12. Using a phillips screwdriver remove screw near the driver’s
side wheel well shown in Figure 7.
RV TOW Harness Wiring Kit
Fits: 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty
Figure 2
Kit Includes:
(1) Wiring Harness
with 4-Flat Connector
(1) 48” 4-Flat Extension
(20) 15” Cable Tie
(1) 4-Flat Bracket
(2) Adhesive Cable Tie Pad
(3) #8 Self-Tapping Ground Screw
1. Read instructions thoroughly before beginning.
2. Open the rear window and tailgate. Using a T-20 Torx
screwdriver remove screws that hold both taillight assemblies
to vehicle. Gently pull taillight away from the vehicle and
locate vehicles factory wiring harness connectors. Separate
connectors from both sides and set aside shown in Figure 1.
Inspect connectors for dirt and debris and clean if necessary.
Figure 3
9. Cut the cable ties on 4-Flat portion of harness. Route
4-Flat portion of the RV harness down through
taillight opening. Route it along existing factory wire
harness to top of fuel tank securing with cable ties
shown in Figure 4.
Figure 7
13. Starting at the left corner of driver’s side wheel well
route a fish tape up and over to the right side. Secure 4-Flat
connector to it and pull through the wheel well cover.
14. Remove cover on front side of driver’s side wheel well to
help in routing 4-Flat to front of vehicle.
15. Locate the front frame rail that goes across the front
of the vehicle. Locate a suitable position to mount the
4-Flat bracket shown in Figure 8. Using the bracket as a
template mark the two holes and drill two 3/32” holes
and attach the bracket using the two remaining screws.
Figure 8
*Caution: Take care not to drill through the body or any
exposed surface.*
Figure 4
10. Fish 4-Flat above gas tank to the brake lines shown in
Figure 5 and continue routing along brake lines to front and
secure with cable ties.
Figure 1
3. Starting on driver’s side position the RV harness with
connectors containing Yellow wires between separated vehicle
harness connectors. Press connectors firmly into vehicle
connectors until they lock into place. Pull on connectors to
ensure the locks are engaged.
4. Locate a clean and accessible mounting location on vehicle
near the RV harness ends within reach of white wire and ring
terminal. Remove any debris or undercoating to expose a
clean metal surface and drill a 3/32” hole.
*Caution: Take care not to drill through the body or any
exposed surface.*
Figure 5
5. Attach ring terminal on the White wire using the ground
11. To route 4-Flat from brake lines to driver’s wheel well place
screw provided.
both cable tie pads underneath vehicle between brake lines and
6. Route the remaining portion of the RV harness with
wheel well shown in Figure 6 and secure with cable ties.
connector ends containing the Green wire through the
opening behind the taillight shown in Figure 2.
7. Route the portion of harness with the T-Connector ends
containing Green wire to the Passenger side near the rear
cross bar and along the plastic bumper shown in Figure 3.
Secure along the way with cable ties. On passenger
side route harness to avoid contact with exhaust.
8. Using a fish tape route the portion of harness with
T-Connector ends containing Green wire up through passenger
side opening. Once T-Connector ends are routed into
taillight cavity repeat Step 3 for plugging.
Figure 6
16. With the 4-flat extension plugged into the RV harness
on one end and the motorhome on the other, test that the
functions work on the Jeep Liberty. These
functions will only work on the brake/tail combination
4-Flat Harness Color Code:
White - Ground
Brown - Tail Lights
Green - Right Turn and Brake Signal
Yellow - Left Turn and Brake Signal
When not in use store the 4-flat extension in the vehicles
glove box.
17. At the rear of the vehicle secure any loose wires to the
vehicle’s crossmember using cable ties provided. Re-install
taillights to vehicle.
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