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Cambridge Audio Closeout Specials
• Dual Wolfson WM8740 24/192 DACs
Save $280
• Selectable Digital Filter with Two
• Cambridge-Designed Servo System
Advanced CD Player with Selectable
Filters and Custom Designed Servo System
“...This player has an open, detailed presentation...It’s hard
to think of a rival that keeps so organized when pushed.”
It takes CD performance to new heights at anywhere near the price.
The Cambridge Audio Azur 650C optimizes a pair of WM8740 24-bit/192
kHz-capable DACs implemented in a dual differential configuration. Since
each channel has its own DAC to process information,
completely separate and symmetrical analog filter circuitry can be implemented for excellent imaging.
The 650C also features the sophisticated Four-Pole
Dual Differential Double Virtual Earth Balanced version
of this filter resulting in an incredibly low noise floor,
barely measurable distortion and ultimately unprecedented levels of performance.
“An Open, Detailed Presentation”
“Like the partnering Azur 650A amp, this player has an
open, detailed presentation,” reports a Five Star review in
England’s What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine. “It’s hard
to think of a rival that keeps so organized when pushed.”
“Open, airy, sweet, civilized – that’s the sound of the 650A and 650C
together,” notes Sam Tellig in Stereophile.
The 650C boasts a new in-house-designed servo solution. While many
‘comparable’ CD players use an inferior CD/DVD-ROM derived drive, the
650C takes full advantage of Cambridge Audio’s audio-only CD transport,
–in a Five Star review in England’s
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.
“This is a very fine player” – What Hi-fi? August 2009
which is coupled to a new highly sophisticated S3 Custom CD servo.
This third-generation audiophile servo employs an all-new chipset and the
latest double-sided surface-mount technology for ultra-short signal paths
with freedom from wire links. The net result gives the 650C extraordinary ability to retrieve maximum digital information while maintaining
extremely low jitter.
The 650C’s well-proven transport has been re-worked to facilitate even
quieter operation, and a new bracing mechanism (derived from the 740
Series) guarantees incredible rigidity. The 650C includes a new Navigator
remote, which also controls Azur amplifiers and docked iPods, and a new
black high-contrast LCD display.
Cambridge Audio Azur 650C CD player with dual 24/192 DACs, selectable digital filter settings, and custom-designed servo system [CA650C],
choose black or silver finish, Regular $779, now only $499.00
Save $230
• Separate True Analog FM/AM Stage
• Sirius Satellite Radio Compatibility
• Oversize Toroidal Transformer
Cambridge Audio 650T FM/AM Sirius-Ready Tuner
Don’t spend more than you have to on a full-featured tuner, when the
affordable Cambridge Audio 650T has everything you could ever expect
from a hi-fi tuner and much more! This powerful Sirius-Ready FM/AM
tuner is just waiting to unleash the potential of a huge array of satellite
stations now available in North America and Canada. All that’s required
is a plug-and-play Sirius antenna device and subscription to activate your
own Sirius service.
The 650T is designed for reeling in your favorite stations and making
them sound great. It’s high sensitivity means that you can enjoy better
reception from some fringe stations that may have eluded you before.
High selectivity helps separate the signal you want to listen to from adjacent station interference. For best performance, make sure you connect a
quality antenna that will bring out the best in the 650T.
Natural Contour Technology
Analog Domain FM/AM Tuner Section
And while satellite radio’s convenience and choice is indisputable, there’s
no escaping the quality of FM broadcasts. To this end, the 650T has a neat
trick up its sleeve in the form of a new and completely separate analog
domain FM/AM tuner section. FM sound quality is truly exceptional.
Separate FM and AM antenna connections ensure the optimal aerial can
be used for each band.
And here’s an added plus. Like the Azur-series amplifiers and CD players,
the 650T benefits from Cambridge Audio’s Energy Star approved ecofriendly standby circuit. This amazing design means the 650T consumes
less than one single watt of power in standby mode, and with absolutely
no resulting sound degradation.
The 650T also features Natural Contour Technology (NCT), developed by
Cambridge Audio to counter the sometimes ‘flat’ presentation of compressed digital sources (such as some digital radio stations).
In addition to these sonic and environmental benefits, the new Azur
range has a completely fresh look. The 650T features a redesigned casework featuring a new high contrast reverse display, a thicker brushed
aluminum front panel, a seamless wrap-over lid assembly, and dual-layer
damped feet, all of which contribute to better resonance control.
Cambridge Audio Azur 650T FM/AM Sirius-compatible tuner [CA650T],
in black or silver finish, Regular $529, now only $299.00
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