Raritan® simplifies IT operations with highly reliable and responsive
solutions that monitor the health and vulnerability of servers and other
equipment, as well as troubleshoot, access, and repair faults from anywhere,
at any time. The company’s monitoring and management appliances and
access and control solutions—including Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM)
switches, serial console servers, network and systems management, and
remote connectivity products—help administrators improve service uptime
and staff productivity. And the CommandCenter® Service Management
Architecture integrates systems, network, and proactive security monitoring
with secure, remote, in-band, and out-of-band server and device access to
help you identify problems before they impact service levels—and fix them
without leaving your chair.
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Raritan’s Service Management Architecture, including CommandCenter
management products and traditional access and control solutions, helps IT
administrators identify and fix problems before they affect service levels.
CommandCenter Secure Gateway, Raritan’s centralized access gateway
appliance, consolidates in-band access tools with Raritan’s remote access
solutions, plus the servers and other IT devices connected to them.
CommandCenter NOC provides availability and performance monitoring,
asset management, traffic analysis, and important security features in an
easy-to-deploy appliance.
Dominion KX is a secure, enterprise-class digital KVM switch offering BIOSlevel access and control of up to 64 servers over IP with multiuser access.
Dominion KX101 is a cost-effective, single-port, palm-sized device that ensures
authorized users nonblocked KVM access to a target server.
Dominion SX is a secure console server with SSH and Web-based access for
monitoring and controlling between 4 and 48 serially managed devices over IP.
Dominion XRO and KSX are all-in-one solutions for managing remote office
equipment, integrating KVM, serial and power control with IP, and dial-up
modem access.
Paragon II is an enterprise-class, Cat5 analog KVM solution for centralized
server management with ultra-high video resolution and nonblocked access to
up to 128 servers and IT devices. With Paragon II System Controller, multiple
Paragon IIs—and the servers connected to them—can be accessed and
controlled with CommandCenter Secure Gateway.
Analog KVM solutions include: Z-Series™, MasterConsole™,
CompuSwitch®, and SwitchMan®.
Remote access and control products include: IP-Reach,
FiberReach® II, Cat5 Reach®, and Lara® ECO.
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