FireWire Audio Interface/Control Surface
Providing up to 8 channels of 44.1–192kHz audio directly to your computer via
ultra–fast, low–latency FireWire connectivity, the audio interface features 2 mic
(XLR) inputs with phantom power and channel inserts, and 6 line (TRS) inputs. An
additional 18 inputs of digital audio are possible with the MasterControl’s S/PDIF
and dual S/MUX ADAT Lightpipe options, for forward-thinking expansion. For
monitoring your recordings and sessions, the MasterControl features 6 analog
outputs, configurable as discrete, 5.1 Surround or 3 stereo outputs.
In addition, the MasterControl functions as a fully-featured, programmable
control surface with full MIDI I/O, providing hands-on, dedicated control over
your HUI-compatible DAWs and external MIDI devices. Equipped with motorized
faders, dedicated transport control, multifunctional jog wheel, assignable buttons
and knobs, the MasterControl gives you flawless, convenient control over the
parameters of your DAW.
> 8 Built-in analog inputs – 2 XLR mic
preamp inputs with phantom power and
channel inserts, 6 TRS ¼” line inputs
> 192kHz analog recording / playback capability
> 2 banks of 8 fully-assignable buttons
provide 16 different functions per preset
(setting markers and loop points, setting
automation modes, cut/copy/paste)
> Expandable audio inputs for up to 26
simultaneous inputs. S/PDIF and dual
S/MUX ADAT Lightpipe inputs provide
18 additional recording inputs
> 6 analog outputs – configurable as
discrete, 5.1 Surround, or Stereo X 3,
with dedicated speaker switching
> 2 X 16 character LCD provides instant
controller feedback and enables customization
of knob and button functions
> Fully-editable presets allow for instantaneous,
dedicated control over DAWs (HUIcompatible) and external MIDI devices
> Built-in talk-back microphone and
control-surface based cue mix setup
> Nine 100mm motorized faders and eight
360° virtual assignable knobs (three banks
each) provides instant access to 28 different
parameters on every DAW channel
> Removable, customizable templates provide
total visual overview of preset operation
> Preview button shows knob, button, and fader
parameters before sending them out to DAW
> Bundled with Cubase LE software and
compatible with most Digital Audio
Workstation software products
MultiMix 8 & 16 USB 2.0 Mixers
High resolution Mixers WITH USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Available in 8–channel and 16–channel configurations, these compact tabletop
mixers provide USB 2.0 technology for ultra-fast, low-latency, 24–bit/44.1–96kHz
(with high-end A/D and D/A conversion) multi-channel audio recording straight
to your computer. Designed with low-noise analog electronics, each mixer lets
users take advantage of 100 studio-grade 28-bit digital effects. Whether used
for mobile or studio recording, MultiMix USB 2.0 Series Mixers make recording
high-quality audio to your computer fast and easy. Bundled with award-winning
Cubase LE software for optimal results.
> Direct inputs for recording (10 on the
MultiMix 8 and 18 on the MultiMix 16)
and 2 return inputs for monitoring
> 100 28-bit onboard preset effects
including reverbs, delays, chorus,
flanging, pitch and multi-effects
> High-gain mic/line (XLR and 1/4”
balanced) inputs with phantom
power, 2 stereo balanced 1/4”
> 3-band EQ per channel with high/low
shelving and mid band pass/reject
> Switchable 75Hz highpass filters
> Smooth 60mm faders (MultiMix16)
All information is preliminary and subject to change.
> 24-bit, 44.1 to 96 kHz operation with highend A/D and D/A conversion through an
integrated USB 2.0 audio interface
> Line inputs, aux send (to onboard or
external effects), stereo aux return
> Separate 1/4” balanced main and
monitor outs, headphone out
> Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP
> Steinberg Cubase LE included
> Easy-to-attach rackmount ears available
P: [401] 658.5760 // F: [401] 658.3640
FireWire Audio Interface AND Control Surface
The io|Control is the ultimate interface and control surface for both mobile
recording and home studio use. Backed by Alesis’ unmatched reputation in the
field of professional studio electronics, the io|Control allows for up to 14 channels
(4 analog and 10 digital) of simultaneous input to your computer via the integrated,
low latency FireWire interface.
With quick control over the most common Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
commands, the lightweight but rugged io|Control gives users a practical and
expandable audio I/O with a sleek implementation of the most commonly used
control surface features. The unit’s jog wheel can be used to shuttle, zoom and
enter data, while 6 fully-assignable buttons provide different functions for setting
knobs, the io|Control offers immediate control of up to 12 parameters, such as
volume, pan and aux sends.
> 4 Built-in audio inputs (2 XLR preamp inputs
and 2 balanced ¼” line inputs) for 4 channels
of 24Bit/96kHz simultaneous audio recording
> 2 X 16 character LCD provides instant feedback
on knob turns and button presses as well as
helping manage knob and button assignments
> Mute, solo and record-enable buttons per track.
> Template Inserts and overlays provided
for all popular DAW programs
> 20 recallable presets
> 6 fully assignable buttons provide different
functions per preset (for setting markers
and loop points, setting automation
modes and enabling oscillators)
> Preview button to verify knob and button
commands before sending them out to a DAW
> FireWire bus power or external
adapter power (adapter included)
> Works with most Digital Audio
Workstation software programs
> Packaged with Cubase LE software
> Custom jog/zoom/data dial for
fast and easy DAW control
> Built-i n transport control
> 3 layers of 4 - 360º Knobs (for a total
of 12 knobs) for fast control over
volume, pan, and aux sends
> Expandable audio inputs for a total
of 12 simultaneous channel inputs
(ADAT Lightpipe inputt)
USB/MIDI Pad Trigger Interface
The Alesis Trigger|io is a powerful new electronic percussion interface designed to
capture the feel of a real drum performance while also harnessing the expansive
capability of software and hardware sound modules. The Trigger|io converts input
from your favorite percussion pads to make them usable as MIDI note messages
for triggering sounds in software and hardware devices.
Featuring both MIDI and USB connectivity, the Trigger|io can be can be connected
to your favorite software or hardware synth or drum module, and comes bundled
with FXPansion’s BFD Lite—a professional software drum module with highquality acoustic and electronic drum kit libraries.
> 10 TRS trigger inputs for single or dual
zone trigger inputs (compatible with
various manufacturer’s pad triggers,
including Alesis, Roland and Yamaha)
> Includes BFD Lite software drum module
(Mac and PC) with professional quality
acoustic and electronic drums in standalone,
VST, AU and DXi plug-in formats
> 20 programmable presets for storing
and recalling various setups
> Easy interface for quick editing and user setups
> Hi-Hat input for on/off or continuous control
> USB 1.1 plug and play (Windows
and Mac), MIDI out
> Up/down footswitch input for
selecting kits remotely
> Customizable trigger settings for
sensitivity, assignment of MIDI channels,
note numbers, crosstalk, velocity curve,
threshold, retrigger time and pad type
> Mounting holes for optional drum stand mount
USB–Mic Podcasting Kit
Professional-sounding podcasting for your Mac or PC has never been simpler
and more affordable than with Alesis’ USB-Mic Podcasting Kit. Just plug the
high-quality USB microphone into your computer (with no complicated drivers
to install) and use the included Audacity software to record your voice, music
and any other external sounds you wish to include for your final product. The
USB-Mic provides 16 bit / 44.1–48kHz audio straight to your computer, and the
Kit includes high-quality headphones for monitoring your session.
The USB-Mic Podcasting Kit comes with a free 30-day subscription to Alesis’
custom podcast website,, to make broadcasting and
distributing your work a snap.
> 16 bit / 44.1-48Khz audio recording
direct to your computer
> High-quality headphones for
monitoring your recordings
> Hassle-free uploading of your podcasts
with automatic rss file embedding
> USB microphone (including USB cable)
> Desktop microphone stand
> Bundled with Audacity software for
recording and editing your sessions
> Easy plug-and-play support in
Windows and Mac OS X
> Free hosting of your podcasts - 30 day
subscription to
> Automatic notification of your podcast episodes
to iTunes, Podcast Alley and other podcast
groups, as well as numerous web search engines
Control Pad
USB/MIDI Percussion pad controller
The Control Pad features 8 velocity-sensitive pads with a responsive rubber
surface for excellent stick response and expressive performance, as well as 2
trigger inputs for connecting external pads such as the Alesis Drum Pad and
Cymbal Pad expansion kits. The 2 footswitch inputs accommodate open and
closed hi-hat, as well as a kick drum for an authentic, realistic percussion
Up to 20 percussion setups are stored to internal memory, and users can
customize pads and 2 external triggers into individual settings for MIDI channels,
note numbers and customized velocity sensitivity and curves. The Control Pad
operates on USB power, or with an included A/C power adapter. The Control Pad
is bundled with FXPansion’s BFD Lite, a professional drum module with highquality acoustic and electronic drum kit libraries.
> 8 high-quality velocity-sensitive percussion pads
> 2 trigger inputs for connecting external
pads (compatible with Alesis Drum Pad
and Cymbal Pad expansion kits)
> USB bus-powered (no power supply
necessary when connected to a computer)
> PC and Mac compatible
> 2 footswitch inputs
> Pad sensitivity adjustment
> Up/down footswitch input
> Stores MIDI setups with program
change capability
> USB Plug-and-Play connectivity
(no drivers necessary)
> A/C power adapter included