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The Next Generation in Mobile Surveillance
Capture and Record With Absolute Clarity
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HD 720P
540 TVL
See More in HD — 3x the Resolution
A ground-breaking development in camera resolution, Seon introduces the mobile surveillance industry’s first external high-definition
camera. The CHW next-generation camera uses progressive scan technology to deliver a clear, crisp image with 3x the resolution of a
typical analog camera — for applications where picture quality is paramount. Paired with the Explorer MX-HD, the new 5-channel DVR,
it’s the ultimate solution for maximum image quality and reliability.
CHW/MX-HD Brochure
The Clear HD Winner
The CHW high-definition camera delivers sharp, crisp images with 3x the
resolution of a standard analog camera. One of the smallest, most rugged
cameras on the market, it features a dust and waterproof housing that
withstands even the harshest conditions.
A Picture Perfect Image – No Matter What Your Application
Catch Stop-arm Violators in Action
Mount this camera outdoors with a 16 mm lens to
Key Features
1280 x 720 pixel resolution/30 FPS using progressive scan
2.5 or 16 mm lens for wide-angle or telephoto applications.
Rugged, weatherproof metal housing to withstand harsh
conditions, including bus wash.
350° rotating gimbal to support vertical and angular
capture the license plates of stop-arm violators.
Accident Reconstruction
Front-facing with a 2.5 mm lens, this camera gives
a superb, wide-angle view of the scene ahead, ideal
for seeing what really happened.
New HD 5-Channel DVR
The Explorer MX-HD is Seon’s high performance HD 5-channel DVR. This HD
DVR solution simultaneous records one HD and four analog cameras, giving
school bus operators better resolution to keep passengers and drivers safe.
Crystal Clear Image Capture
Capture in High-definition
Simultaneously record one HD channel (1280 x 720)
and four DI (720 x 480) channels at up to 30 FPS.
GPS-ready For Greater Fleet Control
Compatible with GPS features, like geo-fencing,
Key Features
720 HD video channel and four analog DI video
channels with audio.
Stores up to 750 GB for plenty of recording space.
GPS-ready with features like geo-fencing.
used to set geographical boundaries for the vehicle.
Add an optional GPS receiver to record vehicle
speed and location.
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