Datasheet vodní klimatizace

Datasheet vodní klimatizace
Cooling and heating for
autoVimation's camera enclosures
The water cooling unit extends the temperature range of your application by a multiple
Technical Highlights:
Simple set-up and operation - the water cooling module on top
of the camera-enclosure is connected with up to 10m long NBR
tubes to the cooling unit, that is placed in an area with room
temperature. Functionality simililar to the cooling circuit of a
motor vehicle.
AutoVimation's water cooling units typically extend the
temperature range of a MV camera from typically 0 to 50°C
to -40 to 120°C.
Automatic heating and cooling mode, since the water
temperature is drawn to the ambient temperature of the cooling
Water as cooling medium allows a more efficient heat
transport over longer distances compared with air cooling.
Compatible to all Salamander and Orca enclosures and
autoVimation's Mounting Kits.
No cooling fluid is pumped through the enclosure- thanks to our
Heat-Guide system, the camera can be cooled through the enclosure
No oily compressed air inside the enclosure, that is often
alternatively used for camera cooling.
Water cooling is the ideal solution for hot or cold industrial
environments, if there is a place with moderate temperatures within a
7m radius of the camera enclosure.
Self-contained Cooling Unit
Self-contained unit including pump (pumping hight up to 1,6m), fans and radiator with
a maximum cooling power of 1000W.
3 -fold safety function: permanent monitoring of camera temperature and water
flow and fan operation with emergency shut down function for camera protection in
case of any system failure.
Included in delivery: 6m NBR water tubing (-35°C to +100°C operating
temperature) and 250ml coolant concentrate.
This unit can cool up to 5 camera housings: depending on the installation.
Cooling and heating for
autoVimation's camera enclosures
Order numbers:
Order Number
Self contained water cooling unit
Water cooling module for Orca enclosures
Water cooling module for direct mount on Salamander and Gecko enclosures
Water cooling module base plate for Mammoth enclosures
Water cooling module for Laser enclosures
12V, 10W Power supply (7W for integration module)
Additional water tubing if the distance between camera enclosure and cooling unit exceeds 3m (price per meter)
Additional cooling concentrate (from 10m total tube length)
Temperature controlled heating plate for Salamander and Orca enclosures
The temperature controlled heating plate heats the entire enclosure to max. 20°C. This way it is ensured that the camera cannot overheat and there is no dewpoint inside the enclosure. This heating plate maintains the camera temperature typically at around +10°C even at -30°C ambient temperature.
Order Number
For Salamander enclosure, 35W, set to max. 20°C, 24V, power supply separately.
For Orca enclosure, 35W, set to max. 20°C, 24V, power supply separately.
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