Care Solutions | MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
Waterproof and lightweight, the MIYS37 Wristband
Transmitter enables the user to summon help at any
time by pressing a button, which will activate a radio
signal to a wireless Resident Alert System. It may be
worn comfortably as a wristwatch or as a medallion
with an adjustable cord.
By pressing the button of the MIYS37 Wristband
Transmitter, you can activate a call for help and the
LED indicator of the transmitter will blink once.
The care personnel is immediately informed by the
Resident Alert System through the Main or Relay Unit
and the connected devices.
In the meantime, the button and the LED indicator of
the Main or Relay Unit will start blinking. An alarm/
event data is displayed on the Main or Relay Unit and
is stored in the buffer of the system.
Cancelling an alarm can be done in two ways. It is
always possible on the Main or Relay Unit, or can be
done locally by a magnet on the MIYS37 Wristband
Transmitter, available as an option.
The MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter offers an IP67
waterproof protection and has a built-in automatic
battery monitoring with battery low transmission. To
Modern and attractive design
Worn on the wrist or as a medallion
Easy to use
Battery-level monitor
ensure correct functioning, it will send an automatic
radio daily message to the receiver through radio
Certifications and approvals
R&TTE 1999/5/EC
EMC 2004/108/EC
LVD 2006/95/EC
EN 50371 (2002)
EN 55022 (2006, A1: 2007)
EN 60950-1 (2011)
EN 300220-2 V2.3.1
EN 301489-1 V1.8.1
EN 301489-3 V1.4.1
EN 50130-4 (1995, A1: 1998, A2: 2003)
FCC Identifier: W9N-MIYS37
FCC Identifier: W9N-MIYS37Q
2 | MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
Parts included
Housing set for MIYS37 with black button
MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
Technical specifications
Ø 1.6 in x 0.53 in (Ø 40 mm x 13 mm)
0.8 oz (22 g)
434.01 MHz
Protection class
IP 67 (EN 60529)
Power supply
3V lithium battery CR2025
Transmission: < 20 mA
Idle mode: < 3µA
Battery life
3 years, under the following conditions:
3 alarms transmissions without
repetition per day and 1 daily test
transmission (incl. battery status)
Battery alarm
at approx. 20 % remaining
Automatic battery test
daily check and at every alarm
Permissible temperature
32°F to 131°F (0 °C to 55 °C)
Frequency stability
from 32 °F to 131 °F
(0 °C to 55 °C)
< 3 KHz
Integrated loop
Radiated power
20 µW
Transmission time
2 x 1300 ms
Pause between
200 to 600 ms (random)
Minimum range in free field
800 ft (250 m)
Ordering information
MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
with black button
Order number CRS-MIYS37-FI
MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter RP
with black button and reset possibility
Order number CRS-NC-S37-RS-US
CR2025 3V Battery for MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
Set of 5 pieces
Order number CRS-BATT-CR2025
Detachable cord
For MIYS35 Pendant Transmitter or MIYS37 Wristband
Set of 10 pieces
Order number CRS-C-080
Set of 10 pieces
Order number CRS-SV-14110
Clip for MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
Order number CRS-SV-09610
Wristband for MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
Black, 22.5 cm
Set of 10 pieces
Order number CRS-SV-00900
Wristband for MIYS37 Wristband Transmitter
Black, riveted
Set of 10 pieces
Order number CRS-SV-01300
Housing for a pull-cord transmitter
Order number CRS-RM-42300
Magnet with key holder
Order number CRS-SV-03800
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