PV-Cam Viewer App Installation Guide (IP)

PV-Cam Viewer App Installation Guide (IP)
PV-Cam Viewer
for IP Cam
App Store/Play Store
Installation Quick Guide
1.Install the App “PV Cam Viewer”
We provide 2 methods to install PV Cam Viewer app.
1. Scan the QR code on this page with the QR code reader on
your smart phone. The app will be downloaded automatically.
Available on the
Getit on
App Store
Google play
2. To manually install PV Cam Viewer, go to App Store(iOS) or
Play Store (Android) on your phone. Enter “PV Cam Viewer”
to search and download the App “PV Cam Viewer”.
Once “PV Cam Viewer” icon shows on your phone, the app is
uccessfully installed.
2. Configure Device Wi-Fi (P2P connection)
(1) In order to connect your device with your phone, turn on the
Wi-Fi function on your device.
(2) Go to Settings >> Wi-Fi on your smart phone, and turn on
Wi-Fi function.
(3)Enable the Wi-Fi to search for the name of Wi-Fi network
which is displayed as ID on the device.(For example: the ID is
PV Cam Viewer
(4)Join the network and enter the password “88888888”.
(5)Return to the home screen and start the app “PV Cam
(6) To add device to Device
Management, go to Device
Management on main menu,
press the + on the upper right
corner of the screen. Next,
select method A or B to proceed
A: Scan the QR code on you the device. This is the quickest way
to add the camera.
PV Cam Viewer
Put the QR code of the device in
the rectangular box
B: Press the pencil icon
on the upper right corner, and
manually enter the ID and code, which are displayed on the
, it means the device is successfully added to the
When the informationDevice on-line appears on Device
Device on-line appears
on Device Management,,
it means the Device Wi-Fi
(P2P connection) is
successfully configured.
3. Synchronize the Time
It’s important to sync the time on device and your phone before
the first recording. Please go to Program Setting on main menu,
tap on Synchronize the time, and enter the correct time.
4. Configure Internet Wi-Fi (IP connection)
To remotely,control
the internet,
it means
is successfully
added please
to the
follow these steps.
(1) Make sure the device
is added
press the
gear icon on the right of the device. Then, go to Internet
Wi-Fi Setting.
(2)(3)Turn on the Internet
Wi-Fi,enter the SSID
and Password of your
onInternet Wi-Fi, and press
the Save.
(3) Check the LED indicator
on the device to make
sure the Internet Wi-Fi
(IP connection) is
successfully configured.
a. Once the Internet Wi-Fi (IP) is successfully configured, the
device will remember the Internet Wi-Fi access and
automatically connect to it the next time you turn on the
b. If you want to change the IP connection from A Internet to B
Internet, please default the device. Or refer to instruction on P.8
5.Stream Live View
With the Internet Wi-Fi (IP connection) successfully connected,
you can start to remotely control your camera and remotely
stream live view.
Device on-line appears on Device
(1)Go to Device Management,
and tap on the device you want
to operate.
(2)Go to Recorder Setting on
Main Menu. A live view will be
displayed on screen.
Note: If you go to Program Setting, the
ongoing recording will pause, and restart again
when you exit it.
(3)Press REC to start recording.
Press STOP to stop recording.
(4)To change the recording mode,
please press STOP to pause the
recording first, and then tap on
the mode you want.
(5)To take a snap shot, please press STOP first, and tap on CAP.
You could go to Main Menu > Video Files >Photograph to check
your photos.
(6)To turn on the overwrite
function, go to Recorder
Setting > SETUP when
there is no ongoing recording.
Swipe right to turn on
Overwrite function.
6. Download Videos and Photos
. (1)To back up files to your
phone, please go to
Recording in Video Files,
find the video file you
want to back up and
swipe it to the left. Then,
select Backup files.
(2)Go to Backup files to
check if the file is successfully
backed up in your phone.
*Files in Backup files are
stored in your phone.
*Files in Recording or
Photograph are stored in
the memory card.
7. Lock up the files
If you want to protect the files from being overwritten or
deleted, go to Video Files, and tap on the grey lock icon
the file you would like to lock up. When the icon turns blue,
the file is successfully locked up. 7
8. Change Internet Wi-Fi (IP connection) Setting
(1) Make sure your phone and device both are connected to the
same Wi-Fi Internet. (For example, here they are both connected
to LawMate.)
(2) Go to Main Menu > Device Management > gear icon
(4) If you want to change to another Internet Wi-Fi access, please
enter the new SSID & new Password, and press Save.
a. If you relocate the device and can’t complete step (1) here,
please default the device and start over from the guide on P.2
please make sure step (1) is done correctly.
9. Change Device Code
(1) Go to Device Management
on Main Menu, tap on the gear
of the device you want.
Then, select Change Device Code.
. (Old Code/New Code/Re-enter
New Code), and tap on Save.
10. Troble Shooting
(1) Why the message “Do not support xxx” pops up when I want to
Please note that SSID Visible and Modify Device Wi-Fi
Password can only be changed with P2P connection.
And Format SD Card can only be done when the phone and
device are connected to the same Internet Wi-Fi.
(2) Why the P2P or IP is configured, but I don’t see any device
gets online in Device Management?
Please try refresh the page by swiping it down.
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