FLIR Vue Quick Start Guide
436-0002-12, Rev 100
This quick start guide will help show how easy it is to get the plug-and-play
FLIR Vue connected, running, and mounted. The FLIR Vue does not have
an on or off switch. When power is applied the splash screen appears in
about one second and IR video is shown in less than four seconds.
FLIR Vue comes with the following components:
• FLIR Vue thermal camera
Bench Cable—for connecting FLIR Vue to a computer with the FLIR
Camera Controller GUI software and to a video monitor for testing and
configuring camera options.
Connect to
Video Monitor
Connect to
Connect to
Computer USB port
Camera Body
¼-20 Threaded
Mounting Hole
Lens Barrel
10-pin mini-USB
Camera Mount
M2X0. threaded mounting holes on
the camera’s left side, right side, and
bottom (mounting screws not included)
FLIR Vue is compatible with common 10-pin mini-USB cables that are
used to provide power to, and get video from, action cameras commonly
mounted on a small unmanned aerial system (sUAS). Refer to the camera
Interface Description Document (IDD) located on the FLIR web page.
A couple of examples are shown below.
A number of vendors sell cables that are compatible with video transmitters
from ImmersionRC, a brand of transmitter which supplies the 5Vdc power
the FLIR Vue needs. Connect the ImmersionRC video transmitter per the
manufacturer’s instructions.
10-pin mini-USB plug
Pin 2 – 5Vdc power in
Pin 5 – Video GND
Pin 7 – Video Out
Pin 10 – ground
Pin 2
Pin 5
Pin 7
Pin 10
ImmersionRC cable:
White – not used
Yellow – Video Out
Black – ground
Red – 5Vdc power in
Another example of a compatible cable providing discrete connectors for
power and video is shown below.
Discrete Power/Video connectors
See 10-pin mini-USB plug
pin definitions above.
Video Out
Video GND
5Vdc power in
Power ground
Simply plug the chosen cable into the mini-USB port on the FLIR Vue,
connect the power plug to an appropriate regulated power supply, and the
video plug to the video transmitter.
Caution on powering FLIR Vue:
FLIR Vue does not have over-voltage or reverse polarity protection. Only use a
filtered, regulated 5Vdc power source with the FLIR Vue! Applying more than 6Vdc or
reversing polarity will damage the camera and void the warranty.
FLIR Vue has a variety of mounting options.
¼-20 Insert
Screw a standard tripod ¼-20 bolt into the
threaded insert located on the top surface
of the camera. Do not exceed 6.35mm [0.25in]
maximum depth or warranty is void.
Side and Bottom Mounting Holes
FLIR Vue has two threaded mounting holes on
each side, as well as on the camera bottom.
These threaded holes, 24mm (0.945in) apart,
accept M2x0.4 screws (not included).
Do not exceed 4.0mm [0.157in] maximum depth or warranty is void.
Refer to the IDD for additional mounting information.
The included Camera Mount can be used
with a standard action camera mount. If a
different mounting option will be used, it can
be removed using the following steps:
Unscrew the Lens Barrel
Slide the Camera Mount off
Screw the Lens Barrel back on
When installing the Camera Mount,
be sure to engage the two alignment
pins with the corresponding holes
on the camera body.
FLIR Vue provides high quality thermal imaging with just the default
settings. If mounting the FLIR Vue upside down reorient the image in the
Camera Controller GUI. Use the GUI to make any changes to video format,
image orientation, scene or colonization options. Download the GUI for
free at: Scroll down to the “DOWNLOAD THE GUI”
link; fill in and submit the form to receive an email with a download link.
FLIR Vue is a durable, easy to use camera that should give years of
reliable performance. There are just a couple of things to be aware of:
• Only power FLIR Vue with a regulated 5Vdc power source. Using more
than 6Vdc will damage the camera and void the warranty.
• Do not touch the lens. If the lens gets dirty, clean it off with warm,
soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. Do not clean with ammonia-based
solutions as they will degrade the special coating on the lens.
• FLIR Vue is neither water nor dust resistant. Care for it as you would
any valuable piece of electronics equipment.
436-0002-12, Rev 100
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