Removino and attachino
the backtover
Open the back cover
I . Hold the phone with the back facing up. Plug the tip of the
back-cover opener, which is enclosed in the package, into
the small hole on the right side of the phone. (Do not use
other pointed objects to substitute for the opener.) Push
the opener and lever the back cover slightly off ihe body.
Quick Start Guide
Home key
MODEL: M35l /N4353
lmportant Notes
l. Mobile phone usaga
lnstall the back cover
Repeat on the other side of the phone.
pin on the right sido of the phono into
the small hole in the back cover.
l. lnsert the spring
2. Press every corner of the cover to ensure lt
(l ) Keep the phone and its accessories out of children's
(2) Keep tho phone dry. Rain, moisture and liquids can
damage the phone.
(3) Do not attamot unauthorized disassemblv of the cell
ptione. lf you hai€ any questions, please coitact MEIZU
(4) Do not opsratg the device in extreme temperatures
( < -'10'C or >55'C ), as it can shorten the life of the
device and damage the battery.
(5) Do not droo. knock or shake the device, as it can
ddmage the internal circuit board.
(6) Do not use chemical cleaning solvents to clean the
(7) When charging the phone, place it in a dry and
v6ntilated environment.
sources. Back up important information to prevent losg.
3. Battery
{'l) Do not ooen the back cover on vour own. This
irbduct contains a lithium-ion polvrirer batterv. lf not
brooerlv handled. there mav be fiie or combu-stion
danber5. Do not disassemble the battery, external short
circiit contact. or use the batterv in extreme
temperatures ( < -l o "C or >55 "C ). Please dispose of thc
battery responsibly.
(2) Keep the battery dry and away from liquid spills.
4. /\
do not llstcn
To Drevent oossible hearinq damaqe.
at tiish voluhes for long pe-riods. -
5. Do not use the phone in the following environmentg:
(l ) Gas stations, chemical storage warehouses, or neer e
flammable gas or other chemicals.
(2) Hosoital ooeratino rooms. emerqencv rooms and
intensive carei units. fo avoid interfeirenc-e with msdical
(3) ln aircrafts, follow the aviatlon safety requirement8
and turn off your cell phone when necessary.
(4) When driving, for the sake of your and other people'g
safety, do not use the phone.
(5) Durinq a lightning storm, it is advised not to use tho
phone outdoors.
(6) When charging the phone, use a handsfree to make
3. Take off the back cover.
Ndic6: tnsbll tho Micro SIM crrd
in 6e ori6nbrion 3howed r; ihl.
picture, in ord.r to avod drmrg.
tdth slM card o. ro th6 MX3.
L Original slM cards ..6 tuomm.nd.d In c..a S.t you lht.nd lo hil€
your s'M .aro adapd. uss so sFcohr.d lml prdd.d ln MEIZU rd.ll
srore ro ensure smoos cG 6nd intaclhost ol ft..hip.
2. Do not open $e back cowr unls$ [email protected] sr. n.i.llhg or r.moving S. SIM
card ln c6se ot msfundon. pr€s..nd hob rho pow6r buton for at lcsst 7
seconds to re#d &e phore.
(l I) Prolonsed use may result in the phone emitting some
haat. Thls l5 normal.
(l 2) Do not place heaw objects on the phone to avoid
damage to the touchscreen.
2. Moblle security and backup
Th6 davice suooorts connections over the lnternet and
other orotocoli. Like comDuters, the device mav be
exoosbd to viruses. malicibus infomation or ap'plications,
and other harmful content. Please onlv accept
connsctivity roquests and download files from reliable
6. Accessories
('1 ) Do not{clace accessories (such as SIM or USIM card,
irower adapter, etc.) within children's reach.
(2) The mobile phone accessories are not water-resistant,
please keep them dry.
{3} Alwavs safelv remove the hardware from vour
irjmputdr. Do n6t directly pull the plug.
7. Traffic safety
Research has shown that talking or texting while driving
increases the risk of accident.
(l ) lf vou want to use the phone in the car, use handsfree
ddvic6s specially designed for in-car use.
(2) Make sure vour mobib ohone and handsfree devices
iicj not hinder the car's airbags or any other safety
equipment from functioning properly.
Double-tap the Home bufton to
launch the music player. When
the music is playing, tap the
Home button to check the date
Slide your finger upwards across
the Home button into the screen
to go back to the previous scTeen
The Quick Stad Guide is for reference only. Actual features are
subject to change depending on the preinstalled
operating system version.
For a detailed description over features and imponant safety
information, please refer to
<MX3 User Guide>
O2003-2013 Meizu Technology Co., Lrd- Ail rights reserued.
MEIZU and the MEIZU logo are trademarks of
Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. in China and other countries.
Slide your finger upwards on either
side of the Home button into the
screen to open the multitasking bar
@ Press the Power button and the
Volume-down button at the same
time to capture a screenshot.
Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. declares that this device is in
compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant
provisions of directlve I 999/5/EC.
Touch and hold the Home
button, the screen will be locked
when you release your finger. lf
you proceed to slide your finger
upwards into the screen, it will
not be locked.
@ Drag an icon
in the multitasking bar
upwards to close the corresponding
app. Drag the icons downwards to
close all apps. Touch and hold an icon
to lock the app, so that it will not be
closed when you drag the icons
downwards. Touch and hold the icon
again to unlock it.
When editing a contact,
enter tag information in
"Company" input
box and then the taq
icon will turn on. The tag
information will be
displayed when there is
an incoming call from
the contact- lf you do
not want to have the tag
displayed, turn off the
tag icon.
On the browser keyboard,
touch and hold the ".com"
key to reveal other options
domain names
Video and Music
Browser and Mail
on the left side of
the screen to
the volume. Tap the
speaker icon to
mute the speaker.
Drag a preview in the
multi-window bar upwards to
close the correspond;ng
window. Drag the previews
downwards to close all
When the screen is unlocked
and there;s a call coming in,
swipe upwards across the
Home button to shift the call
backqround operation and
mute the ringtone-
input letter will be uppercase
Double-tap the Shift key to
keep all input letters in
Slide upwards/downwards on
the riqht side of the screen to
increase/decrease the
briqhtness. Tap the sun icon
to restore to the default
When there is a call
coming in, press the
Volume-up or
Volume-down button to
mute the ringtonel
press and hold the
Volume-up button for
about I second to
the call
Touch and hold the
Microphone key to launch
voice input. Proceed to slide
your finger out of the key to
cancel voice input.
Touch and hold the Back key
to return to the app s home
@ A contact name can be move
between the "To" box and the
"CclBcc" box by a drag.
i, rinj
Touch and hold the Back key
for about I second to get
ready for entering URL or
search terms in the input box
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