Floor Stand for the E40, E50, E60, and E70

Floor Stand for the E40, E50, E60, and E70
Required Tools:
Hex Wrench
Phillips head
(not included)
Base x 2
Floor Spikes
x 12
Screw x 6
Hex Nuts
x 12
Post x 2
Rubber Feet
x 24
End Cap
1. Remove one of the
Speaker Endcaps
The ends of every E Series
speaker are finished with a
cast-aluminum cap. For
stand use, one endcap must
be removed.
Use the supplied hex
wrench to remove the endcap.
Endcap stowed
The E40 and 60 bookshelf
models are shipped with one
endcap stowed (curved side
out) , and the other endcap
is deployed as a base, (foot
side out). Remove the
deployed endcap, and save it
for possible future need. This
is the end of the speaker that
you will attach to the stand.
The E50 and 70 LCR models are shipped with the endcap stowed (curved side out)
on both ends. Give consideration to whether you want
your pair of speakers to have
their tweeters on the outside
or the inside (mirror image),
which will not change the
smooth sound but will alter
the image width somewhat.
The logo is rotatable for
symmetrical appearance as
well. Remove the endcap,
and save it for possible
future need. This is the end
that you will attach to the
2. Attach Rubber
Feet or Carpet Spikes
Rubber Feet
If you are placing the
stands on a hard-surface
floor, such as wood, tile,
concrete, vinyl, etc., use the
included rubber feet for the
bottom of the stand base.
Two sets of rubber feet are
provided in case the floor is
uneven; use the extras to
shim wherever the base
does not touch the floor.
Carpet Spikes
If you are placing the
stands on a carpeted floor,
you may wish to install the
included spikes. They make
contact with the floor
through the carpet, stabilizing the stand. No damage is
done to the carpet, but take
care not to scratch the floor
The spikes can be raised
or lowered to balance the
stand on an uneven floor.
1) Insert the carpet spikes
into the six holes on the
bottom of the base. Rotate
them into the base at least
2) Use the hex nuts provided to lock the spike at
the desired length.
3. Attach Base to Post
Use a Phillips screwdriver
to attach the base to the bottom of the post, using the
three included machine
screws and locking washers.
The post is threaded for easy
installation and aligned for
correct orientation.
note: The fit may be tight.
You may need to use a block
of wood and a hammer to
aid in the attachmnet.
4. Speaker Wire
Route your speaker wire
through the opening on the
bottom of the base, over to
the bottom of the post and
through it, that is, into it and
out through the other end.
Leave several inches of wire
exposed at the top for easy
connection to the speaker’s
binding posts.
5. Mount the E Series
Inspect the area where the
speaker will lie to ensure that
there is nothing to damage
or scratch the cabinet. Then,
with the speaker on its side
on a soft clean surface (or
the padded bag it was
shipped in):
1) Turn the speaker upside
down, with the speaker on
a towel on the floor.
2) Connect the speaker
wire from step 3 (that is,
already run through the
base and post) to the
appropriate terminals
(binding posts).
3) With the speaker in its
this position, attach the
post using the supplied
mounting screws. Place the
top of the post connection
“cup” into the bottom plate
opening of the speaker.
4) Align the screws and use
the hex wrench to secure
them (do not overtighten).
5) Lay the assembled base,
post and speaker on their
side, and pull the wire
down to dress it neatly,
leaving a little slack so as
not to strain the connection.
6) Finish your installation
by connecting the other
end of the wire to your
audi source, referring to
your E Series owners’ manual for the details.
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Peabody, MA 01960 USA