F Series - Import Procedure

F Series - Import Procedure
Contact Import Procedure : F Series Handsets
This method creates a CSV template directly from JoinME giving you the
ability to manage your Contacts. Most applications allow you to export
contacts in a csv file format. You can then manipulate the exported contact list
to be in the same format as the JoinME format.
Important: You do not need to have your phone connected to your computer to
action this procedure.
1) LOAD JoinME
2) When prompted to SELECT your ‘phone type’ & CLICK Cancel.
3) SELECT the ‘PhoneBook’ tab.
4) CLICK on the ‘New Contact’ button to create a new contact.
The ‘New Contact’ window will now launch.
5) TYPE some information in to the name & home mobile fields as shown
below and CLICK ‘Save’.
The “test” contact will now appear in the contact list. As shown below.
6) TICK the box to the left of the test contact you have just created. (Left Mouse Click)
7) CLICK the Save As button to save this contact.
8) SAVE the phonebook file to a known location
Important: Keep the ‘Save as type’ file set to *.csv.
9) On your computer NAVIGATE to the location where you saved the ‘phonebook’ file
& open it in Windows Excel. The opened file is shown below.
In row 3 of the spreadsheet CREATE another sample entry. As shown below.
SAVE & CLOSE the phonebook file you have just modified.
When prompted about incompatible feature CLICK Yes to keep the format.
NAVIGATE back to the PhoneBook tab of JoinME.
CLICK the Import button.
NAVIGATE to the location you have saved the phonebook csv file you have been
working on and OPEN this file.
JoinME will now proceed to import the sample contacts from the phonebook file.
In JoinME SELECT the PhoneBook tab, the test & new contacts will now be
displayed. As shown below.
You can now see the original test record created as well as the 2 records
imported. Duplicate entries can easily be deleted manually in JoinME or
further modified in the CSV file you have just created.
Using the phonebook csv file you have now created & keeping the column
heading (row 1) you can use this as an excel template to import your contacts
in to JoinME.
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