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User’s Manual
Model: M7a
For Technical Assistance, please call (800) 638-3600,
or visit www.magnadyne.com
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Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Marksman automotive security and remote start
system. Marksman automotive security products have been designed to provide the consumer with
a product that is technologically superior and will provide years of trouble free operation. The
information enclosed will provide a ready reference of the operation and maintenance of your new
Marksman security and remote start system.
Remote Control Transmitters
Use this illustration as a reference while reading through the
operating procedures.
Regular Transmitter Operation
System Function
Lock Doors and Arm System
Arms and Deletes the Shock Sensor
Press Twice within 5 Seconds.
Car Locator
When System is Armed
Panic Function (On-Off)
Press and Hold for 3 Seconds
Unlock Doors and Disarm System
Two Steps Door Unlock and Disarm System
Silent Arming/Disarming
Channel 2 (Trunk) Timer Control
Press and Hold for 2 Seconds
Passive Arming By-Pass
While the System Disarmed.
Activate Remote Starter
Press and Hold for 1 Second
Turn Off the Remote Start
Second System Operation
Press Twice within 3 Seconds
Press and Release for Car #2 Operation
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Security System Operations
Active Lock & Arm
Using The Transmitter To Arm The Security System
1. Press the
button on the transmitter.
2. The horn and parking lights will chirp/flash once indicating that the system is now armed. The
vehicle’s door will lock upon arming when interfaced with the security system.
Silent Arming/Disarming:
1. Pressing the
button on the transmitter will arm or disarm your security system, no
chirp sound will be heard, arm/disarm confirmation will be through the vehicles parking lights only.
Defective Sensor Reminder:
If the siren sounds off 3 chirps, you have left open a hood, door or trunk.
Shock Sensor Optional Sensor By-Pass:
Press the
button once, the siren chirps once, the security system is now armed. Press the
button a second time within 5 seconds, the siren chirps twice, the shock sensor is now
bypassed. The sensor bypass feature is programmed to activate for one arming cycle only. The
security system will return to normal operation during the next arming cycle.
Passive Arming
Active Arming/Disarming is Controlling your Security System via the remote Transmitter. This
Security System is Equipped with an Optional Passive Arming Feature, which Allows the Security
System to Arm 30 Seconds after the last Door is Closed.
1. Turn “OFF” ignition and exit the vehicle.
2. After al entrances are closed, the security system LED will flash fast for 30 seconds. If you
reopen any door, hood, or trunk. the security system LED will stop flashing. It will begin flashing
again once the vehicles entrances are closed.
3. After 30 second timer has elapsed, the security system will automatically “Arm”. The siren will
chirp once and the parking lights will flash once.
Passive Arming with Passive Door Locking:
The vehicles door will automatically lock after passive arming cycle has been completed.
Passive Arming Bypass:
While the LED is flashing for passive arming or automatic re-arm, press the
button twice,
the security system will respond with 1 chirp and LED will turn “On”. The security system will
remain in this temporary state for as long as you wish. To exit passive bypass, press the “Lock”
or “Unlock” button and the system will return to normal status.
Note: While in passive arm Bypass Mode, you will be required to manually arm you system.
Following the “Active Arm” procedure above.
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Active Unlock & Disarm
1. Press the
button on the transmitter.
2. The horn will chirp once and parking will flash once indicating that the system is now armed.
The vehicle’s door will lock upon arming when interfaced with the security system.
Tamper Disarming: (Optional Feature)
If the security system has been tampered with and activated, the siren will chirp 4 times and the
parking lights will flash 3 times.
Pathway Illumination: (Optional Feature)
This feature turns”On” the parking lights for 30 seconds upon disarming of the security system.
Arming the security system will leave the parking lights on for 10 seconds.
Two Step Door Unlocking: (Optional Feature)
This feature will independently unlock the drivers door only when disarming the security system.
Pushing the “Unlock” button a second time within 3 seconds will unlock the entire vehicle.
Automatic Re-Arm: (Optional Feature)
If this feature is selected, the security system will automatically re-arm itself 60 seconds after
disarming with the remote transmitter. Automatic re-arm will cancel if any door is opened before
the 60 second timer has elapsed.
Valet Mode
The valet switch allows you to temporarily bypass all alarm functions eliminating the need to hand
your transmitter to a parking attendant or garage mechanics. When the security system is in Valet
Mode, all functions and remote start functions are bypassed however, the remote panic feature and
remote door locks will remain operational. To use the Valet Mode, the security system must first be
disarmed either by using your remote transmitter or by operating the manual override sequence.
Enter Valet Mode:
1. From the disarmed condition, turn the ignition to the “On” position.
2. Push and hold valet switch for 2 seconds or until the “LED” turns on solid. The LED will
remain on as long as the system is in Valet Mode.
Exit Valet Mode:
1. Return to normal operation, turn ignition switch “On”.
2. Push and hold the valet switch for 2 seconds and the “LED” will turn off. This indicates the
security system is out of the Valet Mode.
Disarming without a Transmitter
The override function may be used if the remote transmitter is lost or inoperative.
1. Enter the vehicle and turn the ignition switch to “On” position.
2. Within 10 seconds push and release the valet switch, the security system will enter the Disarm
Mode. You can now start and operate the vehicle normally.
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Panic Function
The transmitter can be used as a remote panic switch to manually trigger the alarm in case of emergency.
1. Press and hold the
button for 3 seconds. The alarm will immediately sound.
2. To stop the security system from the Panic Mode, press and hold the Lock or Unlock button on
the transmitter again for 3 seconds. Also, if any transmitter button other than the Lock or
Unlock button is pressed and released, the Panic Mode will be turned off immediately.
Trigger the System
When armed, your vehicle is protected as follows:
1. Light impacts will trigger the warning signal. A long chirp from siren/horn.
2. Heavy Impacts, Door open, Hood Open, Trunk Open, Turn on the Ignition Key will Trigger the
programmed sequence. The starter disable relay (If Installed) prevents the vehicle’s starter from
cranking. The Siren, Horn, Parking Lights and Dome Light will turn on to alter an intrusion
for 30 seconds. Then it will stop and automatically re-set and re-arm. If one of the sensors or
detectors are still active the security system will sound a maximum of 6 times for a
30 second cycles.
Dome Light Convenience Delay & Supervision (Option)
If this option has been installed, it will operate in the following manner:
1. Upon disarming, the interior lights will remain on for 30 seconds.
2. If the vehicle is intruded, the interior light will flash for the same duration as the siren.
Note: Turn on the ignition switch or arm the security system and it will turn off the dome light.
Ignition Control Door Locks (Option)
If the vehicles door locks have been interfaced to the security system, the security system will
automatically lock the vehicle’s doors when the ignition is turned “On” and/or unlock the vehicle’s
door when the ignition is turned “Off”. (Programming is required for this feature to be active).
Trunk Release
Press and hold the
button on the transmitter for two seconds to activate the trunk release or
other electronic devices.
Car Locator
Press the
button while the security system is armed to activate car locator function. The horn
will chirp 6 times and the parking lights will flash 12 times for you to locate your car.
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Remote Start Operation
As with any product that performs automatic functions, there are certain safety precautions that you
must practice and be aware of.
1. Keep the transmitter out of reach of children.
2. DO NOT leave anyone in the vehicle while running on remote control.
3. Alert any service personal that the vehicle can be started automatically.
4. DO NOT start the vehicle by remote while it’s in an enclosed area or garage.
5. Always apply the parking brake and lock the vehicle as you exit the vehicle.
6. Should the unit malfunction, disconnect the fuse until the problem is corrected.
7. The use and operations of this security system is the sole responsibility of the owner/operator
of the vehicle
8. Some areas may have local ordinances that prohibit leaving a vehicle running on public
streets. Check your local laws and ordinances.
How to Remote Start Your Vehicle
Press the
button twice on the transmitter for about 1 second.
The parking lights will activate to indicate the remote start signal has been received.
The engine will start in approximately 5 seconds.
Once the engine is running, after 11 seconds the parking lights will turn on again and climate
controls will activate and adjust the vehicle’s interior temperature to your preset setting.
5. The vehicle will run for 5 to 30 minute cycle and automatically shut down
Note: The remote start unit will not start the vehicle if any one of the following conditions exists:
1. The Hood is open
2. The Brake Pedal is Pressed
3. Move the Optional Remote Start Enable Switch to “OFF” Position (If Installed)
4. The Gear Selector is in any Gear other than “Park” or “Neutral”
How to Operate the Vehicle While Running on the Remote Start Function
1. Insert the ignition key and turn it to the “ON” Position. Be sure you DO NOT turn the Ignition key
all the way to the “Start” position. This will cause severe damage to all the starter components
on your vehicle.
2. Press the brake pedal.
Note: If the brake pedal is pressed before the key is in the “ON” position, the engine will
automatically shut down
Temporary Stop Feature
This feature allows the vehicle to remain running after the key has been removed from the ignition.
This feature is useful for occasions when you wish to exit and lock the vehicle for short periods of
time but, would like to leave the motor running and climate control on.
1. Before turning off the engine, press the
button twice on the transmitter and the LED
indicator will flash 3 times to confirm mode entry.
2. Turn the ignition key to “OFF” position (The engine will stay running)
3. The engine will run until the pre-programmed time elapsed or shutdown input is received.
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Timer Start
This unit can be programmed to start and run the engine every 2 or 3 hours. The engine will run for
the programmed run time and then shut down. This feature is designed for an extreme cold climate.
The system will auto start the vehicle every 2 or 3 hours to prevent engine from cold hard to start
Important: Timer start should be used in open areas, never start and run the vehicle in enclosed
spaces as a garage or carport
To Activate the Start Timer:
1. Press the
button twice to remote start the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle is running and the
parking lights have turned on or flashing.
2. Immediately depress the
button then depress the
button. The parking lights will flash
(3) times. The siren or horn chirps (3) times. The vehicle is now programmed to start every 2
or 3 hours.
3. Press the brake pedal to stop the vehicle from running.
Note: Unless the installer of this remote start system has reprogrammed the start timer for a 2 hour
duration, the default programmed start time is set to 3 hours.
Exit the Timer Start:
Timer start can be exited manually as follows:
1. Make sure the remote start system is not operating the engine.
2. Turn the ignition On. The LED and parking lights will flash (4) times. The horn or siren chirps
(4) times.
1. Press the
button twice to remote start the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle is running and the
parking lights have turned on or flashing.
2. Immediately depress the
button then press and hold the
button for 2 seconds. The
parking lights will flash (4) times. The siren or horn chirps (4) times. The vehicle is no longer
programmed to start automatically.
Shut Down Input for Remote Starter
If any of the following conditions exist while the system is operating, the engine will not start or will
shut down:
1. The hood is open.
2. The brake pedal is pressed.
3. Move the optional remote start enable toggle switch to “Off” position (If Installed).
4. Engine is over-revved (Tachometer Checking Type).
5. The pre-programmed run time 5-10-20-30 minutes has elapsed.
6. Transmitter
button is pressed twice.
7. The vehicle refused to start running after 3 unsuccessful attempts.
Disabling the Remote Start system
This feature allows your security system’s remote start unit to be temporarily disabled to prevent
the vehicle from being remote started accidentally. This feature is useful if the vehicle is being
serviced or stolen in an enclosed area. To disable the remote start, move the optional remote start
enable toggle switch to the “Off” position.
Turbo Timer Mode
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(Also See Installation Manual)
Turbo Timer Mode keeps the engine running after arriving at you destination for a programmable
time period of 1, 3 or 5 minutes. This allows the system’s time to conveniently cool down the turbo
after you have left the vehicle.
To Activate:
1. While the engine is running, set the emergency brake and place the transmission to "Park".
2. Before turning off the engine, press and release and buttons at the same time. The light
will flash to indicate the remote start has entered Turbo Timer Mode.
3. Remove the “Ignition Key” from the key cylinder. The engine will keep running.
4. Exit and secure the vehicle. The Engine continues running until the pre-programmed time
Chirp Indicators
Parking Lights
Parking Lights
1 Chirp
1 Flash
2 Chirps
2 Flashes
3 Chirps
Defective Reminder
3 Flashes
Disarm / Triggered
4 Chirps
Disarm / Triggered
12 Flashes
Car Locator
6 Chirps
Car Locator
Constant On
Under Remote Control
Alarm Operating Condition
1. Arming
Siren, Horn
Parking Light
1 or 3 Chirps
1 Flash
Slow Flash
2. Disarming
2 or 4 Chirps
2 or 3 Flashes Fast Flash
3. Trigger
4. Panic
5. Car Locator 6 Chirps
Slow Flash
Dome Light
Turns on for 30 Seconds
12 Flashes
LED Display
2 flashes... pause
Zone 2: Trigger on Trunk/Hood
Slow Flash
3 flashes... pause
Zone 3: Trigger on Door Switch
Fast Flash
Passive Arming
4 flashes... pause
Zone 4: Trigger on Optional Sensor
On (Solid)
Valet Mode
5 flashes... pause
Zone 5: Trigger on Ignition Switch
Page 9
Replacement Parts and Accessories for
Remote Mobile Security Systems
4-Button Transmitter with SAW
Technology for:
M7a Remote Start Security System.
44.95 ea.
6-Tone, 118dB Siren: For use with all
Remote Mobile Security Systems.
34.95 ea.
6-Tone, 130dB Siren: For use with all
Remote Mobile Security Systems.
39.95 ea.
Uses 3 volt CR2016 Lithium Battery (2 pcs.)
Radio Shack: #23-160 (CR2016H)
Duracell: #DL2016
Eveready: #ECR2016
Panasonic: # CR2016
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Parts and Accessories Order Form
Credit Card or Money Order Only
(Sorry No Cash, C.O.D. or personal checks accepted)
Mail to: Magnadyne Corporation
ATTN: Consumer Parts Sales
P.O. Box 5365
Carson, CA 90749-5365
SHIP TO: (No P.O. Boxes)
Shipping and Handling
Up to $20.00
20.01 to 30.00
30.01 to 45.00
45.01 to 70.00
Over 70.01
Sales Subtotal = ________ . ______
California Residents Add Sales Tax = ________ . ______
Shipping and Handling (See Chart) = ________ . ______
TOTAL = ________ . ______
On regular orders please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.
Please give a shipping address where this order may be delivered between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.
If UPS is unable to deliver, your order will be returned and additional shipping charges will be required.
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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agents will, for the life of the vehicle and to the original
purchaser, repair, replace or refund the retail sales price of said product or any part thereof, at the
option of the Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agents, if said product or part is found
defective in materials or workmanship, when properly connected and operating on the correct
power requirements designated for the specific product. This warranty and Magnadyne Corporation
or its authorized agents obligations, hereunder do not apply where the product was: damaged while
in the possession of the consumer, subjected to unreasonable or unintended use, not reasonably
maintained, utilized in commercial or industrial operation, or serviced by anyone other than
Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agent, or where the warning seal on the product is broken
or the power plugs or wires are detached from the unit. Magnadyne Corporation or any of its
authorized agents do not assume any labor costs for the removal and reinstallation of any product
found to be defective, or the cost of transportation to Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized
agents. Such costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
This warranty does not cover the cabinet, appearance items, normal wear and tear or accessories
used in connection with the product resulting from improper installation, alteration, accident, misuse,
abuse or acts of nature.
This Limited Life Time Warranty applies only to the receiver section of the security system. Neither
the siren, transmitters, wire harness or any accessory item added to or used with a Remote Mobile
security system are covered by this Limited Life Time Warranty. Sirens, transmitters, wire harness
or any accessory item are covered by our standard 12 month limited warranty.
Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agents shall not be liable to anyone for consequential
or incidental damages or claims that may arise due to failure of product to operate properly
except those accorded by law. Magnadyne's or its authorized agents liability to the repair,
replacement of the product as stated above if all conditions of the warranty are met. No
expressed warranty or implied warranty is given except those set forth herein. Magnadyne does
not warrant or guarantee against break in damage or the theft of the vehicle in part or whole, or
against the loss or damage to the contents of any vehicle in which a security system is installed.
Magnadyne security systems are only a deterrent against possible theft.
This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product and for the vehicle in which it
was originally installed. This warranty is not transferable or assignable to any person or vehicle.
Defective merchandise should be returned to the original point of purchase or secondly to
Magnadyne Corporation, 1111 W. Victoria Street, Compton, CA 90220. A return authorization must
be obtained before sending, or merchandise may be refused.
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