Ethernet I/O: EtherStax® Series
ES2164 Ethernet Analog Input Modules
Dual Ethernet Ports
Dual Power
Alarm Relay
10/100 Base-TX
and 100 Base-FX
Fiber-optic (optional)
Analog Input
Channels 0 - 15
ES2164 with 64 Analog Inputs
Simplified Input Circuit (one channel)
Analog Input
Channels 16 - 31
Earth ground
01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Inputs share
analog common
Analog Input
Channels 32 - 47
Analog Input
Channels 48 - 63
08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 C
64-channel single-ended analog voltage input ◆ Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP communication
Input Ranges
±5V, ±10V DC
These EtherStax I/O modules provide a rugged,
high-density, and high-speed solution to interface a large quantity of analog input signals to
SCADA and distributed I/O systems. Each unit
converts up to 64 single-ended analog voltage
signals from various sensors and instruments
for transmission to an Ethernet-based control
network. Typical applications include process
control, automated manufacturing, remote data
acquisition, test and measurement, embedded
computing, and supervisory monitoring systems.
Fax: 248-624-9234
64 single-ended analog voltage inputs
Ethernet Communication
10/100Base-T(X) and 100Base-FX,
Automatic MDI/MDI-X on all copper ports,
Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol
4-way isolation and surge suppression
High-resolution 16-bit A/D
High-speed scanning with 10 millisecond
update of all 64 channels
Power Requirement
18 to 36V DC (redundancy-ready)
Automatic zero/span calibration
On-demand self-test verifies calibration
Zone 2, Class 1, Division 2, Groups ABCD
EtherStax units are built and tested to deliver
high reliability and dependable performance
in hostile environments. Many features help
increase reliability, improve performance and
protect from harsh environments. Available in an
aluminum enclosure or as an open circuit board,
both formats stack vertically to maintain a very
small footprint.
Tel: 248-295-0880
Key Features & Benefits
Configurable from any web browser
User-configurable sample averaging
and integration/totalization function
with non-volatile registers
Dual-format data registers support
16-bit integers or 32-bit floating point
Scaling registers on all channels
Open circuit board versions are also available.
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Ethernet I/O: EtherStax® Series
Performance Specifications
General Specifications
Analog Field Inputs
Input Channel Configuration
64 single-ended analog inputs. 32 channels on front
and rear panels of unit.
DC Voltage Input Ranges (per-channel basis)
±5V or ±10V DC (default).
User-configured on a per-channel basis.
Input Scaling
Floating Point Format: IEEE-754 32-bit configurable for
12 digits with 4 decimal places.
16-bit Signed Integer Format: All channels represented
as ±30,000.
Input Resolution and Accuracy
Resolution: 16-bit maximum, 0.00167%.
Accuracy: Better than 0.05% of range.
Input Impedance
Greater than 1M ohms.
Input Scan Groups and Scan Times
Eight user-enabled 8-channel scan groups.
10mS (100Hz) update of all 64 channels.
First 8-channel group updates in 1.80mS (555Hz).
Each additional 8-channel group adds 1.20mS to the
update time.
Sample Averaging
0 to 500 samples, user-configurable.
Input Overvoltage Protection
Bipolar Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS),
14V working voltage.
Noise Rejection
Common Mode (50-60Hz): Better than 72dB.
Fax: 248-624-9234
Voltage inputs, two Cu ports, IP20 enclosure
Voltage inputs, two Cu ports, open board
Voltage inputs, Cu & fiber ports, IP20 enclosure
Voltage inputs, Cu & fiber ports, open board
◆ Accessories
Industrial Ethernet Switches
See Page 33.
Hardware Accessories and Power Supplies
See Page 34.
Software Support
See Page 36.
Enclosure and Physical
Housing Classification and Dimensions
IP20: 8.226” x 2.444” x 7.25”, 4 lbs. packed.
PCB: 7.920” x 1.875” x 7.25”, 1.65 lbs. packed.
Safety Approvals
CE marked and UL/cUL Listed.
Hazardous Locations: Class I; Division 2; A, B, C, D.
Open board units: UL Recognized.
Shock and Vibration Immunity (in enclosure)
Mechanical Shock: 50g (3ms), 30g (11ms).
Random Vibration: 5g, (5-500Hz).
Local Alarm Output
◆ Models
Operating and Storage Temperature
Operating Range: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F).
Storage Range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F).
Power Requirements
18-36V DC. Redundant, diode-coupled terminals.
4.4W (copper ports), 5.5W (fiber-optic ports).
Ambient Temperature Effect
Less than 25ppm/°C (0.0025%/°C).
I/O, power, relay and Ethernet port-to-port.
Peak: 1500V AC, ANSI/ISA-82.01-1988.
Continuous: 250V AC, 354V DC.
Failsafe or non-failsafe (software-configurable) relay
trips on power or link-loss failure.
SPST-NO, 1 Form A, Class I, Division II approved.
5A @ 24V DC/250V AC, 6000 cycles resistive.
3A @ 24V DC/250V AC, 100,000 cycles general.
2A @ 24V DC/250V AC, Hazardous locations.
Maximum Switching Voltage and Power
250V AC / 750VA, 125V DC / 90W.
Tel: 248-295-0880
Ordering Information
Internal Switch or Hub/Repeater
Dual-port Ethernet switch. Web-configurable as a true
switch (default mode) or low-latency hub.
Network Connector (10/100 Base-TX Copper)
One or two 8-pin RJ-45 connectors. Automatic MDI/
MDI-X. 100m communication distance.
Network Connector (100 Base-FX Fiber-optic)
One multi-mode duplex SC connector. Full-duplex only.
2km communication distance.
Protocols and Addressing
Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP. StaticIP, DHCP, BootP.
Configurable IP addresses.
Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP Sockets/Sessions
1-10 socket/sessions programmable via web page.
Ethernet Redundancy
Compatible with STP, RSTP, proprietary schemes.
See Page 7 for communication and other specs.
Ethernet Interface
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