Reversible Holiday Table Runner
Dress up your table for the holidays with a quick, easy-to-make,
reversible table runner. Make one side for a spooky Halloween party
and then, flip it for a traditional Thanksgiving feast!
(Finished size: approximately 15 x 60 )
1 yard each of three cotton flannel fabrics
(black, green, orange/gold)
Three or four fat quarters of
printed cotton fabrics
2 yards of thin cotton batting
(e.g. Warm & Naturalfi)
Double stick fusible web
(e.g. Steam-A-Seam 2fi)
Rayon embroidery thread
Polyester sewing thread
Cardboard or quilt pattern material
Pinking shears
Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
White Superlock 1934D serger
White Quilter s Star 1780 sewing machine
W alking foot
For the Halloween table runner
Cut seventeen 5-1/2 squares from the orange/gold flannel fabric and sixteen 5-1/2
squares from the black flannel fabric.
Set up your serger for a 3-thread balanced overlock stitch using the rayon embroidery
thread in the upper and lower loopers. On scrap fabric, test sewing a seam to achieve an exact
scant 1/4 seam.
You will seam eleven rows of three squares each. Alternate colors like a checkerboard for
each row. With wrong sides together, begin seaming squares (e.g. Rows #1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11orange/gold to black to orange/gold, Rows #2, 4, 6, 8, 10 - black to orange/gold to black).
The seams will show on the right side. Press all the seams toward the black squares.
Again, with wrong sides together and locking the seams, pin Row #1 to Row #2. Serge
the seam and press to one side with the upper looper thread on top. Continue serging and pressing until all eleven rows are attached.
Print off the attached letter and leaf PDF files on your computer s printer.Trace the patterns on cardboard or quilt pattern material and cut out.
Following the manufacturer s instructions, fuse the double stick fusible web to the wrong
side of the fat quarters for the letter and leaf appliques.
Remembering to reverse the B , trace the letter on the remaining paper of the double
stick fusible web. Leaving about 1/2 between the letters, trace two O s to spell BOO. Trace a
second set of letters.
Cut the thin cotton batting to the size of the pieced checkerboard runner.
Carefully cut out each letter using the pinking shears following the traced lines. Position
the letters at each end of the checkerboard-pieced table runner. Remove the remaining paper
and fuse in place following the manufacturer s instructions.
Cut pieces of cotton batting as large as
each letter. Pin to the wrong side behind each
fused letter.Thread your sewing machine with
the rayon embroidery thread and set for a
straight stitch. Stitch around the edge of each
letter through all the thicknesses.
On the wrong side, trim the batting
close to all the stitching to create a trapunto
effect. Set aside.
Cut two strips each from the black and orange/gold cotton flannel, 5-1/2 by the width of
the table runner. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Set aside.
For the Thanksgiving table runner
Cut six 5-1/2 wide strips from the green and five 5-1/2 wide strips from the orange/gold
cotton flannel.
Again, using your 3-thread balanced stitch on your serger and with right sides together,
seam the strips alternating the colors beginning with the green. Press the seams to one side.
Trace the leaves on the remaining
paper of the double stick fusible web on
the fat quarters leaving approximately 1/2
between the shapes. Add different shaped
leaves if you desire. Trace at least ten
leaves mixing the fabrics.
Using your pinking shears, cut out
all the leaves. Place the leaves across the
length of the table runner and fuse in place
following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Straight stitch around the shapes. Set
Cut two strips 5-1/2 wide by the width of
the table runner from the green flannel. Fold the
strips in half lengthwise.
Table Runner Construction:
Place one of the folded flannel strips on top of each other, green, black orange/gold, matching the raw edges; pin. Baste along the pinned edge using the longest stitch on your sewing
machine placing the edge of the foot along the edge of the fabric. You will have two groups of
stacked fabrics.
Using your ruler, mat and rotary cutter, make
cuts through the folded edge of the strips almost to
the stitching line 1/2 apart. Soak the fabrics in water
and throw in the dryer to fluff
After the fringe has dried completely, trim any
loose threads. Pin a section of fringe, right sides
together, matching the green to the green side, to
each end of the Thanksgiving table runner. Baste to
hold in place.
W ith right sides together, pin the Halloween table runner to the Thanksgiving table runner
at each end, keeping the fringe to the inside. Stitch across each end with the walking foot to
keep the layers from shifting.
Turn the table runner to the right side and press the seams toward the center.
Match the long side edges of the table runners and batting and pin. Baste the side edges.
For the table runner binding, cut two 5-1/2 -wide strips by the length of the table runner
including the fringe from the orange/gold flannel. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press.
W ith right sides together, match the raw edges of one folded strip to the long basted edge
of the table runner. Stitch with a straight stitch using the walking foot to keep the layers from
shifting. Repeat on the opposite side.
Roll the strip around the raw
edge and pin in place. Slipstitch the
binding in place.
Clip into the binding to make a
fringe end at each corner.
Party with the goblins and celebrate
the joys of Thanksgiving using this
festive table runner!