A Single Platform for All Requirements

 he Bosch Family of Addressable Fire Panels:
A Single Platform for All Requirements
Unbeaten Flexibility
One System Fits All
This versatile family comprises two fire panel
The platform covers everything from small systems
series based on the same industry-leading
with one or two loops all the way to very large,
technology: the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series
complex networkable installations. The new Fire
and the new Fire Panel 1200 Series. As a result,
Panel 1200 Series lends itself to smaller facilities
it’s easy to flexibly configure systems to match
such as schools, offices and stores, delivering
each customer’s requirements. Thanks to the
the sophisticated capabilities of large-scale
shared panel platform, reusable “click-and-go”
systems to smaller applications. It shares the same
modules and interchangeable housings, it’s
technology and interface with the Modular Fire
also suitable for complex applications involving
Panel 5000 Series, the perfect product for
more than fire detection.
implementing any kind of solution — so proven
installation and configuration knowledge can be
applied to it as well. This keeps the amount of
required training at a cost-effective level.
Safeguarded Investments
Outstanding Benefits:
Systems can be precisely tailored to
For smoothly growing to larger installations
as your business and its requirements
customers’ needs and grow as they do.
increase, the same modules, peripherals,
The right solution for every kind of fire
programming and know-how can be reused.
detection installation.
Tapping these synergies makes everyone
Extensive line of peripherals.
confident they have made the right choice:
Minimal training: the same knowledge
applies to the entire panel portfolio.
Easy planning, installation and
Outstanding Quality
configuration helps projects to
All components are manufactured according
keep in line with the budget.
to the high standards of quality for which
Planning security for the future, thanks
Bosch is famous. This ensures a long service
to proven, state-of-the-art technology.
life. All panels and peripherals are also fully
EN54 approved.
Multiple Interfacing Possibilities
Both the Fire Panel 1200 and the modular
5000 Series can be equipped with multiple
interfaces for an extended range of
A serial interface to Voice EVAC,
Paging and Fire Monitoring System
from Bosch.
Ethernet/OPC for integrating in
the Building Integration System
from Bosch.
This vastly extends the range of possible
use for both series.
Both the 1200 Series and
the 5000 Series permit:
serial interface
EVAC Voice Alarm
System from Bosch
1200 Series/
5000 Series
n Ethernet connection to
Serial Interface
the Building Management
System from Bosch
Ethernet OPC
Building Integration
System (BIS)
Smoke Detectors
connection to Voice
EVAC from Bosch
5000 Series
Smoke Detectors
Aspirating Smoke
LSN loop
1200 Series/
5000 Series
Manual Call Points
Fire Panel 1200 Series:
Standalone version with 2 x 127 addressable elements - ideal for
small applications
Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series:
Standalone or networked solution with CAN-Bus technology - with up
to 32 loops for each panel, the ideal solution for medium-size to large
Technical Features:
1200 Series
5000 Series
1 to 2
1 to 32
Elements per loop
Up 127
Up to 254
Elements per system
up to 254
up to 4064
Max. loop length
1600 m
3000 m
Max. loop power
300 mA
1500 mA
Modules per panel
up to 6
up to 46 per panel
Remote keypads
up to 3
Panel network
(networked 2032)
Addressable and conventional
detectors in one system
Connection via fiber optics or
standard fire cable
Connectable to
EVAC System from Bosch
(via serial interface)
Building Management System from Bosch
Fire Monitoring System from Bosch
Paging and DECT Systems from Bosch
(and third-party)
1200 Series
5000 Series
High-Performance Periphery
for the Fire Panel Family
Automatic Fire Detectors 420/320 Series
The first multicriteria detectors with OTC (OpticalThermal-Chemical) to reach the market, they excel
with high sensitivity, fast detection and minimized
false alarms. Available in O, T, OT and OTC versions,
they are ideal for both standard applications and
highly sensitive conditions.
Smoke Detectors 500 Series
The first detectors to feature a nonpolluting virtual
chamber are offered with the 500 Series, which
comes in O and OC versions. They are perfect for
architecturally attractive rooms and buildings as
well as dusty environments.
Sounders and Call Points
A new line of high-volume and two-wire detector base
sounders is also available, as well as a full range of
call points for manually triggering fire alarms.
Local SecurityNetwork (LSN) Functionality
The entire portfolio of latest-generation LSN classic
and LSN improved version modules and detectors is
available for use with the Modular Fire Panel 5000
and 1200 Series. This lets you take advantage of
flexible network topology, proven performance and
high security at low cost.
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