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Start Here EPSON Stylus CX3200
1 Unpack
Slide the transportation lock back to the
5 Install Ink Cartridges
Press down the ink cartridge clamps until they snap shut.
Carefully lower the scanner back down into place. The Stylus CX
begins charging the ink delivery system.
Lift up the scanner.
unlock position.
Make sure you have all the parts shown here. If any parts are missing,
contact EPSON as described on the back of this sheet.
Charging takes about 1 1/2 minutes. The green light flashes and the
Stylus CX makes various sounds. Don’t turn it off while the green
light is flashing or you’ll waste ink.
Stylus CX
Paper support
USB cable
Peel off the tape and remove the plastic piece from the
ink cartridge holder.
Caution: You must install both cartridges and leave them installed
for all types of printing. To avoid damaging the Stylus CX, never
move the print head by hand.
3 Attach the Parts
Ink cartridges
Close the scanner lid.
Insert the paper support into its three slots.
Feeder guard
Load Paper
Flip the feeder guard forward.
Place a stack of paper against the right side of the feeder, beneath
the tab. Pinch the left edge guide and slide it against the paper.
Remove any tape and packing materials, as shown.
Press and hold the On button for 2 seconds. The green light flashes
and the scanner carriage and print head move.
Press the
On button
Snap the feeder guard into its two slots in the sheet feeder.
Do not remove
this sticker yet
Unwrap the ink cartridges and remove the yellow tape.
Lift up the ink cartridge clamps.
Note: There may be additional packing materials or tape in
locations different from the ones shown here. Do not remove
the sticker covering the USB port yet.
Open the output tray and
pull out the extension
Caution: Make sure you load paper behind the feeder guard.
2 Unlock
4 Plug In
Open the scanner lid, as shown. Remove any packing materials
under the lid.
Flip the feeder guard back over the stack of paper.
Position the Stylus CX so the front is at least 9 inches
from the edge of the table.
Plug the Stylus CX into a grounded electrical outlet.
Do not connect the USB cable yet.
Insert the ink cartridges with the labels face-up.
Turn over
7 Install Software
If you see a message about installing QuickTime,® click Yes and follow
the on-screen instructions. You don’t need a registration number.
For Macintosh® installation instructions, see the booklet that came with your
Stylus CX. Follow the steps below to install software for Windows.®
Using the Control Panel
Any Questions?
You can copy on EPSON Glossy Photo Paper or Premium Glossy
Photo Paper in 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 sizes. Press the right Menu button to
display Quality&Paper or Paper size. Then press the – Value button
to select the settings you want. Press Stop after each setting.
Here’s where to look for answers:
You can make borderless copies of photos. Press the right Menu
button to display Copy mode. Then press the – Value button
to select Border Free.
On-screen Help for EPSON Smart Panel,™ ArcSoft™ PhotoImpression,™
EPSON Software™ Film Factory,™ and EPSON TWAIN
When you see the final screen, make sure the Stylus CX is still on
and paper is loaded. Click Print Test Page.
Make sure the Stylus CX is not connected to your computer,
then turn on your computer.
Note: If your Stylus CX is turned on and connected to your
computer, you may see several New Hardware Wizard screens.
Click Cancel for each of these screens and disconnect your
Stylus CX. You can’t install your software that way.
Click to print
a test page
On-screen User’s Guide
Double-click the EPSON User’s Guide icon on your desktop.
Click the Help button or question mark that appears on the screen when
you’re using any of these programs. For Film Factory, you can also go to
Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Film Factory > Getting Started Guide.
EPSON Technical Support
EPSON provides technical assistance 24 hours a day through the services
described below:
Note: If the test page doesn’t print, see the Solving Problems section.
Click Register and follow the instructions on the screen to register
your product. At the last screen, click Done.
You can make multiple wallet-size copies on one sheet of plain
paper. Press the right Menu button to display Copy mode.
Then press the – Value button to select Repeat.
Automated Telephone Services
To use these services, you must have a touch tone telephone and call
(800) 922-8911. Your EPSON SoundAdviceSM Express Code is 70420.
Use this code to quickly select your product in SoundAdvice.
Click Cancel
Insert your Stylus CX CD-ROM in your CD-ROM or DVD drive.
The Software Installation screen opens automatically.
Click Exit, then remove the CD-ROM.
Now you’re ready to copy, scan, and print. See the next section
or your on-screen EPSON User’s Guide for instructions.
Click Install.
How to Copy
Click Install
Open the scanner lid.
Place your document or photo face-down on the glass, in the corner
shown below. Move your document about 0.1 inch from the top and
side edge so your entire document is scanned.
Note: If the install screen doesn’t open automatically, do the following:
for Windows XP: click Start >
My Computer. Then double-click
For Windows 2000/Me/98: double-click
My Computer. Then
double-click the
When you see the license agreement, read it and click Agree.
Then follow the instructions on the screen to install the drivers.
You can copy two pages onto one page. Press the right Menu button
to display Copy mode. Then press the – Value button to select 2-up.
Place the first page on the glass and press one of the Copy buttons.
When you see the message, remove the first page and place the
second page on the glass. Then press the Copy button again.
You can also use the Control Panel to run maintenance programs
and see how much ink you have left. Press the right Menu button to
display Head Alignment, Nozzle Check, Head Cleaning, Change
Cartridge, or Ink Levels.
For more information about using the control panel or printing and scanning
from your computer, double-click the EPSON User’s Guide icon on
your desktop.
When you see this screen telling you to connect your Stylus CX,
make sure it is turned on, then remove the sticker from the USB port
on the back.
World Wide Web
To Speak to a Technical Support Representative
Dial (562) 276-4382 (U.S.) or (905) 709-3839 (Canada), 6 AM to 6 PM,
Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Toll or long distance charges
may apply.
Software Technical Support
Internet and E-mail
(510) 445-8616
(510) 445-8601
(510) 440-9901
8:30 AM to
5:30 PM, PST
(510) 440-1270
How to Get Paper and Ink
For the best prints and copies, use genuine EPSON ink and paper. You can
buy them from your local store or from the EPSON StoreSM at (800) 873-7766
or (U.S. sales only).
Look for these cartridges and paper:
Solving Problems
Close the scanner lid.
Use the Control Panel to select settings:
Select settings
Connect the
square end of the USB cable to your Stylus CX
USB port, then connect the
flat end of the cable to any
available USB port on your computer.
Make more than one copy
Return to Top
Reset all(3sec)
Cancel settings
Select menus
Color copy
• To make the copy lighter or darker, press the right Menu button
until you see Lighter/Darker on the control panel screen. Then
press the + or – Value button to choose from the 5 settings.
Press Stop.
• To enlarge or reduce a photo, press the right Menu button until
you see Zoom In/Out on the control panel screen. Then press
the + or – Value button to display the proportion you want.
Press Stop.
Continue following the instructions on the screen to install the rest of
your software.
It will take several minutes to install the remaining software.
Don’t cancel the installation.
The Found New Hardware
Wizard appears on
your screen.
Click Cancel and follow the steps in section 7.
Disconnect the Stylus CX before installing
the software.
You see an error message
when you try to print
or scan.
Make sure your Stylus CX is connected to
your computer, plugged into a power
source, and turned on.
Return to menu
or cancel job
Black and white copy
After you connect your Stylus CX, Windows displays several
messages as it detects your device.
If the red Error light is on, check the message on the control panel. If your
problem is listed here, try these suggestions. For more information,
see your software Help or your on-screen EPSON User’s Guide.
Press the Color Copy button (for color copies) or B&W Copy button
(for black and white copies). Your document or photo is scanned
and printed.
The Stylus CX
doesn’t work.
Slide back the transportation lock under the
lid to unlock the scanner. See section 2.
Black Ink
Color Ink
Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper
Bright white paper perfect for newsletters,
proposals, and presentations.
Glossy Photo Paper
Heavier weight paper for enlargements and
borderless 4 x 6 prints.
Make sure you’re using the USB cable that
came with your Stylus CX.
Make sure your EPSON Stylus CX3200
software is installed correctly.
Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Highest quality paper for borderless prints in
frame-ready sizes.
Make sure you insert paper behind the feeder
guard, not in front of it.
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