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Mitsubishi Electric
Custom Designed
Mitsubishi Heavy
RS232 Interface Adapter for VRV, VRF Air Conditioning Systems
CoolMaster is a versatile seamless control adapter connecting VRV/VRF Air Conditioning
systems with any RS232 or USB featured devices like Home PCs, Embedded PCs or
Home Automation Controllers.
Connecting such Controllers through common RS232 or USB interfaces with the
CoolMaster will provide end-users with full control of all indoor units enabling them
with access to HVAC's various functionalities including diagnostic.
Home Automation Integrators and HVAC installers when utilizing CoolMaster will not
have to worry anymore about the complexity involved in understanding and working with
internal Communication lines, gateways and unique physical layer when supported by
the HVAC manufacturers.
Now, with the CoolMaster integrators will be provided only with a simple, well
documented open ASCII protocol over RS232 or USB to seamlessly integrate with any
Home Automation applications.
Personal Computer
Home Automation &
BMS Control Systems
Main Air Conditioning
communication line
RS232 Interface Adapter for VRV, VRF Air Conditioning Systems
Compatible Systems
1000D Daikin
 2000S Sanyo 
3000T Toshiba
4000M Mitsubishi Electric
6000L LG
7000F Fujitsu
8000MH Mitsubishi Heavy  9000H Hitachi
Full Control
over Indoor Units Operation
 On/Off control
 Cool | Heat | Fan | Dry mode selection
CoolMaster unit can be extended
 Set Temperature Control
for additional functionality such as I/Os,
RS485, MODBUS, C-Bus (under
development) using the CoolGate
 Fan Speed Control
 Swing Control
(for wall mounted and cassette types)
 Filter Reset Sign
Connectivity with split HVAC
 Group Operations (All On, All Off)
CoolMaster can also be used for
the integration of smaller split air
conditioning systems. In this case an
interface adapter supplied by the HVAC
manufacturer will have to be used for
each indoor unit. (Some cases also for
each outdoor unit)
Outdoor and Indoor Units
 Failure Alarms
 Set point temperature
Same RS232 Interface
 Operation status (on/off)
Seamless Integration
Interfacing Home Automation Controllers with CoolMaster is a simple and
straight forward process requiring only
common ASCII commands over RS232
communication line.
All CoolMaster models provide the
same RS232 interface for all VRV/VRF
HVAC Systems. So for instance, a
home automation application, where
a Daikin VRV system is connected via
CoolMaster 1000D, will function exactly
the same way for Mitsubishi VRF, Sanyo
VRF, Toshiba VRF etc', when using
CoolMaster models: 4000M, 2000S,
3000T respectively. No special interface
adaptation will be required to migrate
from one CoolMaster type to another.
 Operation mode (cool/heat/fan/dry)
 Fan speed (high/medium/low/auto)
 Filter sign
 Swing
System Diagnostics
(Optional for advanced users)
Outdoor Units internal parameters:
Condensing, Evaporation, Ambient
Temperatures, EV Opening, System
Power Consumption (current), Inverter
Revolutions and others. Indoor Units
internal parameters: Return Air, Gas
and Liquid Temperatures, EV Opening.
Field Upgradable
New Firmware can be uploaded via
RS232 port using a PC or Laptop.
No need to open unit to change its
Plug and Play Device
The system is ready to work and no
additional configuration set up will
be required after making all wiring
connections, supplying the power and
defining addresses of the indoor units.
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