Sensor Dryer
Please read this manual first!
Dear Customer,
We hope that your product which has been manufactured in modern facilities and
passed through a strict quality control procedure will give you the best results.
Therefore, we advise you to read through this manual carefully before using your
product and keep it for future reference.
This operation manual will...
…help you use your machine in a fast and safe way.
• Please read the Operation Manual before installing and starting your machine.
• Particularly follow the instructions related to safety.
• Keep this Operating Manual within easy reach. You may need it in the future.
• Please read all additional documents supplied with this machine.
Please note that this Operating Manual may be applicable for several other models.
Differences between models will be identified in the manual.
Explanation of symbols
Throughout this Operation Manual the following symbols are used:
Important safety information
This is the general warning sign. It is used to alert the user to potential hazards. All
safety messages that follow this sign shall be obeyed to avoid possible harm.
Caution, risk of electric shock
Caution, risk of fire
Caution, hot surface
Read the instructions
Useful information.
Important information or useful hints about usage.
1 Your Dryer
2 Important Safety
3 Installation
Appropriate installation location ...........7
Adjusting the feet..................................7
Ventilation hose and connection
(for products equipped with an
outlet vent)............................................7
Connection to a water drain (for
products equipped with a condenser ).. 8
Destroying the packaging material........9
Disposing of the old machine................9
4 Electrical Connection
Electrical requirements........................10
Fitting a different plug ........................10
Washer/dryer combination..................10
5 Initial preparations for
Garments suitable for drying in the
Garments unsuitable for drying in
the machine........................................11
Preparing clothes to be dried..............11
Correct load capacity.........................11
Loading door......................................12
Progress of programme......................16
Changing the programme after
the programme has started................17
Child-proof lock..................................17
Ending the programme through
Technical Specifications......................18
End of programme.............................18
7 Quick instructions for
daily use
8 Maintenance and cleaning 20
Cover filter .........................................20
Sensor (models equipped
with a sensor).....................................20
Water tank (Products equipped
with a condenser);..............................20
For the condenser (products
equipped with a condenser);..............21
9 Solution suggestions for
10 Door Reversal
11 Guarantee
12 Service
6 Selecting a Programme and
Operating Your Machine
Control panel......................................13
Turning the machine on......................13
Programme selection..........................13
Programme selection and
consumption table..............................15
Auxiliary function.................................16
Warning indicators..............................16
Time delay..........................................16
Starting the Programme.....................16
3 - EN
1 Your Dryer
1- Type label
5- Condenser and water tank cover
2- Control Panel
6- Adjustable Feet
3- Lint filter
7- Water tank
4- Power Cord
Specifications of this appliance may change without notice to improve the quality of the
product. Figures in this manual are schematic and may not match your product exactly.
Values stated on the machine labels or in the documentation accompanying it are
obtained in laboratory in accordance with the relevant standards. Depending on
operational and environmental conditions of the appliance, values may vary.
4 - EN
2 Important Safety Instructions
• Read all instructions before using the
appliance. Otherwise, there may be
the risk of personal injury or material
damage. Moreover, any warranty and
reliability commitment will become void.
• This appliance must be grounded. In
the event of malfunction or breakdown,
grounding will reduce the risk of
electric shock by providing a path of
least resistance for electric current.
This appliance is equipped with a
cord having an equipment-grounding
conductor and a grounding plug.
The plug must be plugged into an
appropriate outlet that is properly
installed and grounded in accordance
with all local codes and ordinances.
A This product has been designed
B WARNING: Improper connection of
A WARNING: To reduce the risk
of fire, electric shock, or injury to
persons when using your appliance,
follow basic precautions including
the following:
for home use only.
• Your machine can be operated at
temperatures between +5°C and
• The appliance must not be installed
behind a lockable door, a sliding door
or a door with a hinge on the opposite
side to that of the tumble dryer.
• Do not install or store this appliance
where it will be exposed to the weather.
• Do not tamper with controls.
• Do not repair or replace any part of
the appliance or attempt any servicing
unless specifically recommended in
the user-maintenance instructions or in
published user-repair instructions that
you understand and have the skills to
carry out.
• Unplug the machine when it is not in
• Never wash down the appliance with
water! There is the risk of electric
• Never touch the plug with wet hands.
• Never pull from the cable to unplug the
• Do not operate the machine if the
power cord or plug is damaged.
• Never attempt to repair the machine
• For malfunctions that cannot be solved
by information in the operating manual:
Turn off and unplug the appliance and
call an authorized service agent.
the equipment-grounding conductor
can result in a risk of electric shock.
Check with a qualified electrician or
service represantative or personnel
if you are in doubt as to whether the
appliance is properly grounded.
• Power cord plug must be within easy
reach after installation.
• To reduce the risk of fire or electrical
shock, do not use extension cords,
multi-plugs or an adapter to connect
the dryer to electrical mains.
• Do not modify the plug provided with
the appliance: if it will not fit the outlet,
have a proper outlet installed by a
qualified electrician.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer, its
service agent or similarly qualified
persons in order to avoid a hazard.
• The appliance must not be operated
unless it is repaired! There is the risk of
electric shock!
• Ventilation openings in the base must
not be obstructed by a carpet, etc.
• Exhaust air must not be discharged
into a flue, which is used for exhausting
fumes from appliances burning gas or
other fuels.
• Adequate ventilation has to be provided
to avoid the back flow of gases into the
room from appliances burning other
fuels, including open fires.
5 - EN
• Do not dry articles that have been
previously cleaned in, washed in,
soaked in or spotted with petrol/
gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents or other
flammable or explosive substances as
they give off vapors that could ignite or
• Do not use the tumble dryer if industrial
chemicals have been used for cleaning.
• Do not dry unwashed items in the
tumble dryer.
• Items that have been soiled with
substances such as cooking oil,
acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene,
spot removers, turpentine, waxes
and wax removers should be washed
in hot water with an extra amount of
detergent before being dried in the
tumble dryer.
• Items such as foam rubber (latex foam),
shower caps, waterproof textiles,
rubber backed articles and clothes or
pillows fitted with foam rubber pads
should not be dried in the tumble dryer.
• Do not use fabric softeners or products
to eliminate static unless recommended
by the manufacturer of the fabric
softener or product.
• The appliance may only be used for
drying of textiles that are marked
• Undergarments that contain metal
reinforcements should not be placed in
a tumble dryer. Damage to the tumble
dryer can result if metal reinforcements
come loose during drying.
• Check all garments for forgotten
lighters, coins, metal pieces, needles,
etc. before loading.
• Fabric softeners, or similar products,
should be used as specified by the
fabric softener instructions.
• The final part of a tumble dryer cycle
occurs without heat (cool-down cycle)
to ensure that the items are left at a
temperature that ensures that the items
will not be damaged.
A WARNING: Never stop the tumble
dryer before the end of the drying
cycle unless all items are quickly
removed and spread out so that the
heat is dissipated.
• Do not reach into the appliance if the
drum is moving.
• Do not allow children to play on or in
the appliance.
• Young children should be supervised
to ensure that they do not play with the
• Before the appliance is removed from
service or discarded, remove the door
to the drying compartment.
• Close the loading door when you leave
the area where the machine is located.
• This appliance is not intended for use
by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
• Clean lint screen before or after each
• Keep area around the exhaust opening
and adjacent surrounding areas free
from the accumulation of lint, dust, and
• The interior of the appliance and
exhaust duct should be cleaned
periodically by qualified service
• Never use the dryer without the lint filter.
6 - EN
3 Installation
Appropriate installation
• Install your machine in environments
which have no risk of freezing and in a
stable and level position.
• Do not place your machine on a long
pile rug or on similar surfaces.
• Operate your machine in a well
ventilated, dust-free environment.
• Do not block the air ducts in front of
and under the machine with materials
such as long pile rugs or kitchen unit
B Make sure that your machine is not
placed on the power cable.
B Keep at least 3 cm from the edges of
other furniture.
Under Counter Installation
• Leave at least 3 cm of space between
the side and rear walls of the machine
and the walls of the counter/cupboard
when installing your machine under a
counter or in a cupboard. Never use
the tumble dryer without top plate.
Adjusting the feet
C Never unscrew the adjustable feet
from their housings.
2 plastic pieces supplied together with
the Operating Instructions prevent
your machine from slipping on wet and
slippery surfaces. To install these plastic
1. Tilt your machine to backwards.
2. Fit the plastic parts to the front
adjustable feet. Press on the plastic
parts to fix them in their places.
3. Check the balance of your machine
again and readjust the adjustable feet if
Ventilation hose and
connection (for products
equipped with an outlet vent)
Ventilation hose assures exhausting of the
air from inside the machine.
Vented dryer has 1 air outlet.
Stainless sheet metal or aluminum pipes
can be used instead of the hose. The
diameter of the pipe to be used should
be minimum 10 cm.
Maximum hose and pipe lengths are
given in the table below.
Maximum length
1 elbow 45°
1 elbow 90°
1 elbow 90° short
In order to ensure that your machine
operates more silently and vibration-free,
it must stand level and balanced on its
feet. Front feet of your machine can
be adjusted. Balance the machine by
adjusting the feet.
1. Loosen the feet by hand.
2. Adjust them until the machine stands
level and firmly.
C Do not use any tools to loosen the
adjustable feet. Otherwise, they can be
1 wall passage
-1.0 m
-1.8 m
-0.3 m
-0.6 m
-2.7 m
-2.0 m
-2.0 m
C Each elbow and other passages
should be subtracted from the above
maximum length.
To connect a ventilation hose;
1. Connect the air outlet hose to the
hose spacer piece by turning it anticlockwise.
2. Make the hose passages as shown
7 - EN
C Exhaust of humid air from the dryer
into the room is inconvenient. It may
damage the walls and furniture in the
C The ventilation hose can be routed
outdoors via a window or it can be
connected to an air outlet in the wall
(see diagram below).
C Air outlet hose must be extended
directly to the outdoors. There must
be a small number of elbows as not to
hinder air ventilation.
C To prevent water accumulation in the
hose, make sure that it is not folded on
the floor.
You can directly send the accumulated
water out through the water drain hose
supplied with the machine instead of
periodically draining the water collected in
the water tank.
Connecting the water drain hose;
1. Remove the hose on the machine by
pulling it out from its end. Do not use
any tools to take out the hose. Attach
the drain hose adaptor to the end of
this hose.
2. Connect the special drain hose
supplied with the machine to the hose
adaptor fitting.
3. The other end of the drain hose
can be directly connected to the
wastewater drain or to the washbasin.
The fitting must always be secured in
all types of connections. Your house
may be flooded if the hose gets out of
its housing during water discharge.
B The air ventilation hose should not be
connected to the chimney of a stove or
a fireplace.
B Do not operate your machine at the
same time with heaters such as a coal
or gas stove. Airflow may cause the
chimney to flare up. Airflow may cause
the chimney to flame up.
Connection to a water drain
(for products equipped with a
condenser )
In products equipped with a condenser
unit the water accumulated during the
drying cycle is collected in the water tank.
You should drain the accumulated water
after each washing cycle.
C When you direct the water drain out,
“Water Tank” warning LED will light up
at the end of each programme.
• The hose should be attached to a
height of maximum 80 cm.
• You must be careful not the pinch or
bend the hose.
• The end of the hose should not be
bent, it should not be stepped on and
it must not be folded between the
drain and the machine.
8 - EN
Destroying the packaging
Packaging material can be dangerous to
children. Keep the packaging materials
out of the reach of children or dispose of
them accordingly. Do not dispose them
together with normal domestic wastes.
Packaging materials of your machine are
manufactured from recyclable materials.
Disposing of the old machine
Dispose of your old appliance in an
environmental friendly manner.
• You may refer to your local agent or
solid waste collection center in your
municipality to learn how to dispose of
your machine.
Before disposing of your old washing
machine, cut off the mains plug and
make the door lock unusable.
9 - EN
4 Electrical Connection
Built-under installation
This appliance can be installed under a
A Only authorised specialists are
permitted to car­ry out a built-under
installation. Risk of electric shock!
A Important
Make sure that you have an earthed
power outlet socket rated at 13 amps
If you use your dryer as built-in,
the socket must be reachable after
installation, or a separate switch (which
can disconnect the two poles) must
be used in the installation. Check for
For a permanent connection, a master
switch with at least 3mm contact
clearance and minumum 13 A rating
must be used.
Electrical requirements
Fitting a different plug
Before you insert the plug into the wall
socket make sure that the voltage and
the frequency shown in the rating label
corresponds to your electricity supply.
We recommend that this appliance be
connected to the mains supply via a
suitable switched and fused socket in a
readily accessible position.
Should the mains lead of the appliance
become damaged or need replacing at
any time, it must be replaced by a special
purpose made mains lead which can only
be obtained from a Authorised Service
A Warning
This appliance must be earthed
If the fitted moulded plug is not suitable
for your socket, then the plug should be
cut off and an appropriate plug fitted.
The moulded plug on this appliance
incorporates a 13A fuse. Should the fuse
need to be replaced an ASTA approved
BS1362 fuse of the same rating must
be used. Do not forget to refit the fuse
cover. In the event of losing the fuse
cover, the plug must not be used until a
replacement fuse cover has been fitted.
Colour of the replacement fuse cover
must be the same colour as that visible
on the pin face of the plug. Fuse covers
are available from any good electrical
In order to avoid hazards, damaged
supply cord should be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or similarly
qualified people.
As the colours of the wires in the
mains lead of this appliance may not
correspond with the coloured markings
identifying the terminals on your plug,
proceed as follows:
1 Connect the green - yellow or green
(earth) wire to the terminal in the plug
marked ‘E’ or with the symbol or
coloured green and yellow or green.
2 Connect the blue (neutral) wire to
the terminal in the plug marked ‘N’ or
coloured black.
3 Connect the brown (live) wire to
the terminal in the plug marked ‘L’ or
coloured red.
With the alternative plugs a 13A fuse
must be fitted either in the plug or
adaptor or in the main fuse box. If in
doubt contact a qualified electrician.
Washer/dryer combination
Green and yellow
or green
Blue or black
Brown or red
Do not stack washing machine on top
of the tumble dryer. This would damage
both appliances and guarantees would
become void. It is also unsafe to stack
an appliance on top of another without
using a suitable and approved stacking
kit obtained from the manufacturer of the
• A special stacking kit is required as an
optional extra please contact customer
10 - EN
5 Initial preparations for drying
Garments suitable for drying in
the machine
Always follow the advice on the garment
labels. With this dryer, dry only the
laundry having a label stating that they
are suitable for drying in a dryer by
selecting the appropriate programme.
• Garments made of foam or rubber may
be deformed.
• Do not dry clothes containing rubber in
the machine.
• Do not dry clothes exposed to
petroleum, oil, combustible or explosive
agents in the machine even if they are
washed beforehand.
• Overly wet laundry or laundry with
dripping water must not be put into the
Preparing clothes to be dried
• All laundry must be spun at the highest
possible spin speed your washing
machine allows for the textile type.
• Laundry may be tangled after washing.
Separate your laundry before placing
them into your dryer.
• Sort your laundry according to their
types and thicknesses. Dry the same
type of laundry together. E.g..: fine
kitchen towels and table cloths dry
faster than the thick bath towels.
l n m
o p q
Correct load capacity
Garments unsuitable for drying
in the machine
• Laundry items and attachments made
of or contain metal, hard plastic and
similar materials, such as belt buckles,
jeans, bra wires, buttons and similar
accessories will damage your machine
and may cause breakdown. So do not
place such items in the tumble dryer. If
you are in doubt, please call Customer
Help Line.
• Do not dry items such as woolen, silk
garments and nylon stockings, delicate
embroidered fabrics, garments with
metal accessories and items such as
sleeping bags in the machine.
• Garments made of delicate and
valuable fabrics as well as lace curtains
can be creased. Do not dry these in
your machine!
• Do not dry items made of hermetic
fibers such as pillows and quilts in the
drying machine.
A Please consider the information in the
“Programme Selection Table”. Always
start the programme in accordance
with the maximum load capacity.
C Adding laundry to the machine
more than the level shown in the
figure is not recommended.. Drying
performance will degrade when the
machine is overloaded. Furthermore,
your machine and your clothes might
be damaged.
11 - EN
C Place your garments into the drum
loosely so that they will not get
C Large pieces (E.g.: bed sheets, quilt
covers, large tablecloths) may bunchup. Stop the machine 1-2 times
during drying process to separate
bunched-up laundry.
Following weights are given as examples.
Home articles
weights (gr)
Cotton quit covers (double)
Cotton quit covers (single)
Bed sheets (double)
Bed sheets (single)
Large tablecloths
Small tablecloths
Tea napkins
Bath towels
Hand towels
weights (gr)
Cotton shirts
Cotton dresses
Loading door
• Open the loading door.
• Place laundry items loosely into the
• Push the loading door to close. Ensure
that no items are caught in the door.
12 - EN
6 Selecting a Programme and Operating Your Machine
Control panel
Figure 2
8. On/Off button
9. Programme selection knob
10. Start/Pause/Cancel button
11. Cancel Audio Warning
12. Programme follow-up indicator
13. Filter cleaning warning LED
14. Water tank full warning LED*
15. Time Delaying Selection Button*
* It may change according to the
specifications of your dryer
Turning the machine on
Prepare machine for programme
selection by pressing the “On/Off” button.
CPressing the “On/Off” button does not
necessarily mean that the programme
has started. Press "Start/Pause/
Cancel" button of the machine to start
the programme.
Programme selection
Decide the appropriate programme from
the table below which includes drying
temperature in degrees. Select the
desired programme with the programme
selection button.
Extra dry
Dry at high temperature only
for cotton laundry. Thick and
multi layered laundry (E.g.:
towels, linens, jeans) are
dried in a way that they do
not require ironing before
placing in the wardrobe.
Normal laundry (E.g.:
Cupboard tablecloths, underwear) are
dried in a way that they do
not require ironing before
placing in the drawers.
Normal laundry (E.g.:
tablecloths, underwear) are
in a way that they do
Ready to dried
ironing before
placing in the drawers,
but more than those in the
Cupboard dry option.
laundry (E.g., Shirts,
Ready to Normal
are dried ready to
be ironed.
13 - EN
CAlways select the highest temperature
required for drying. High temperature
will ensure energy and time saving.
CFor further programme details, see,
“Programme Selection Table”
Main programmes
Depending on the type of textile, the
following main programmes are available:
You can dry your durable clothes with
this programme. Dries at a higher
temperature. It is recommended to
use for your cotton items (such as bed
sheets, quilt cover, underclothing, etc.).
You can dry your less durable clothes
with this programme. It dries at a lower
temperature compared to the cottons
programme. It is recommended for your
synthetic clothes (such as shirts, blouses,
synthetic/cotton blended garments, etc.).
CDo not dry curtains and lace in your
A 2-hour anti creasing programme to
prevent laundry from creasing will be
activated if you do not take the laundry
out after the programme has come to
an end. This programme rotates the
laundry in 60-second intervals to prevent
Special programmes
For special cases, there are also extra
programmes available:
Additional programmes may
differ according to the model of your
Rapid dry
You can use this programme to dry
cottons that are spun at high speeds in
your washing machine. It can dry 1.2
kg Cotton laundry (3 Shirts / 3 T-Shirts)
within 30 minutes.
In order to obtain better
results from the dryer programmes,
your laundry must be washed with a
suitable programme and spun at the
recommended spin speeds in your
washing machine.
Dries shirts in a more sensitive way so
that they are less creased and ironed
CShirts may contain little amount
of dampness at the and of the
programme. It is advised not to leave
the shirts in the dryer.
You can use this programme to dry jeans
or clothing with thick seams that are spun
at high speeds in your washing machine.
CReview the relevant part of the
programme table.
You can dry at a lower temperature your
very delicate laundry (silk blouses, fine
underwear, etc.) that are suitable for drying
or laundry which is advised to be handwashed.
CIt is recommended to use a cloth bag
to avoid certain delicate garments
and laundry from getting creased
or damaged. Take your garments
immediately out of the dryer and hang
them after the programme ends in
order to prevent them being creased.
•Freshen up
Only ventilation is performed for 10
minutes without blowing hot air. You
can air your clothes that have been kept
in closed environments for a long time
thanks to this programme to deodorize
unpleasant odors.
•Timer programmes
You can select one of the 10 min.,
20 min., 40 min. and 60 min. timer
programmes to achieve the desired
final drying level at low temperatures.
Programme dries at the selected time
regardless of the drying temperature.
14 - EN
Programme selection and consumption table
Washing machine spin Approximate amount
speed (rpm)
of remaining humidity
Drying time
Cottons / Coloreds
A Cupboard Dry
A Ready to Wear
B Ready to Iron
Rapid Dry
B Ready to Wear
B Ready to Wear
Energy consumption values
Washing machine spin Approximate amount
speed (rpm)
of remaining humidity
value kWh
Cottons Linen Cupboard Dry*
% 60
Cottons Ready to iron
% 60
% 40
Synthetics&Mixed fabrics Ready to wear
* : Energy Label standard programme (EN 61121:2005)
All values given in the table have been fixed according to EN 61121:2005 Standard.
These values may deviate from the table according to the laundry type, laundry spin
speed, environmental conditions and voltage fluctuations.
15 - EN
Auxiliary function
Cancel Audio Warning
Your machine will send out an audio
warning when the programme comes to
an end. If you do not want to hear this
sound, you need to press the “Cancel
Audio Warning” button. The relevant LED
will light up when this button is pressed
and an audio warning will not be given
when the programme comes to an end.
CYou can select this function either
before or after the programme starts.
Warning indicators
CWarning indicators may differ
according to the model of your
Filter cleaning
A warning LED will light up to remind filter
cleaning after the programme finishes.
CIf the filter cleaning warning LED
lights up continuously, please refer to,
“Solution suggestions for problems”.
Water tank (Products equipped with a
A warning LED will light up at the end of
the programme or when the tank is full
with water. The machine stops operating
when this warning LED lights up during
a programme running. To restart the
machine, please drain the water in
the water tank. Press “Start/Pause/
Cancel” button to start the programme
after you have emptied the water tank.
The warning LED goes off and the
programme resumes operating.
Time delay
If you wish to dry your clothes at a later
time, thanks to the time delay function,
you can delay the program start up to 3
hours, 6 hours or 9 hours.
1.Open the loading door and put the
laundry in.
CMake sure that all air outlets are open,
door filter is cleaned and the water
tank is empty.
2.Set the drying program, temperature,
spin speed and, if required, the
auxiliary functions.
3.When the time programming button
is pressed once, a 3 hour delay is
selected and the relevant led lights.
When the same button is pressed
again, 6 hours; and if pressed once
more, 9 hours delay will be selected.
If the time programming button is
pressed one more time, time delaying
function will be cancelled. Set the time
delay as you require.
4.Delayed operation of the selected
program is started by pressing the
"Start/Pause/Cancel" button after
selecting the time delay.
CAdditional laundry may be loaded /
taken out during the time delay period.
Canceling the time delay
If you want to cancel the time delay
countdown and start the program:
1.Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button
for about 4 seconds. The “:” in the
middle of the screen will stop flashing.
“Start/Pause/Cancel” light will go off
and the remaining time on the screen
2.Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to
start the program right away.
Starting the Programme
1.Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to
start the programme.
2.“Start/Pause/Cancel” button will light
up to indicate that the programme has
Progress of programme
Progress of a running programme is
shown through the programme follow-up
At the beginning of every programme
step, the relevant indicator LED will light
up and light of the completed step will
turn off.
- Drying level will be illuminated during
the whole drying process until the drying
degree reaches “ready to iron”.
“Ready to iron”:
- Starts to illuminate when the drying
degree reaches “ready to iron” step and
remains illuminated until the next step.
16 - EN
“Ready to wear”:
- Starts to illuminate when the drying degree
reaches “Ready to wear” step and remains
illuminated until the next step.
“Final / Anti-creasing”:
- Illuminates when the programme comes
to an end and anti-creasing function is
start the programme.
Any laundry added after the drying
process has started may cause the
already dried clothes in the machine
to intermingle with wet clothes and the
drying result will not be as good.
Laundry may be added or taken
out as much as desired during a drying
process, but as this process will interrupt
drying continuously, it will extend the
programme duration and increase
energy consumption. Therefore, it is
recommended to add laundry before the
drying programme is started.
If more than one LED light up
or flash concurrently, it means there is
malfunctioning or a failure (please see,
Solution suggestions for problems).
Changing the programme after
the programme has started
Child-proof lock
You can use this feature after your machine
has started to dry your clothes under higher
or lower temperatures.
For example;
Press and hold the “Start/Pause/Cancel”
button for about 3 seconds to “Cancel”
the programme in order to select “Extra
Dry” programme instead of “Iron Dry”
Select the “Extra Dry” programme by
rotating the programme knob.
Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to start
the programme.
There is a childproof lock to prevent any
programme interruption due to the
pressing of keys while the programme
is on. The loading door and all keys
except the “On/Off” key on the panel are
deactivated when the child-proof lock is
In order to activate the childproof lock, press
on the “Start/Pause/Cancel” and “Cancel
audio warning” buttons simultaneously for 3
CThe programme which is selected first will
go on even if the programme selection
button is moved and another programme
mode is selected while the machine is
operating. You must cancel the ongoing
programme in order to change the drying
programme. (See. Ending the programme
through cancelling)
Adding/removing laundry in standby
In order to add or take out laundry after the
start-up of the programme;
1.Press the “Start/Pause/Cancel” button
to switch the machine to “Pause” mode.
Drying process will stop.
2.Open the door at “Pause” position and
close it again after adding or taking out
3.Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to
To start a new programme after the
programme is over or to interrupt the
programme, the childproof lock should be
deactivated. To deactivate the child-proof
lock, press the same buttons again for 3
2 beeps when activating and 1
beep when deactivating the child-proof lock
is heard.
Ending the programme through
The programme which is selected first will
keep on going even if the position of the
programme selection button is changed.
A new programme can be selected and
started after “Programme cancel” is
17 - EN
activated in order to change the drying
To cancel any selected programme;
• Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button for
about a duration of 3 seconds. The “Filter
cleaning”, “Water tank” and “End/ Anticreasing” warning LEDs will light up at the
end of this period for reminding purposes.
As the inside of the machine will
be excessively hot when you cancel the
programme while the machine is running,
activate the ventilation programme to cool
it down.
When your machine is stopped
while running any of the programmes; if
the position of the programme selection
knob is changed, then an audio
warning will be heard since the running
programme is not cancelled (provided
that the "Cancel audio warning" function
is not selected). Machine will not operate
even the "Start/Pause" button is pressed,
unless it is returned to the previously
running programme. You must cancel the
ongoing programme in order to change
the drying programme.
End of programme
The “End/Anti-creasing”, “Filter cleaning”
and “Water tank” warning LEDs on the
programme follow up indicator will light up
when the programme comes to an end.
The door can be opened and the machine
becomes ready for a second cycle.
Press the “On/Off” button to shut down the
CA 2-hour anti creasing programme to
prevent laundry from creasing will be
activated if you do not take the laundry
out after the programme has come to an
CClean the filter after each drying (please
see, Filter cleaning).
CDrain the water tank after each drying
(please see, Water tank)
Technical Specifications
Height (adjustable)
85.0 cm
59.5 cm
54 cm
Capacity (max.)
7 kg
Weight (net)
38 kg
Rated power input
See type label
Model code
Type label is located behind the loading door.
This appliance’s packaging material is recyclable. Help recycle it and protect the
environment by dropping it off in the municipal receptacles provided for this purpose.
Your appliance also contains a great amount of recyclable material. It is marked with
this label to indicate the used appliances that should not be mixed with other waste.
This way, the appliance recycling organised by your manufacturer will be done under
the best possible conditions, in compliance with European Directive 2002/96/EC on
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Contact your town hall or your retailer for the
used appliance collection points closest to your home. We thank you doing your part to protect
the environment.
18 - EN
7 Quick instructions for daily use
Preparation and starting
1.Press the “On/Off” button.
2.Place the laundry in the machine.
3.Select the programme.
4.Close the loading door.
5.Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button.
Cancelling a programme
A new programme can be selected and
started after “Programme cancel” is
activated in order to change the drying
In order to cancel the selected
programme, press “Start/Pause/Cancel”
button for about 3 seconds. The “Filter
cleaning”, “Water tank” and “End/ Anticreasing” warning LEDs will light up at the
end of this period for reminding purposes.
1.Press the “On/Off” button to shut
down the machine.
2.Take out the laundry from the machine.
3.Check if there are any foreign
substances in the machine.
4.Clean the filter after drying. Also drain
the water tank in models equipped
with a condenser.
Adding laundry
In order to add laundry after the start-up
of the programme:
1.Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button.
2.Open the loading door and put the
laundry in.
3.Close the loading door.
4.Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to
start the programme.
Changing the programme after the
programme has started
You can use this feature after your
machine has started to dry your clothes
under higher or lower temperatures.
Press and hold the “Start/Pause/Cancel”
button for about 3 seconds to switch
the machine into the “Cancel” status in
order to change the programme. Change
the programme and press “Start/Pause/
Cancel” button to start it.
After the programme is finished
The “End/Anti-creasing” and “Filter
cleaning” warning LEDs as well as “Water
tank” warning LED in some models on
the programme follow up indicator will
light up when the programme comes to
an end. The door can be opened and the
machine becomes ready for a second
19 - EN
8 Maintenance and cleaning
Cover filter
Lint and fibres released from the laundry
to the air during the drying cycle are
collected in the “Cover Filter”.
Such fibre and lint are generally
formed during wearing and washing.
Always clean the filter after each
Drying process.
You can clean the filter and filter
area by vacuum cleaner.
For Filter cleaning;
1 Take out the cover
2 Remove the cover filter by pulling it up
and open the filter.
3 Clean lint, fibre, and cotton raveling by
hand or with a soft piece of cloth.
4 Close the filter and place it back into its
Sensor (models equipped with
a sensor)
There are humidity sensors in your
machine that detect whether the laundry
is dry or not.
For sensor cleaning;
1 Open the cover of your machine.
2 Allow the machine to cool off if drying
has been carried out.
3 Wipe the metal sensors with a soft
cloth, dampened with vinegar and dry
CClean metal sensors 4 times a year.
Never use solvents, cleaning
agents or substances alike when
cleaning as these might cause fire and
Water tank (Products equipped
with a condenser);
The moisture in the damp laundry is taken
from the laundry and condensed. Drain
the water tank after each drying cycle or
during drying when “Water tank” warning
LED comes on.
Condensed water is not
CYou can use the water in the water
tank in your steam irons or air
Never take out the water tank
when the programme is running!
Water tank may be located in two
different places as indicated below,
depending on the model of your machine.
- Inside the drawer on the panel
- Inside the kick plate cover
If you forget to drain the water tank, your
machine will stop during the following
drying cycles when the water tank is
full and the “Water tank” warning LED
will light on. If this is the case, press the
“Start/Pause/Cancel” button to resume
the drying cycle after draining the water
In order to drain the water tank;
1 Carefully remove the water tank by
opening the kick plate cover/pulling the
2 Drain the water by opening the water
tank cover.
3 If there is lint accumulation in the water
tank cover, clean it and press to close.
4 Place the water tank into its seat.
20 - EN
For the condenser (products
equipped with a condenser);
Hot and humid air in the condenser is
cooled with the cold air from the room.
Thus, the humid air circulating in your
machine is condensed and then pumped
into the tank.
CClean the condenser after every 20
drying cycles or once a month.
To clean the condenser;
1 If a drying process has been carried
out, open the door of the machine and
wait until it cools down.
2 Unlock the 4 condenser locks after
opening the kick plate.
3 Pull out the condenser.
4 Clean the condenser with pressurized
water and wait until the water drains.
5 Replace the condenser with the side
labeled “Top” facing upwards. Lock the
4 condenser locks. Make sure that the
red lock on the upper right corner is
engaged securely.
6 Close the kick plate cover.
Close properly and
check the locking
21 - EN
9 Solution suggestions for problems
Explanation / Suggestion
Drying process
takes too much
Cover filter and filter drawer might
have not been cleaned.
* Clean the cover filter and Filter drawer.
Laundry come out
wet at the end of
Machine does not
switch on or the
programme does
not start. Machine
is not activated
when set.
* Cover filter and filter drawer might
have not been cleaned.
* Excessive laundry might have been
loaded in.
* It might have not been plugged in.
* The loading door may be ajar.
* Programme might have not been set
or the “Start/Pause/Cancel” button
might have not been pressed.
* “Childproof lock” might have been
* The condenser cover on the models
with a condenser might not be closed
* Clean the cover filter and Filter drawer.
* Do not overload the machine.
* Make sure that the machine is plugged in.
* Make sure that the loading door is
properly closed.
* Make sure that the programme has been
set and it is not in “Pause” mode.
* Deactivate the childproof lock.
* Make sure that the condenser cover and
the red lock is closed securely.
* Make sure that the loading door is
properly closed.
* Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to
start the programme.
* Dry only the laundry which is suitable for
drying in your machine after checking the
* A programme suitable for the laundry labels on your clothes.
type might have not been used.
* Select a programme with suitable low
temperature for the laundry type to dry your
Programme has
* The loading door may be ajar.
been interrupted
* Electricity may be cut off.
without any cause.
Laundry has
shrunk, become
felted or
Drum lightning
does not come on.
(for models
equipped with a
“Final / Anticreasing” LED
“Final / Anticreasing” LED is
* The machine might have not been
started by using the On/Off button.
* Bulb may have blown.
* Make sure that the machine is On.
* Call the authorized service to replace the
* The 2-hour anti creasing programme
* Turn off the machine and take out the
to prevent laundry from creasing might
have been activated.
* Program has come to an end.
* Turn off the machine and take out the
The “Drying” LED
* A heat sensor failure has occurred.
* Turn off the machine and take out the
Machine ends the programme without
laundry. Call your authorized service.
“Filter cleaning”
LED flashes.
* Filter might have not been cleaned.
* Clean the cover filter.
Also for products equipped with a condenser
* Water may be full.
“Water tank”
* Anti-creasing programme might be
warning LED is on.
* Filter drawer/Condenser might have
cleaning” LED is
not been cleaned.
* Drain the water in the water tank.
* Clean the filters in the condenser/filter
drawer under the kick plate.
A Call an authorized service agent if the problem persists.
22 - EN
10 Door Reversal
1. Unplug the dryer.
2. Open the door.
3. Turn the contact pin in the upper part of door by 90° in the anti-clockwise
direction and remove it.
4. Unscrew the 2 screws of each door hinge and remove the door.
5. Removing the door lock: Using a flat screwdriver release the snap-fitted door
6. Remove 2 plugs for the hinges and one for the door-lock on the opposite side.
7. Insert the door lock system on the opposite side of the hinge and be sure it is
properly fitted.
8. Reverse the door:
Fit the door on the opposite side using 4 screws removed. Fix the contact pin into
the top side of the door by turning 90° in the clockwise direction.
23 - EN
11 Guarantee
Your new product is guaranteed against
the cost of breakdown repairs for twelve
months from the date of the original
What is covered?
• Repairs necessary as a result of faulty
materials, defective components or
manufacturing defect.
• The cost of functional replacement
parts, but excluding consumable items.
• The labour costs of a approved repairer
to carry out the repair.
What is not covered?
Electrical Domestic Appliance Installer
is recommended for all Washing
Machines,Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers,
Dryers and Electric Cookers
• Gas Cookers must only be installed by
a CORGI (or BORD GAIS) registered Gas
• The guarantee is given only within the
boundaries of the United Kingdom and
the Republic of Ireland.
• The guarantee is applicable only to new
products and is not transferable if the
product is resold.
• disclaims any liability for incidental or
consequential damages.
• The guarantee does not in anyway
diminish your statutory or legal rights.
• Transit, delivery or accidental damage
or misuse and abuse.
• Cabinet or appearance parts, including
knobs, flaps, handles or container lids.
• Accessories or consumable items
including but not limited to, ice trays,
scrapers, cutlery baskets, filters and light
• Repairs required as a result of
unauthorised repair or inexpert installation
that fails to meet the requirements
contained in the user instruction book.
• Repairs to products used on
commercial or non-residential household
• Loss of frozen food in freezers or fridge/
freezers. (Food loss insurance is often
included within your household contents
insurance policy, or may be available
separately from your retailer).
Important notes
• Your product is designed and built for
domestic household use only.
• The guarantee will be void if the product
is installed or used in commercial or nonresidential domestic household premises.
• The product must be correctly installed,
located and operated in accordance with
the instructions contained in the User
Instructions Booklet provided.
• Professional installation by a qualified
24 - EN
12 Service
Please keep your purchase receipt
or other proof of purchase in a safe
place; you will need to have it should
the product require attention under
You should also complete the details
below; it will help us assist you when
requesting service. (The model number
is printed on the Instruction Booklet and
the serial number is printed on the Rating
Label affixed to the appliance)
UK Mainland & Northern Ireland
Fridges & Freezers 0845 600 4903
Electric Cookers 0845 600 4902
Gas & 0845 600 4905
Dual Fuel Cookers
Washing Machines & Dryers
Tumble Dryers 0845 600 4906
Model No:
Serial No:
Date of purchase:
Republic of Ireland
All Refrigeration, 01 862 3411
All Cookers
Washing Machines & Dryers, Tumble
Dryers Dishwashers
Before requesting service please
check the trouble-shooting guide in the
Operating Instructions as a charge may
be levied where no fault is found even
though your product may still be under
Service once the manufacturers
guarantee has expired.
If you have purchased an extended
guarantee please refer to the instructions
contained within the extended guarantee
agreement document. Otherwise please
call the appropriate number above where
service can be obtained at a charge.
Should you experience any difficulty in
obtaining service please contact the
Customer Help-Line.
Tel: 0845 600 4911
For service under guarantee simply
telephone the appropriate number below.
25 - EN