-use, yet professional GPS/GIS receiver based on the Windows Mobile 6 operating
system, and it provides a complete set of all necessary features and applications for
productive data collection and mapping.
2. What is Windows Mobile 6?
Windows Mobile 6 is a Microsoft Windows operating system designed for mobile devices
such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), smartphones or handheld PCs. The Windows
Mobile 6 is the latest available version from Microsoft, released in 2007.
3. What kind and size of processor does the MobileMapper 6 use?
MobileMapper 6 has Samsung S3C2442B43 CPU which is running at 400 MHz.
4. How much memory does the MobileMapper 6 come with?
The MobileMapper 6 comes with two types of internal memory:
• RAM (Random Access Memory), very fast but “volatile” in that any program or
data stored in RAM disappears when the computer is turned off
• Flash memory is stored on an EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read
Only Memory) where the programs are permanently stored, but this memory is
MobileMapper 6 includes 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of Flash memory.
It also has an SD (Secure Digital) card slot for external memory cards. These cards can be
used for storing maps for display on the MobileMapper 6 and for GIS data collected by the
MobileMapper 6.
5. What is the maximum size of SD cards I can use with the unit?
Up to 4 GB SD (Secure Digital) cards can be used with MobileMapper 6. They can be
regular SD or SDHC (SD High Capacity) cards. We recommend use of SanDisk SD cards.
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6. How do I confirm how much memory my MobileMapper 6 has?
To check memory used and the available size, tap Start > Settings > System > Memory.
Storage information provides details about the Flash memory and Program about RAM
There is also Storage Card tab provide similar information about the inserted SD card.
7. How do I reset MobileMapper 6?
You can press the Power off button on the right-upper side of the unit for 5 seconds (“long
press”) to shut it down (Soft reset), or press the Reset button on the top of the unit with a
stylus to perform Hard reset.
8. How do I “hard” reset MobileMapper 6 (restore factory settings)?
Process as following:
• Switch the units On
• Press and hold the OK button (the middle button of the navigation keys)
• Press the Reset button at the top of the device
• Wait until the unit restarts the operating system
The unit will have the initial / default configuration now.
9. Each time I turn my unit on; the date and time are reset and I have to update
them again. Can this be set once and then kept by the receiver?
Windows Mobile devices keep the current date and time in volatile memory. Thus each
time the user switches the unit off (long press of the Power button) or removes the battery,
the date and time information is lost (the backup power of the unit will keep date & time for
about 30 minutes, allowing you to change batteries in the field without loss of date and
time. If a new battery is not inserted in 30 minutes, date and time will be reset). Therefore
after switching the unit on for the first time each day, the user has to enter this information
Thus we recommend that during your daily working session, you do not switch the unit
completely off (long press on the Power button), but rather switch to Suspend mode (short
press on the power button).
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10. What software is standard with MobileMapper 6?
MobileMapper 6 ships with the following applications (among others):
• ActiveSync
• Bluetooth manager
• Calculator
• Calendar
• Notes
• External GPS (GPS COM port configuration)
• File Explorer
• E-mail messaging
• Internet Explorer
• Office Mobile: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Pictures & Videos Viewer
• Windows Media Player
11. What Bluetooth profiles / services are implemented in MobileMapper 6?
The following Bluetooth profiles are supported:
• Serial port profile (SPP) - to perform RS232 serial cable emulation
• Object push profile (OPP) - for simple file transfers between mobile devices
• Dial-up networking (DUN) - for modem or cellular phone connection
12. Can I use Wi-Fi on MobileMapper 6?
No, MobileMapper 6 does not have any Wi-Fi driver implemented.
13. How can I send or receive e-mails using MobileMapper 6?
MobileMapper 6 provides an e-mail client (tap Start > Messaging). It allows one to easily
configure an e-mail account and get connected to the Internet through the Bluetooth
connection to a cell phone (see Getting Started Guide for more information). The e-mail
tool also allows you to attach files to your e-mails, e.g. a file containing collected data.
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14. Can I use rechargeable battery in the MobileMapper 6 unit instead of regular
AA batteries?
Yes. The rechargeable batteries can be used instead of regular AA batteries. In order to
optimize the use of these batteries, please select the following option: Start > Settings >
System > Power -> Battery Type -> Rechargeable Battery
15. Can I recharge my rechargeable battery in the MobileMapper 6 unit?
No. Rechargeable batteries have to be recharged outside the unit in a specific charger.
16. Is the USB cable powering the unit?
Yes. The USB cable provides the power from the PC, thus the batteries are not used even if
they are inserted into the unit.
17. What is the battery life?
MobileMapper 6 can be powered for up to 10 hours of operation, depending on temperature
and the use of the product: backlight on and off periods, backlight brightness, applications
used (e.g. Bluetooth) as well as type of the batteries used (rechargeable vs. standard AA).
18. I need to run the device for 24 continuous hours. Can I use external power?
Yes. Either the USB cable connected to a PC, or the AC power adapter (optional
19. Can the MobileMapper 6 buttons (hard keys) be mapped for specific tasks?
No. The current Windows Mobile 6 implementation does not allow the changing of the unit
hard keys / buttons mapping.
20. When I record a voice note, the audio quality of this note is really bad. How
can I improve it?
You should follow the steps below:
1. Tap Start > Programs > Notes
2. Select Menu option at the right bottom corner of the screen
3. Select Options…
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4. Tap Global Input Options link (blue underline string)
5. Choose Options tab
6. Change Voice recording format parameter to 44100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo (172 KB/s).
This parameter allows a user to set the voice recording sampling for the correct voice
quality input.
21. How accurate is MobileMapper 6?
MobileMapper 6 provides real-time, 2-5 meter accuracy with SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS,
MSAS) corrections.
22. What NMEA data does MobileMapper 6 provide?
The current release of the MobileMapper 6 does not output data to any external device
The MobileMapper 6’s GPS engine can output the NMEA 0183 V2.2 data to internal software:
- GGA at 1Hz rate
- GSA at 1Hz rate
- GSV at 0.2Hz rate
- RMC at 1Hz rate
However, when running the Mobile Mapping application, the following NMEA messages will
be utilized:
- GGA at 1Hz rate
- GLL at 1Hz rate
- GSA at 1Hz rate
- GSV at 1Hz rate
- RMC at 1Hz rate
- VTG at 1Hz rate
23. How should I configure a COM port for NMEA output?
The MobileMapper 6’s GPS engine will output the NMEA 0183 V2.2 data. The configuration
of the GPS port is: 9600 baud rate, 8 bit, no parity. It appears in the operating system as COM1
(physical port). COM1 is a two way port, that allows one to manage SiRF GPS engine by
means of SiRF control commands.
It is also possible to configure a GPS program virtual port e.g. COM2 port (tap Start > Settings
> System > External GPS). The virtual port is one-way only, thus the GIS application will be
able to read NMEA data, but will not be able to send SiRF control commands.
Note: If the virtual port COM is used by any application, the physical port COM1 is no
longer available until the virtual port COM is free.
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24. What mobile mapping software comes with MobileMapper 6?
Because it is an open platform Windows Mobile 6 device, MobileMapper 6 allows you to
choose the software that is right for you.
Our own Mobile Mapping application (an updated and modernized application with
similar feature scope as the one from MobileMapper Pro or MobileMapper CX) is
available either in a bundle with the MobileMapper 6 device or purchased
We are also providing MobileMapper 6 bundles with DigiTerra Explorer software
(worldwide offer).
We offer MobileMapper 6 bundles with ESRI ArcPad software (for the US market
25. How can I enter lower case characters of the Mobile Mapping activation code?
When you enter the Mobile Mapping activation code, all characters will automatically
appear in upper case. Note that the Mobile Mapping software does not differentiate
between upper and lower case characters, thus the activation code will be accepted in either
upper or lower case.
26. I have entered the Mobile Mapping activation code but after the MM6 is
turned off and on, I am asked to enter it again, what went wrong?
The Windows Mobile operating system needs a small amount of processing time in order to
fully store your activation code. If it is necessary to turn off your GPS unit directly after
entering your code, use suspend mode (i.e. short press on the Power button). Do not put the
GPS into full shutdown mode or remove the batteries. This will assure the activation code
has been properly stored.
27. Can I install other programs on MobileMapper 6?
MobileMapper 6 is an open platform allowing one to install theoretically any Windows
Mobile 6 compatible software, whether a mapping application or not. Our ProCommunity
web site ( provides a long, but not exhaustive, list
or different 3rd party applications that are compatible with our platform.
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28. How do I set up the Mobile Mapping application for real-time differential
correction using SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) signals?
Mobile Mapping application is set by default to use SBAS corrections. However this can be
changed (no SBAS use) in Mobile Mapping Menu > GPS > Use SBAS option.
29. Can I post-process MobileMapper 6 data?
It is not possible to do this at this time. We plan to support raw data logging and postprocessing function in the near future.
30. Can I get corrections via NTRIP or DIP?
No, it is not possible to use corrections other than SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS or MSAS).
31. Can I download and use a car navigation application to MobileMapper 6?
If this car navigation application has been designed for Windows Mobile 6 then it should be
possible to use this application for car navigation purpose.
32. How can I access MobileMapper 6 sensors (e-compass, g-sensor or
The MobileMapper 6 platform provides e-compass, g-sensor and barometer sensors.
However, no application or manager is yet provided by default to access and use them.
Such applications can be designed by 3rd party developers. To facilitate this design
Magellan is offering related APIs (restricted to our Business Partners only).
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