VoIP Gateway Router
he AirLive VoIP-210RS is a very cost effective,
highly reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways that
offer toll quality voice and real-time fax data over
IP networks. With its integrated IP sharing router, so
users use one Internet line for both voice or data
Supporting SIP protocol in proxy mode. The VoIP-210RS is compatible with Cisco ATA-186 and most
proxy service around the world. It has been tested with the most popular proxy services including
FWD(freeworld dialup), IPtel, Snomag.de, Addaline.com, BellLab, and MCI.
VoIP-210RS comes with one FXS port to connect with a phone or fax, turning your regular phone into an
IP phone.
Buy the VoIP-210RS today and enjoy free IP Telephony instantly.
*The router is available in 3 different configuration.
VoIP-211RS: 1FXS and 1FXO ports
VoIP-210RS: 1FXS ports
VoIP-220RS: 2FXS ports
FXS: The FXS ports connect to your ordinary telephone or FAX. Through your telephone or FAX, your
can dial out through the gateway to other VoIP gateway or IP Phone.
WAN p or t: VoIP gateway has a WAN port that connects to the Internet directly or to a broadband router.
User also setup the web or telnet configuration through the WAN port.
DSP & Control Processor
System On Chip (SOC)
MIPS-X5 unified RISC and DSP core (up to
384K bytes on-chip RAM, 16-way
interleaved with single cycle access
16-K byte cache
Low power, 1.8V core voltage, 3.3V I/O
· 2M bytes flash memory
Call Control Protocol
· Compliant with SIP v2.0 (RFC 3261)
Voice Function
· Compression algorithms: ITU G. 711,
G.723.1, and G.729A/B.
· Hybrid echo cancellation G.168 (16 ms)
Auto switch between Fax and voice
DTMF tone detection/regeneration
Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
User programmable Call Progress
detection/ generation
· Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
Control Processor
· 32-bit ARM7 TDMI core
8K byte unified cache
4Kworde Write buffer
Embedded on-chip Ethernet MAC with
associated BDMA
Local 2M x 16 SDRAM and 1M x 16 Flash e
Ordering Information
eLive VoIP-210RS
SIP VoIP Router with 1 FXS port
I/O Standard
· 1 x 10/100-BaseTX RJ-45 LAN port
1 x 10/100-BaseTX RJ-45 WAN port
1 x RJ 11 interfaces for FXS
Management Tools
· Web Management
TFTP and flash memory for remote
software download and upgrade
Fax Facsimile protocol:
· Facsimile protocol(option): T.30 Group 3,
T.3 8
· Modulation formats: V.21, V.27ter, V.29,
V.1 7
· Real-time fax over IP
· DTMF tone detection/regeneration
Environment & Power
· Operating temperature: 32 to 122 F (0 to
50 )
· Operating humidity: 10% to 95% (noncondensing)
· Storage temperature: 14 to 140 F (-10 to
60 )
· AC-to-DC power supply (12VDC, 100-240
VAC, auto-ranging, 50-60 Hz.)
· CE
FCC part 15