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36 / December 2007
Miller introduces new line of welders
NEW PUMPS: CDS-John Blue Co. has a
new line of 12-volt pumps available for
fertilizer and chemical application.
ILLER Electric Mfg. Co. has a new line of MIG welders available for farm and
ranch use aimed at operator ease-of-use and arc stability.
The new Millermatic DVI2, 212 and 252 maintain the same high arc stability
characteristics of their predecessors (the DVI, 210 and 251), but add several new
features such as the ability to roll rather than lift gas cylinders into place, and to
switch easily between steel and aluminum applications.
Another innovation in the new line is an angled dual-gear drive system with a
spring-loaded drive roll for easy wire changes and a tool-free drive roll changeover.
Also, the new models have an easy-access consumable compartment and parameter chart located on the front of the machine below the control panel.
In addition, Miller’s exclusive Gun-On-Demand is featured on both the 212 (standard) and the DVI2 (optional). This feature lets users keep both a MIG gun and a
Spoolmate spool gun (for aluminum) installed at the same time, and simply pull the
trigger on either gun to select it for welding.
■ For more information on the new line, go online to
New pumps
for fertilizer,
chemical use
CDS-John Blue Co. is offering
a new line of 12-volt fertilizer and
chemical pumps to its line.
The three new models come with
capacities of 2.2-, 3.6- and 4.8-gallons per
minute, plus they feature quick-connect ports, a site
glass strainer and five hose barb quick-connect fittings.
Models are also available without the quick-connect ports and come standard
with a ½-inch NPT port.
The new pumps are weatherproof, feature a four-piston diaphragm, operate as
automatic on demand and carry a two-year warranty.
■ For more information, call 800-253-2583 or visit
Argo ATVs become stars of DVD
WELDERS AT WORK: Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has upgraded a popular line of
welders for farm and ranch applications with its new Millermatic DVI2, 212 and 252
models. One convenience of the three machines is the ability to roll gas cylinders on
and off instead of lifting them as older models required.
WORLD-TRAVELER experience is available on Argo’s DVD of its products for
2008, with all-terrain vehicles running on trails in Chile, Canada and the United
“A New Vision of the Off-Road” contains all of Argo’s new ATV models in action
and in comparison with other ATVs.
The DVD contains footage of the company’s machines mastering the Rubicon
Trail, exploring Canada’s North country and climbing the highest volcano on Earth,
the Ojos del Salado in Chile.
Models included in the video are the new 8x8 Frontier 650, 6x6 Frontier 480 and
580, and the Jim Shockey Limited Edition Signature Series 750 EFI.
■ For a copy of the video, call 877-ARGOATV or visit
Big on crop safety. Big on profit potential.
With the Roundup Ready ® Corn 2 System, you get less crop injury for up to $18/A more
profit potential than conventional corn herbicide programs. And you can maximize your
early-season weed control by using the Roundup Ready Rate of any approved residual
herbicide. Simple, flexible, dependable — that’s the Roundup Ready Corn 2 System.
Crop Safety
*Based on 5.6 bu./A yield advantage and $3.21/bu. price of corn.
Always read and follow pesticide label directions. Roundup Ready® crops contain genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup®
agricultural herbicides. Roundup® agricultural herbicides will kill crops that are not glyphosate tolerant. Roundup® and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks of
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