American DJ
User Instructions
This fixture is fitted with halogen lamps
which are highly susceptible to damage if
improperly handled. Never touch lamp
with bare fingers as the oil from your
hands will shorten lamp life. Also, never
move fixture until lamp has had ample
time to cool. Remember, lamps are not
covered under warranty conditions.
Caution! Always disconnect from main
power before replacing lamps or servicing unit.
Remember to always replace with same lamps
and fuses.
Model: Multi-Saucer™
Lamp: 5 x ZB-FCS 24V 150W
Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 16.5”
Weight: 21 lbs.
Supply Voltage: 120V
Fuse: 10A
Working Position: Any Safe position
Duty Cycle: 10 min. ON, 10 min. OFF
Colors: Multiple Colored Lens.
Th a n k y o u f o r p u rc h a s ing t h i s
American DJ® product. For your
convenience this lighting effect has
been lamped and is ready to be used,
there is no assembly required.
instructions before installing or
using your new unit.
Operating Instructions:
Unit is ready to be hung or set on flat surface. Be
sure not to obstruct cooling vents. Place in a well
ventilated area. For best results, fog or special
effects smoke must be used in order to see the
beams of light.
Caution! Never open unit when in use. Always disconnect main power before servicing or replacing
lamp. Remember always replace with the same
type of lamps and fuses.
Lamp replacement: Remove the thumb screws
on each head and pull off the cap. Pull out old
lamps from their sockets. Replace with new lamps
and reassemble. When replacing lamps, it is recommended to change all five lamps at the same
For service, contact your American DJ® dealer.
American DJ ® LOS ANGELES, CA. 90058 USA