Supplied with Camera
Interface Cable IFC-400PCU(*1)
Compact Photo Printer
(SELPHY CP series)
Direct Interface Cable(*2)
Wrist Strap WS-700
Card Photo Printer
PCMCIA Adapter
Battery Pack
USB Card Reader
SD Memory Card
Cover for
Battery Pack
Direct Print Compatible
Bubble Jet Printer
(PIXMA series/SELPHY DS series)
PC Card Slot
Canon Digital Camera
Solution Disk
USB Port
AV Cable
Battery Charger
CB-2LU / CB-2LUE(*1)
SD Memory Card (*3)
AC Adapter Kit ACK900
Waterproof Case
DC Coupler
Waterproof Case
AC Cable
Soft Case
SC-DC20 (*3)
Compact Power Adapter
High-Power Flash
Audio / Video
in Terminal
TV / Video
This camera can also be connected to the Card Photo printers.
• CP-100/CP-10: To connect the camera to these printers, use the Direct Interface Cable DIF-100 (*1)
supplied with the printers.
• Other than CP-100/CP-10 : To connect the camera to these printers, use the Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
supplied with the camera.
• (*1) Also available for purchase separately.
• (*2) See the user guide supplied with the Bubble Jet printer for more information on the printer
and interface cables.
• (*3) Not sold in some regions.
© 2005 CANON INC.
Confirming the Package Contents
Your camera package includes all of the
following items. If any of these items are missing,
please contact the dealer for assistance.
• Digital Camera
• Wrist Strap WS-700
• Battery Charger CB-2LU/CB-2LUE
• Battery Pack NB-3L
• Cover for Battery Pack
• SD Memory Card (SDC-32MH)
• Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
• AV Cable AVC-DC300
• Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk
• Quick Start Guide
• Camera User Guide
• Direct Print User Guide
• Software Starter Guide
• System Map (this sheet)
• Warranty Card
• “For Windows® XP and Mac OS X Users” Leaflet*
• “Canon Customer Support” Leaflet*
• "Use of Genuine Canon Accessories
Recommended" Leaflet*
* These leaflets are printed together on one
sheet of paper. Please separate them before
Optional Accessories
Direct Print Compatible Printers
The following camera accessories are sold separately.
Some accessories are not sold in some regions.
• High-Power Flash HF-DC1
This attachable supplementary flash can be
used to capture photographic subjects
that are too distant for the built-in flash to
Power Supplies
• AC Adapter Kit ACK900
The kit includes the following accessories.
- Compact Power Adapter CA-PS500
An adapter for supplying power to operate
the camera.
- DC Coupler DR-900
Coupler used with the power adapter.
- AC Cable
• Battery Charger CB-2LU/CB-2LUE
An adapter for charging Battery Pack NB-3L.
• Battery Pack NB-3L
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
Connection Accessories
These connection accessories can be used with
computers equipped with the following OS.
Windows: Systems running preinstalled
Windows 98 Second Edition (SE),
Windows Me, Windows 2000 Service
Pack 4, or Windows XP (including
Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2).
Macintosh: Mac OS X (v10.1.5 – v10.3)*
* Only systems equipped with genuine
built-in USB interfaces.
• Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
Use this cable to connect the camera to a
computer, Compact Photo Printer (SELPHY
series), Card Photo Printer (other than CP100/CP-10), or to a Bubble Jet printer (refer to
your Bubble Jet printer user guide).
Other Accessories
• SD Memory Card
SD memory cards are used to store images
recorded by the camera.
Canon brand cards are available in 128 MB
and 512 MB capacities.
• AV Cable AVC-DC300
Use this cable to connect the camera to a TV
• Waterproof Case WP-DC70
A waterproof case for the PowerShot SD500
You can use this case to take underwater
shots at depths of up to 40 meters (130
feet), and of course it’s ideal for taking
worry-free pictures in the rain, at the beach,
or on the ski slopes.
• Soft Case SC-DC20
Protects the camera from dust and scratches.
The case pocket can be used to store items,
such as battery packs and SD cards.
Canon offers the following separately sold
printers for use with the camera. You can
produce photo quality prints quickly and easily
by connecting them to the camera with a
single cable and operating the camera’s
• Compact Photo Printers (SELPHY series)
• Card Photo Printers
• Bubble Jet Printers
For more information, visit your nearest Canon