Compact Photo Printer
Print and share your photos instantly with the
super stylish and ultra sleek SELPHY CP900,
anywhere, anytime!
Photo Printers
Style, superb quality and ultra portability, the SELPHY CP900
delivers fast prints and the ability to automatically correct bad
lighting, detect faces and enhance colour. Take your printing
experience anywhere you want and print from your iOS smart
phone, notebook or tablet using the new Wi-Fi connectivity or
from your camera or compatible memory card.
Key Features
Super compact design
Huge 2.7” TFT high res colour LCD
Photo lab quality prints delivered in high speeds of
approx 47 seconds1
Automatic Red-Eye Correction
Image Optimiser automatically adjusts brightness
Direct Wi-Fi photo printing from compatible
cameras (DPS over IP enabled) & mobile phones
using Wi-Fi, PictBridge & memory cards
100 year print life, 4 layer print process – cyan,
magenta, yellow and a durable clear UV protective
coating to prevent smudging, fading and colour
change to ensure your precious memories last a
Optional battery pack for portable printing
Supports 13 languages
Available in black or white
Long Lasting Prints
Canon printing technology produces bright.
Vibrant prints that – if stored correctly in an
album, will retain their colour and vibrancy for up
to 100 years6
Perfect People Prints
People’s faces are detected within the
photograph, and the brightness is corrected for
superb, natural-looking results
Sharp Previews
2.7” TFT LCD screen for vivid bright and sharp
images to view and share your photos
Red-eye Correction
In-printer red-eye correction restores eyes to
their natural look without the need for a
Print photos directly from compatible digital
cameras, smartphones, tablets2
Ultra Fast
Say goodbye to waiting for your photos to arrive.
The SELPHY CP900 can deliver lab-quality prints
in as little as 47 seconds1
Print Anywhere
With the addition of the optional7 battery and
charger (NBCP2L and CGCP200), the SELPHY
CP900 becomes a truly portable printer – perfect
for holidays or even the outdoors
SELPHY– Rediscover the joy of photo sharing
Canon SELPHY is a funky photo printing experience that makes sharing photos more enjoyable. The dye-sublimation printing technology with
protective overcoat produces photo lab quality photos that will resist smudging and fading. The compact, portable design with no need for a
computer is the easiest way to share photos instantly from your camera, card or smart phone.
Subject to change without notice
Compact Photo Printer
SELPHY CP900 Technical Specifications
Printer Functions
Print Method
Dye-sublimation thermal transfer (with over coating)
Printing Resolution
300 x 300 dpi
Print Speed
3 colour inks with over coating, 256 levels per colour (24 bit colour depth)
Direct print – Wi-Fi, Memory card, PictBridge, USB Flash Drive
Postcard size:
Approx. 47 sec. 1
L size:
Approx 39 sec. 1
Card size (inc. label paper):
Approx 27 sec. 1
Dedicated cartridge(Y, M, C, and overcoating*)
*Equivalent to 100 yr print when stored in a photo album
Dedicated paper for Postcard size (standard paper), L size (standard paper), Card
size (standard paper, full page label sheets and 8-label sheets)
With Border
Postcard size: (standard)
148.0 x 100.0 mm
121.9 x 91.4 mm
L size: (optional)
119.0 x 89.0 mm
105.3 x 79.2 mm
Card size (inc. label paper):
86.0 x 54.0 mm
66.7 x 50.0 mm
8-Label Sheets (per label):
17.3 x 22.0 mm
Print sizes
Number of prints with optional
battery pack (NB-CP2L) (sold
Feeding System
Paper eject system
Postcard size paper:
Approx. 36 sheets or more
L size paper:
Approx. 54 sheets or more
Card size paper:
Approx. 72 sheets or more
Automatic feed from paper cassette
Automatic paper ejection on top of the paper cassette
Printing Modes
All image print, DPOF image print, Fixed Size Layout, ID Photo Print, Single Image
Print, 2-up, 4-up and 8-up Layout, Shuffle Print, Index print5
Print Settings
Image Optimize, Borderless, Bordered, Date Print, My Colours (5 modes), Red-Eye
Image Longevity
Camera Direct Printing
Memory Card Printing
Camera Phone Printing
Print from a Computer
General Features
Colour LCD Screen
Operating System
Included as Standard
Software Included
Power Consumption
Operating Environment
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Optional Accessories and paper
100 Years Print6
PictBridge compliant, Wi-Fi PictBridge compliant, Canon Direct Print compliant
Supported card types: SD Card, SDHC Card, SDXC Card, MMC Card, MMC Plus
Wi-Fi supported printing (iOS compatible)
Yes, requires a standard USB cable or infrastructure Wi-Fi connection. USB mini-B
type port on printer
USB type A port on printer, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g
2.7” Colour TFT viewer
USB - PC: Windows 7 Service Pack 1/VISTA Service Pack 2/XP Service Pack 3,
Mac: OS X (10.6 – 10.7)
Wi-Fi – PC: Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Mac: OS X (10.6.8 – 10.7)
SELPHY CP900, Postcard size paper cassette, Compact Power Adaptor CACP200B, AC Cable, Canon Solution Disk
SELPHY Photo Print, Printer Driver
Approx. 60W or less (standby: 4W or less)
5-40 0C, 20 – 80% humidity
178.0 x 127 x 60.5 mm
Colour Ink and
Paper Set
Post card size
(100 x 148mm)
colour print paper
(36 sheets) plus
colour ink
cassette (for 36
Colour Ink and
Paper Set
Post card size
(100 x 148mm)
colour print paper
(108 sheets) plus
colour ink
cassettes (for 108
Approx. 810g
Postcard (KP-36IP, KP-108IN ), L size (KL-36IP), Credit Card
(KC-36IP), Credit Card Label stickers (KC-18IL) and Card
Size Square Label (KC-18IS)
PCPLCP400 (L size cassette), PCCCP400 (credit card
cassette), NB-CP2L (battery), CGCP200 (battery charger)
All data based on Canon’s Standard Test Method.
Print speed can vary dependent on data size, print method, memory card and capacity and is measured from start of printing excluding paper handling.
Requires a PictBridge compatible camera, tablet, smartphone or other compatible device.
Using the Canon IEPP application available for free on the Apple App Store on a current iOS device over Infrastructure or Adhoc Wi-Fi connection method.
Modes / features available may differ dependent on camera model or use of memory card to print.
Modes / features available may differ dependent on camera model or use of memory card to print.
To test the image permanence of prints that are stored in an album, we use an accelerated testing method as how the image permanence of silver-halide photo papers are measured when
stored in dark places. Print samples are printed with the optical density of 1.0 (each Bk, C, M,Y). The samples are kept in a certain environment of high temperature and 50% humidity. The rate
of the decrease in the optical density and rate of yellow discoloration are recorded. The recorded results are then converted to the length of time when print image is kept in an environment of
23°C/ 50% humidity. (Criteria for estimation of print longevity) 'The point where monochromatic/ reflective optical density shows loss of 30% (starting density of 1.0).
The optional battery (NBCP2L) needs the optional CGCP200 charger to be able to operate and both must be purchased for the printer to operate as a portable device.
Subject to change without notice