The EnGenius ENH500, ENS202EXT and ECB600

The EnGenius ENH500, ENS202EXT and ECB600
Par-T is a leading organization in Europe for organizing EDM
festivals. On the 11th & 12th of April they organized ‘Daydream
Festival’ in Lommel, Belgium. With over 11 area’s they held
house for over 30.000 people.
The Need: A stable & high-power Wi-Fi connection backstage
for personnel & press
Next to the free Wi-Fi connection for visitors around the festival
they also needed a good and reliable network for backstage. This
connection is for the flow of several parts of the events:
communication between techniques, coin supply, entrance
statistics and so on.
Johan Dortmans, director of Par-T: “EnGenius is well known for their strong
emission power in combination with a stable line. The system that we want also needs to
be plugged easily into the set up as we travel a lot and the devices are not only on one
place for the year around. Therefor the EnGenius ECB600 is, inter alia, a perfect solution
for our challenges.”
The Solution: EnGenius long range outdoor wireless Access Points
To convert the challenges in to an actual working progress the solution that is used are the
EnGenius ENH500, ENS202EXT and the EnGenius ECB600. Both the ENH500 and the
ENS202EXT supports up to 50 users. The EnGenius ECB600 supports up to 100 users. All
three of them can be put in Access Point-mode.
The EnGenius ENH500 is a wireless Outdoor CPE which can extend the transmission
range to deliver a stable wireless connection. It integrates 4 operation modes: Access
Point, Client Bridge, Client Router and WDS. Advanced multi-function operation modes
offer flexibility in constructing scalable wireless networks for all possible applications.
In addition to the ENH500, the EnGenius ENS202EXT is a long-range 2.4GHz wireless
N300 Outdoor Access Point delivering data rates up to 300Mbps. It features two omnidirectional 5dBi MIMO (Multiple In/Multiple Out) antennas that coupled with its strong
transmit power of up to 400 mW.
Last but not least, the EnGenius ECB600 is a wireless-11n 600Mbps (300+300Mbps) dual
band concurrent Access Point/Client Bridge. It allows simultaneous operation of 2.4GHz
and 5GHz wireless network. MMSID and VLAN make your data more secure and easy to
manage. Ideal for the staff and press at the festivals. It is designed with 4 detachable high
gain antennas which deliver larger coverage and higher throughput in the environment.
All outdoor products have certified IP65 protection so that they can still deliver a reliable
service under harsh outdoor environment. A perfect combination for the conditions and
desires at the festivals.
The Benefits: Work can be
done much more effective
and efficient
The solution of EnGenius
made the work for the staff
much more efficient.
Information between all the
different tents and the
personal is always up-todate and this saves much
time and gives a better
performance. A great
benefit for everybody.
Par-T is a leading organization in
Europe specialized in organizing EDM
festivals. Think about, inter alia, 7th
Sunday or FestyLand (Netherlands).
• Providing a hassle free wireless
network for all the personnel and
technical staff.
• The connection have to be in several
tents and places.
• EnGenius ENH500
• EnGenius ENS202EXT
• EnGenius ECB600
• Autonomous Wi-Fi network
• Strong Price-to-Performance Ratio
• Work can be done more efficient and
• Up-to-date information that is
necessary for a proper conduct. Like for
example the coins supply.
“EnGenius is well known for their
strong emission power in
combination with a stable line.” Johan Dortmans, director Par-T