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MB 91 IX
90cm Built In Oven
90cm Built In Oven
Features and Benefits:
7 Cooking Functions
Traditional, Lower Heating, Upper Heating, Grill, Gratin, Pastries, Multi Level
Self Cleaning Catalytic Liners
Located on the Sides and Back of the oven cavity, you only need to clean the door and
base of the unit on a regular basis making maintenance extremely easy.
Built In Rotisserie
Just like using you BBQ outside, without having to battle the elements or the messy
clean up.
Fully Programmable Clock and Timer
Simply set and forget. The oven will turn on and/or off at the specified time.
Triple Glazed Door
Cool touch door makes it safer for all the family in the kitchen. Less chance of burning
yourself if the door is accidently touched while the oven is on.
Distributed by Arisit Pty Ltd
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MB 91 IX
90cm Built In Oven
Technical Specifications:
7 Multifunction
No. Functions
Oven Capacity (Gross)
1 x tray, 2 x grids
Electronic start / End of cooking
Cooling Fan
No. Door Glass
Absorbed Power
230-240V / 50Hz /13.4A
Stainless Steel
Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D)
895 X 475 X 525+22
WARNING: technical specifications and product sizes can be varied by the manufacturer, without notice. Cut outs for appliances should only be by physical product measurements. The above information is indicative only.
Distributed by Arisit Pty Ltd
40-44 Mark Anthony Drive, Dandenong South VIC 3175
1A Howe Street, Newton, Auckland NZ 1145
Ph: 1300 762 219
Ph:(09) 306 1020
Fax: 03 9768 0838
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