Motorola iDen i365 / i365IS
Do NOT turn the phone on or charge the battery before your phone number ports
PORTING your existing number to Sprint
ACTIVATING your new device
UPGRADED DEVICE ORDERS call 1-877-213-0375 to activate your new device
Porting and Device Set Up
Your phone number is set to automatically port to your new device at 12:01 AM Central Time on the date provided on your
order confirmation email. If you are not able to locate your confirmation email, call the Sprint Porting Group at 1-877-2870040 to confirm your porting date.
At that time, your existing phone will stop working.
When your existing phone stops working, insert the new battery into your new Sprint phone and turn on the device.
Your new Sprint device will begin the activation process.
Activation instructions and email set up instructions specific to your device are included in this information package.
Porting to an iDEN Device
Your iDEN phone will be shipped active on a temporary phone number that is listed on the device carton. At the scheduled
port time your requested port in number will port over the temporary number and be active on your new device. You do not
have to take any action to remove the temporary number. The temporary number is automatically replaced by your port in
number as part of the porting process.
Changing your prescheduled port date
If you’d like to change the date and time of your pre-scheduled port that was included in your order confirmation, call the
Sprint Porting Group at 1-877-287-0040. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m, Saturday from
8:00 am until 4:30 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am until 6:30 pm Central Time.
When you call the Porting Group, have the Security Code (PIN) you created during the order process ready.
If you’ve forgotten your Security Code (PIN) you will be asked the security question you chose during the order process.
Activating Device
If you received your device in the mail and it is for a new Sprint account (ported number) or a new line of service (new
number), it is designed to activate automatically. To confirm your activation, make a phone call.
UPGRADES please contact Sprint Dedicated BP Support at 1-877-213-0375 to activate your new device.
If your device is still not activated or you do not have access to the Internet please contact Sprint Dedicated BP Support at
Helpful Hints
Check your Voice Mail on your old device prior to port time. Your Voice Mail messages on your current phone will not
transfer over to your Sprint Voice Mail.
Port times scheduled are Central Time Zone.
Porting and activating device can only take place while the device is in the US.
If you need assistance
If your phone number does not port to your new device at the scheduled date and time, call the Sprint Porting Group 1877-287-0040.
If your existing phone stops working and you are unable to make a voice call, call the Porting Group at 1-877-287-0040.
If your Sprint device is damaged or not working properly call Sprint Dedicated BP Support at 1-877-213-0375.
Copying Contacts
If you currently have a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device with BP email, your contacts will transfer when you set up
your email and sync your contacts.
If you have a basic voice phone that holds all of your contacts and you have chosen another basic voice phone or a Smart
Device, you can do the following:
Take both of your devices to your nearest Sprint store. Your contacts will be copied for you and the normal $15
fee will be waived. Check this link to locate a store near you.
Disposal Bag
Follow BP disposal process and DO NOT USE the Sprint recycle bag that is included with your phone.
Frequently Asked Questions
A link to Frequently Asked Questions is available at after you login.
(Note: NTID and Password is required).
Motorola iDen i365 / i365IS Activation Instructions
To ensure proper setup of the new device, it is recommended a Master radio reset be performed to verify
the device is using the correct wireless number.
1. Press
Menu key.
2. Scroll down and select
Settings > Advanced.
3. Select Reset Defaults > Reset All.
4. When Enter Security Code displays, press [0] key 6 times to enter 000000, then press
5. Master Reset will display, select Yes.
OK when caution appears.
Phone will power off. Once off, power back on.
Use the handset and call another phone, then have that person return a call back to the device.
Handset will now be activated.
If prompted to update Browser Security proceed to do so as directed.