280564 Product Manual

280564 Product Manual
HDMI® 4x4 4K2K
Compact Matrix
Selector Switch
Vanco Part Number:
Technical Support
www.vanco1.com • [email protected] • 800-626-6445
Thank you for purchasing this product.
For optimum performance and safety, please
read these instructions carefully before
connecting, operating or adjusting this product.
Please keep this manual for future reference.
This product is 100% inspected and tested in the United States
to verify HDMI performance parameters.
1. Do not expose this unit to water, moisture,
or excessive humidity.
2. Do not install or place this unit in a built-in
cabinet, or other confined space without
adequate ventilation.
3. To prevent risk of electrical shock or fire
hazard, due to overheating, do not obstruct
unit’s ventilation openings.
4. Do not install near any source of heat,
including other units that may produce heat.
6. Only clean unit with a dry cloth.
7. Unplug unit during lightening storms, or
when not used for an extended period
of time. A surge protector is strongly
8. Protect the power cord from being walked
on or pinched, particularly at the plugs.
9. Use unit only with accessories specified by
the manufacturer.
10.Refer all servicing to qualified personnel.
5. Do not place unit near flames.
HDMI is a very complex technology requiring continuous authentication of the signal and the same
video resolution and audio settings on all electronic equipment in the system. When there are multiple
sources and displays, the video resolution and audio setting on all connected units must be adjusted
to correspond with that of the display having the lowest video and audio capability.
The Vanco 280564 HDMI 4x4 Compact Matrix Selector Switch allows 4 HDMI sources
to be distributed to up to 4 displays simultaneously. Have multiple sources displayed
simultaneously on any display or have a single source duplicated on multiple displays,
flexibility for the perfect solution. The 280564 is capable of up to 4K2K (2160p) Ultra
High Definition resolution and HD multi-channel audio distribution with simple control
using the front panel or remotely via IR Receivers at display locations. Also features EDID
management, which allows and encourages source and display “handshake” for seamless
integration. In addition, the 280564 is also equipped with RS-232 connectivity which allows
for third party integration. For reliable, no-nonsense HDMI distribution and control on a
budget, over short distances, the 280564 Matrix Selector Switch is a great choice for any
HDMI® 4x4 Compact Matrix Selector Switch
Part # 280564
• Allows up to 4 HDMI sources to be distributed
simultaneously to up to 4 displays
• Ultra HD capable Matrix Switcher providing a
perfect solution for Home or Retail AV as well
as Commercial and Hospitality Installations
• Features EDID management which supports
default HDMI EDID and has the ability to
learn the EDID of display equipment for any
“handshake” issues
• Supports 7.1 channel digital audio
• Wideband bi-directional IR pass-through (IR
transmitters, IR Receivers and IR Remote
Control Included)
• Equipped with RS-232 connectivity which allows
for third party integration
• Compact design for easy installation with
rack-mounting and wall-mounting design, rack
mounting ear set included
• HDCP Compliant
• Power Supply: DC 12V
• Supports 4K2K (2160p @ 30 Hz) Ultra High
Definition Resolution
• Dimensions: 10.2” W x 1” H x 4.4” D
• Supports HDMI Deep Color and 3D
HDCP Compliance....................................................... Yes
Video Bandwidth......................................................... Single-link 297MHz
Video Support............................................................ 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p @60/2160p @30
48-bit color
Audio Support............................................................ Surround Sound (up to 7.1 ch) or stereo digital audio
and L-PCM at up to 192kHz, compressed audio (IEC 61937), DSD, DST, DTS and HBR
ESD Protection........................................................... +/- 8 kV (air-gap discharge) & +/- 4 kV (contact
PCB stack-up............................................................. 4 layers
Input......................................................................... 4x HDMI / 1x RS-232 / 1x IR socket for IR receiver
Output....................................................................... 4x HDMI
HDMI connector......................................................... Type A 19 pin female
3.5mm connector....................................................... [System IR] Receives IR commands from remote
Housing..................................................................... Metal enclosure
Power Supply............................................................. DC 12V, 2.5A
Power consumption..................................................... 20 watts (max)
Operation temperature................................................ 32~104 °F
Storage temperature.................................................. -4 ~140 °F
Relative humidity........................................................ 20~90 % RH (no condensation)
Before attempting to use this unit, please check the packaging and make sure the following items are
contained in the shipping carton:
• (1) 280564 HDMI 4x4 Matrix Selector Switch
• (5) IR Receiver (RX)
• (4) IR Blaster (TX)
• (1) DC 12V, 2.5A power supply
• (1) Rack-mounting ear set
• (1) IR remote control
• (1) RS-232 serial cable
• (1) User Manual
2 3
1. ON/OFF: Power ON/OFF switch
2. POWER: This red LED illuminates when the device is powered
3. IR EYE: IR eye which receives IR signals from included remote for matrix switching
4. OUTPUT A: Selects and displays which specific input is selected
5. OUTPUT B: Selects and displays which specific input is selected
6. OUTPUT C: Selects and displays which specific input is selected
7. OUTPUT D: Selects and displays which specific input is selected
8. INPUT PORTS: Inputs 1-4, LED light illuminates for each input when an active signal is being sent from the
source to the matrix unit
9. OUTPUT PORTS: Outputs 1-4, LED light illuminates for each output when an active display is connected to
the matrix unit
10.RS232: Port for use of PC control and EDID settings
11.12V DC: Plug the 12V DC power supply into the unit and connect the adapter to AC wall outlet for power
12.IR EXT: Connect included IR RX receiver for extension, which receives IR signals from included remote for
matrix switching
13.IR IN: Connect included IR RX pigtails, to be used at each display for matrix switching control and source
14.IR OUT: Connect included IR TX pigtails, to be used at each source for source control
15. EDID Selector: Select HDMI output signal format via EDID Selector (located on the right side panel)
The EDID switch allows for EDID learning or to pre-set an EDID to encourage a “handshake” between the
display and source.
The EDID learning function is only necessary whenever any display on the HDMI output port is not outputting
audio and video properly. Because the HDMI source devices and displays may have various level of capability in
playing audio and video, the general principle is that the source device will output the lowest standards in audio
format and video resolutions to be acceptable among all HDMI displays connected. In this case, a 720p stereo
HDMI signal output would be probably the safest choice. The EDID function can also force the matrix to learn
the EDID of the lowest capable HDMI display among others to make sure all displays are capable to play the
HDMI signals normally.
There are two methods for EDID Learning as shown below:
1. EDID Dip Switch Adjustment: Please see below for EDID settings via EDID Dip Switch
2. IR Remote Control: Please see below for OPERATION CONTROL – SOFTWARE CONTROL THROUGH RS232
EDID Dip Switch Adjustment
To adjust EDID via Dip Switch, power off matrix unit and adjust to desired EDID setting on dip switch, then
power the matrix unit on. There will be an audible beep sound confirming the changes.
EDID Settings:
There are 16 embedded default EDID settings as shown below:
EDID Selector
EDID Description
Auto mode (default)
1080i,Stereo Audio 2.0
1080i,Dolby/DTS 5.1
1080i,HD Audio 7.1
1080p,Stereo Audio 2.0
1080p,Dolby/DTS 5.1
1080p,HD Audio 7.1
3D,Stereo Audio 2.0
3D,Dolby/DTS 5.1
3D,HD Audio 7.1
2160p @ 30hz,Stereo Audio 2.0
2160p @ 30hz,Dolby/DTS 5.1
2160p @ 30hz,HD Audio 7.1
1024x768 DVI
1920x1080 DVI
PC Software control mode
OUTPUT A: Pressing the 1\2\3\4 buttons will select input source to HDMI OUTPUT A,
the LED will indicate the corresponding input source.
OUTPUT B: Pressing the 1\2\3\4 buttons will select input source to HDMI OUTPUT B,
the LED will indicate the corresponding input source.
OUTPUT C: Pressing the 1\2\3\4 buttons will select input source to HDMI OUTPUT C,
the LED will indicate the corresponding input source.
OUTPUT D: Pressing the 1\2\3\4 buttons will select input source to HDMI OUTPUT D,
the LED will indicate the corresponding input source.
1. System Requirement
1) OS Information: MS WinXP/7
2) Baud rates: 9600
3) Software size: 3 MB
4) Minimum RAM requirement: 256 MB
• Connect the PC and Matrix unit via the supplied RS-232 cable (Female to Female cable)
• Power up Matrix unit
• Double click MatrixController.exe icon to run it
1. Controlling the Matrix unit
1. Select RS232 COM or TCP mode
2. Select RS232 COM port
3. Click to connect or disconnect PC and Matrix
4. Select Matrix IP
5. Connect to Matrix IP
6. Search Matrix IP
7. Configure Matrix IP and MAC
8. Enable or disable IR beep audible sound
9. Device information display area
10.Click to refresh device status: include device information displayed in #9 area and Input/Output Settings
on “Matrix” page
Configure TCP
After action #7 the following edit form will display shown below:
1. Select auto or static IP
2. Rewrite the Matrix IP
3. Rewrite the Matrix MAC
1. Set EDID mode for selected Input port or All Input ports, click “Set” button to complete action
2. Select EDID setting desired
3. Select Input port
4. Copy EDID from Output port to selected Input port or All Input ports, click “Set” button to complete action.
5. Select Output port
6. Download EDID content to selected Input port or All Input ports, click “Download” button to complete
7. Open EDID binary file
8. Display EDID binary file path
3. Matrix Switching Control via Software
1. Displays which Input is selected for respective Output
2. Click to select Input for respective Output
3. Click to select previous or next Input for respective Output
4. Firmware Update
1. Click to open firmware file (file extension is “.fw”)
2. Displays the firmware file path
3. Displays progress of the software update
4. Click to update the Matrix software
5. Displays messages of the software update
6. Clears the messages of the software update
IR Transmitter
IR Receiver
1. Connect up to 4 sources such as a Blu-Ray Player, game console, A/V Receiver, Cable or Satellite
Receiver, etc. to the HDMI inputs on the unit.
2. Connect the output HDMI ports, starting with output 1, to high-definition displays such as an HDTV or HD
projector that has HDMI inputs. Note that high-speed HDMI cables are recommended for the distances
that are required for each connection.
3. For power, plug in the source first, followed by the Matrix Selector Switcher (power supply included),
followed by each output connected.
4. Power on each device in the same sequence.
At this point each display connected should display the assigned source (input 1 at default when powered
on initially), scroll through each of the sources on each display to ensure everything is in working order. Use
included IR remote at each display receiver to test switching function between sources and IR function itself.
If a display is having difficulty receiving a signal, access the display’s menu and adjust the resolution (lowest to
highest until signal is displayed). A 24 Hz vertical refresh rate may work better than 60 Hz or higher. If the IR
remote function is not responding, check the emitters to ensure they are placed correctly and are plugged into
the correct IR jacks on the Matrix Selector Switcher unit.
Plug IR Blaster into IR TX port of matrix unit (280564); place blaster in front of the IR eye of the
corresponding source.
Plug IR Receiver into IR RX port of matrix unit (280564); place receiver at or near corresponding display.
1. Vanco High Speed HDMI cables are strongly recommended for use with this product to ensure best
2. Incorrect placement of IR Blaster and Receiver may result in the failure of the unit. Please check carefully
before plugging in the IR accessories into the respective IR sockets.
3. If your HDMI display has multiple HDMI inputs, it is found that the first HDMI input [HDMI input #1]
generally can produce better transmission performance among all HDMI inputs.
1. Best results are usually achieved when the source and display resolutions are the same. If resolutions
differ, the extenders will try to adjust the signal to match the resolution of the HDTV with the lowest
resolution. This will result in a picture with a lower resolution on the other HDTV sets.
2. If you do not get audio and video, access the “setup” menu on the TV to adjust the audio and video
settings. If the HDMI control circuit cannot establish a handshake, then there usually will be no audio or
video in addition to a blue or black screen with a statement similar to “this protocol not supported” or
“weak signal”.
3. If the above mentioned messages display, reset the receiver by disconnecting the power supply. You can
also disconnect all of the HDMI and power cables, wait 15 minutes for any voltages to decay and then
reconnect all of the cables.
4. If you are still encountering issues, attempt the “hot-plug concept. With all of the HDMI cables
disconnected, turn on the source and plug in the HDMI cable into it’s output, then power up the Vanco
unit and plug the HDMI cable into it’s input, finally turn on the display and plug the HDMI cable from
the receiver into it. This activates all of the devices in corresponding order and results in a signal being
plugged into a device that is on and will attempt to connect the signal.
5. Most of the major source and display manufacturers employ a proprietary control channel to communicate
between devices from the same manufacturer. Sometimes this can interfere with the HDMI control circuit
or the authentication of the signal. Call the manufacturer if you experience this issue. Sometimes a player,
an audio/video receiver, or a cable/satellite box may not have the latest software update, usually this can
be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
6. If you have problems with the IR control circuit, make sure that the IR RX pigtail is plugged into extender
receiver and pointed at the display, and the IR TX pigtail is attached to the extender sender and pointed at
the source.
The 280564 has been tested for conformance to safety regulations and requirements, and has been certified for international
use. However, like all electronic equipments, the 280564 should be used with care. Please read and follow the safety
instructions to protect yourself from possible injury and to minimize the risk of damage to the unit.
• Follow all instructions and warnings marked on this unit.
• Do not attempt to service this unit yourself, except where explained in this manual.
• Provide proper ventilation and air circulation and do not use near water.
• Keep objects that might damage the device and assure that the placement of this unit is on a stable surface.
• Use only the power adapter and power cords and connection cables designed for this unit.
• Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners to clean this unit.
• Always unplug the power to the device before cleaning.
With the exceptions noted in the next paragraph, Vanco warrants to the original purchaser that the equipment
it manufactures or sells will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from
the date of purchase. Should this product, in Vanco’s opinion, prove defective within this warranty period,
Vanco, at its option, will repair or replace this product without charge. Any defective parts replaced become
the property of Vanco. This warranty does not apply to those products which have been damaged due to
accident, unauthorized alterations, improper repair, modifications, inadequate maintenance and care, or use in
any manner for which the product was not originally intended.
Items integrated into Vanco products that are made by other manufacturers, notably computer hard
drives and liquid crystal display panels, are limited to the term of the warranty offered by the respective
manufacturers. Such specific warranties are available upon request to Vanco. A surge protector, power
conditioner unit, or an uninterruptible power supply must be installed in the electrical circuit to protect against
power surges.
If repairs are needed during the warranty period the purchaser will be required to provide a sales receipt/sales
invoice or other acceptable proof of purchase to the seller of this equipment. The seller will then contact Vanco
regarding warranty repair or replacement.
Every effort has been made to ensure that this product is free of defects. The manufacturer of this product
cannot be held liable for the use of this hardware or any direct or indirect consequential damages arising
from its use. It is the responsibility of the user and installer of the hardware to check that it is suitable for
their requirements and that it is installed correctly. All rights are reserved. No parts of this manual may be
reproduced or transmitted by any form or means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording
or by any information storage or retrieval system without the written consent of the publisher.
Manufacturer reserves the right to revise any of its hardware and software following its policy to modify and/or
improve its products where necessary or desirable. This statement does not affect the legal rights of the user
in any way.
In case of problems, please contact Vanco Technical Support by dialing 1-800-626-6445. You can also email
technical support issues to [email protected]
When calling, please have the Model Number, Serial Number (affixed to the bottom of the unit) and Invoice
available for reference during the call.
Please read this Instruction Manual prior to calling or installing this unit, since it will familiarize you with the
capabilities of this product and its proper installation.
All active electronic products are 100% inspected and tested to insure highest product quality and troublefree installation and operation. The testing process utilizes the types of high-definition sources and displays
typically installed for entertainment and home theater applications.
For additional information, such as helpful installation videos, glossary of terms, etc. please visit vanco1.com
Vanco® International
506 Kingsland Drive
Batavia, Illinois 60510
call: 800.626.6445
fax: 630.879.9189
visit: www.vanco1.com
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