Agilent 3458A Multimeter
Data Sheet
of speed
Performance Highlights
dc volts
• 5 ranges: 0.1 V to 1000 V
• 8.5 to 4.5 digit resolution
• Up to 100,000 readings/sec
(4.5 digits)
• Maximum sensitivity: 10 nV
• 0.6 ppm 24 hour accuracy
• 8 ppm (4 ppm optional)/year
voltage reference stability
9 ranges: 10 Ω to 1 GΩ
Two-wire and four-wire ohms with
offset compensation
Up to 50,000 readings/sec
(5.5 digits)
Maximum sensitivity: 10 µΩ
2.2 ppm 24 hour accuracy
ac volts
• 6 ranges: 10 mV to 1000 V
• 1 Hz to 10 MHz bandwidth
• Up to 50 readings/sec with all
readings to specified accuracy
• Choice of sampling or analog true
rms techniques
• 100 ppm best accuracy
dc current
• 8 ranges: 100 nA to 1 A
• Up to 1,350 readings/sec (5.5 digits)
• Maximum sensitivity: 1 pA
• 14 ppm 24 hour accuracy
ac current
5 ranges: 100 µA to 1 A
10 Hz to 100 kHz bandwidth
Up to 50 readings/sec
500 ppm 24 hour accuracy
Frequency and period
Voltage or current ranges
Frequency: 1 Hz to 10 MHz
Period: 100 ns to 1 sec
0.01% accuracy
ac or dc coupled
Maximum speeds
• 100,000 readings/sec at 4.5 digits
(16 bits)
• 50,000 readings/sec at 5.5 digits
• 6,000 readings/sec at 6.5 digits
• 60 readings/sec at 7.5 digits
• 6 readings/sec at 8.5 digits
Measurement set-up speed
• 100,000 readings/sec over GPIB or
with internal memory
• 110 autoranges/sec
• 340 function or range changes/sec
• Post-processed math from internal
Access speed and accuracy
through a powerful, convenient front panel
• Bright, easy-to-read, vacuum
fluorescent display
• 16 character alpha-numeric display
to easily read data, messages, and
Standard function/range keys
• Simple to use, for bench
measurements of dcV, acV, ohms,
current, frequency and period
• Select autorange or manual ranging
Numeric/user keys
• Numeric entry for constants and
measurement parameters
• Shifted keys (f0 through f9) access
up to ten user-defined setups
Volts/ohms/ratio terminals
• Gold-plated tellurium copper for
minimum thermal emf
• 2-wire or 4-wire ohms measurements
• dc/dc or ac/dc ratio inputs
Menu command keys
• Immediate access to eight common
• Shifted keys allow simple access to
complete command menu
Current measurement terminals
• Easy fuse replacement with fuse
holder built into terminal
Guard terminal and switch
• For maximum common mode noise
Front-rear terminal switch
• Position selects front or rear
measurement terminals
External output:
• Programmable TTL output pulse with
5 modes for flexible system interface
• Defaults to a voltmeter complete pulse
Rear input terminals
for convenient
system use
External trigger input
GPIB interface connector
Finally! A system multimeter with BOTH
high speed and high accuracy.
The Agilent Technologies 3458A
Multimeter shatters long-standing
performance barriers of speed and
accuracy on the production test floor,
in R&D, and in the calibration lab.
The 3458A is simply the fastest,
most flexible, and most accurate
multimeter ever offered by Agilent
Technologies. In your system or on
the bench, the 3458A saves you time
and money with unprecedented test
system throughput and accuracy,
seven function measurement
flexibility, and low cost of ownership.
Test System Throughput / 6
Calibration Lab Precision / 7
High Resolution Digitizing /8
Technical Specifications / 9
Section 1: DC Voltage / 10
Section 2: Resistance / 11
Section 3: DC Current / 13
Section 4: AC Voltage / 14
Section 5: AC Current / 19
Section 6: Frequency/Period / 20
Section 7: Digitizing / 21
Section 8: System Specifications / 23
Section 9: Ratio / 24
Section 10: Math Functions / 24
Section 11: General Specifications / 25
Section 12: Ordering Information / 26
Select a reading rate of 100,000
readings/second for maximal test
throughput. Or achieve highest levels
of precision with up to 8.5 digits of
measurement resolution and 0.1 part
per million transfer accuracy. Add to
this, programming compatibility
through the Agilent Multimeter
Language (ML) and the 3458A’s
simplicity of operation and you have
the ideal multimeter for your most
demanding applications.
The 3458A Multimeter for:
High test system throughput
Faster testing
• Up to 100,000 readings/sec
• Internal test setups > 340/sec
• Programmable integration times from
500 ns to 1 sec
Greater test yield
• More accuracy for tighter test margins
• Up to 8.5 digits resolution
Longer up-time
• Two-source (10 V,10 kΩ) calibration,
including ac
• Self-adjusting, self-verifying autocalibration for all functions and ranges,
including ac
Calibration lab precision
High resolution digitizing
Superb transfer measurements
8.5 digits resolution
0.1 ppm dc volts linearity
0.1 ppm dc volts transfer capability
0.01 ppm rms internal noise
Extraordinary accuracy
0.6 ppm for 24 hours in dc volts
2.2 ppm for 24 hours in ohms
100 ppm mid-band ac volts
8 ppm (4 ppm optional) per year voltage
reference stability
Greater waveform resolution and accuracy
16 to 24 bits resolution
100,000 to 0.2 samples/sec
12 MHz bandwidth
Timing resolution to 10 ns
Less than 100 ps time jitter
Over 75,000 reading internal memory
For High Test System Throughput
• Faster system start-up
Multimeter Language (ML) compatible
• Faster measurements and setups
100,000 readings/sec in 4.5 digits
50,000 readings/sec in 5.5 digits
340 function or range changes/sec
• Longer system up-time
Multimeter Language (ML) compatible
The Agilent 3458A System Multimeter
heightens test performance in three
phases of your production test:
faster test system start-up, faster test
throughput, and lower cost of ownership through longer system uptime,
designed-in reliability, and fast and
easy calibration.
Faster system start-up
The value of a fast system multimeter
in production test is clear. But it is
also important that the dmm programs
easily to reduce the learning time for
new system applications. The Agilent
Multimeter Language (ML) offers a
standard set of commands for the
multimeter user that consists of easily
understood, readable commands.
Easier programming and clearer
documentation reduce system
development time.
Faster measurements and setups
Now you can have a system dmm
with both fast and accurate measurements. The 3458A optimizes your
measurements for the right combination of accuracy, resolution, and
speed. The 3458A Multimeter fits
your needs from 4.5 digit dc volts
measurements at 100,000/second,
to 8.5 digit dc volts measurements at
6/second, or anywhere in between in
100 ns steps.
Even the traditionally slower measurement functions, such as ac volts, are
quicker with the 3458A. For example,
you can measure true rms acV at up
to 50 readings/second with full
accuracy for input frequencies greater
than 10 kHz.
Besides high reading rates, the
3458A’s design was tuned for the
many function and level changes
required in testing your device. The
3458A can change function and
range, take a measurement, and
output the result at 340/second.
This is at least 5 times faster than
other dmms. In addition, the 3458A
transfers high speed measurement
data over GPIB or into and out of its
75,000 reading memory at 100,000
You can reduce your data transfer
overhead by using the unique nonvolatile program memory of the 3458A
to store complete measurement
sequences. These test sequences can
be programmed and initiated from the
front panel for stand-alone operation
without a controller.
Finally, the 3458A Multimeter makes
fast and accurate measurements.
Consider the 3458A’s 0.6 ppm 24 hour
dc volts accuracy, 100 ppm ac volts
accuracy and its standard functions
of dcV, acV, dcI, acI, ohms, frequency
and period. Greater measurement
accuracy from your dmm means higher
confidence and higher test yields.
More functions mean greater versatility
and lower-cost test systems.
Longer system up-time
The 3458A Multimeter performs a
complete self-calibration of all functions, including ac, using high stability internal standards. This self- or
auto-calibration eliminates measurement errors due to time drift and
temperature changes in your rack or
on your bench for superior accuracy.
When it’s time for periodic calibration
to external standards, simply connect a precision 10 Vdc source and
a precision 10 kΩ resistor. All ranges
and functions, including ac, are automatically calibrated using precision
internal ratio transfer measurements
relative to the external standards.
The 3458A’s reliability is a product
of Agilent’s “10X” program of defect
reduction. Through extensive environmental, abuse, and stress testing
during the design stages of product
development, has reduced the number of defects and early failures in its
instruments by a factor of ten over
the past ten years. Our confidence
in the 3458A’s reliability is reflected
in the low cost of the option for
additional years of return-to-repair.
For Calibration Lab Precision
• 8.5 digits resolution
• 0.1 ppm dcV linearity
• 100 ppm acV absolute accuracy
• 4 ppm/year optional stability
In the calibration lab, you’ll find the
3458A’s 8.5 digits to have extraordinary linearity, low internal noise, and
excellent short term stability. The
linearity of the 3458A’s Multislope A
to D converter has been characterized
with state-of-the-art precision. Using
Josephsen Junction Array intrinsic
standards, linearity has been measured within ± 0.05 ppm of 10 volts.
The 3458A’s transfer accuracy for
10 volts dc is 0.1 ppm over 1 hour
± 0.5° C. Internal noise has been
reduced to less than 0.01 ppm rms
yielding 8.5 digits of usable resolution.
So, the right choice for your calibration
standard dmm is the 3458A.
dcV stability
The long term accuracy of the 3458A
is a remarkable 8 ppm per year—
more accurate than many system
dmms are after only a day. Option 002
gives you a higher stability voltage
reference specified to 4 ppm/year for
the ultimate performance.
Reduced-error resistance
The 3458A doesn’t stop with accurate
dcV. Similar measurement accuracy
is achieved for resistance, acV, and
current. You can measure resistance
from 10 µΩ to 1 GΩ with midrange
accuracy of 2.2 ppm.
Finally, the 3458A, like its dmm predecessors, offers offset-compensated
ohms on the 10 Ω to 100 kΩ ranges
to eliminate the errors introduced by
small series voltage offsets. Usable
for both two- and four-wire ohms, the
3458A supplies a current through the
unknown resistance, measures the
voltage drop, sets the current to zero,
and measures the voltage drop again.
The result is reduced error for
resistance measurements.
Precision acV
The 3458A introduces new heights of
true rms ac volts performance with a
choice of traditional analog or a new
sampling technique for higher accuracy. For calibration sources and periodic waveforms from 1 Hz to 10 MHz,
the 3458A’s precision sampling technique offers extraordinary accuracy.
With 100 ppm absolute accuracy for
45 Hz to 1 kHz or 170 ppm absolute
accuracy to 20 kHz, the 3458A will
enhance your measurement capabilities. Accuracy is maintained for up to
2 years with only a single 10 volt dc
precision standard. No ac standards
are necessary. For higher speed and
less accuracy, the analog true rms
ac technique has a midband absolute
measurement accuracy of 300 ppm
using the same simple calibration
procedure. With a bandwidth of 10 Hz
to 2 MHz and reading rates to 50/
second, is an excellent choice for high
throughput computer-aided testing.
Easy calibration
The 3458A gives you low cost of
ownership with a simple, two-source
electronic calibration. With its superior
linearity, the 3458A is fully calibrated,
including ac, from a precision 10 Vdc
source and a precision 10 kΩ resistor.
All ranges and functions are automatically calibrated using precise internal
ratio transfer measurements relative
to these external standards. In addition, the 3458A’s internal voltage
standard and resistance standard are
calibrated. Now you can perform a
self-verifying, self- or auto-calibration
relative to the 3458A’s low drift internal standards at any time with the
ACAL command. So, if your dmm’s
environment changes, auto-calibration
optimizes your measurement accuracy.
Calibration security
Unlike other dmms, the 3458A goes
to great lengths to assure calibration
security. First, a password security
code “locks” calibration values and
the self-calibration function. Next, you
can easily store and recall a secured
message for noting items, such as
calibration date and due date. Plus,
the 3458A automatically increments
a calibration counter each time you
“unlock” the dmm — another safeguard against calibration tampering.
If you have a unique situation or
desire ultimate security, use the internal dmm hardwired switch to force
removal of the instrument covers to
perform calibration.
For High Resolution Digitizing
• 16 bits at 100,000 samples/sec
• Effective rates to 100 Msamples/sec
• Signal bandwidth of 12 MHz
• 10 ns timing with < 100 ps jitter
Easily acquire waveforms
Direct sampling function
Sequential sampling function
Simple, application-oriented commands
in the Agilent Multimeter Language
(ML) make the task of waveform
digitizing as easy as measuring dcV.
Simply specify the sweep rate and
number of samples.
The 3458A has two sampling
functions for digitizing wave-forms:
direct sampling and sequential or
sub-sampling. With direct sampling,
the 3458A samples through the
12 MHz path followed by the 2 ns
track-and-hold providing 16 bits of
resolution. The maximum sample rate
is 50,000 samples/second or 20 µs
between samples. Samples can be
internally paced by a 0.01% accurate
timebase with time increments in
100 ns steps. Data transfers directly
to your computer at full speed or into
the dmm’s internal reading memory.
Waveform reconstruction consists of
simply plotting the digitized voltage
readings versus the sampling interval
of the timebase.
Sequential or sub-sampling uses
the same measurement path as
direct sampling; however sequential
sampling requires a periodic input
signal. The 3458A will synchronize
to a trigger point on the waveform
set by a level threshold or external
trigger. Once synchronized, the dmm
automatically acquires the waveform
through digitizing successive periods
with time increment steps as small
as 10 ns, effectively digitizing at rates
up to 100 Msamples/second. All you
specify is the effective timebase and
the number of samples desired, the
3458A automatically optimizes its
sampling to acquire the waveform in
the least amount of time. Then, for
your ease of use, the 3458A automatically re-orders the data in internal
memory to reconstruct the waveform.
Integration or track-and-hold paths
The 3458A gives you the choice of
two configurations for high speed
measurements: a 150 kHz bandwidth
integrating path with a variable aperture from 500 ns to 1 second or a
12 MHz bandwidth path with a fixed
2 ns aperture and 16-bit track-and-hold.
Use the integration path for lower
noise, but use the track-and-hold path
to precisely capture the voltage at a
single point on a waveform.
3458A Technical Specifications
Section 1: DC Voltage
DC Voltage continued
Section 2: Resistance
Resistance continued
Section 3: DC Current
Section 4: AC Voltage
General Information
Synchronous Sub-sampled Mode (ACV Function, SETACV SYNC)
AC Voltage continued
AC Voltage continued
Analog Mode
(ACV Function, SETACV ANA)
AC Voltage continued
Random Sampled Mode
AC Voltage continued
Section 5: AC Current
AC Current continued
Section 6: Frequency/Period
Section 7: Digitizing
Standard DC Volts Digitizing
(DCV Function)
Digitizing continued
Direct and Sub-sampled Digitizing
(DSDC, DSAC, SSDC and SSAC Functions)
Section 8: System Specifications
Section 9: Ratio
Section 10: Math Functions
Section 11: General Specifications
Operating environment
0° C to 55° C
Operating humidity range
Up to 95% RH at 40° C
Physical characteristics
88.9 mm H x 425.5 mm W x 502.9 mm D
Net weight: 12 kg (26.5 lbs)
Shipping weight: 14.8 kg (32.5 lbs)
IEEE-4888 interface
Complies with the following:
IEEE-488.1 Interface Standard
IEEE-728 Codes/Formats Standard
HPML (Multimeter Language)
Designed in accordance with
Safety: IEC 348, UL 1244, CSA
7n: Classified under
MIL-T-28800D as Type III,
Class 5, Style E, and Color R.
Warranty period
One year
Input terminals
Gold-plated tellurium copper
Included with 3458A
34137A Test lead set for 3458A
calibration certificate
Storage temperature
–40° C to +75° C
Warm-up time
4 hours to published specifications
Power requirements
100/120 V, 220/240 V ± 10%
48-66 Hz, 360-420 Hz automatically
< 30 W, < 80 VA (peak)
Fused: 1.5 @ 115 V or 0.5 A @ 230 V
Section 12: Ordering Information
Agilent 3458A multimeter
(with GPIB, 20 k bytes reading memory, and 8 ppm stability)
Extended reading memory
(Expands total to 148 k bytes)
High stability (4 ppm/year) reference
ANSI Z540 compliant calibration
Front handles kit (P/N 5063-9226)
Rack mount kit (P/N 5063-9212)
Rack mount kit with handles (P/N 5063-9219)
German manual
French manual
Japanese manual
Italian manual
GPIB cable (1 m)
GPIB cable (2 m)
GPIB cable (4 m)
GPIB cable (0.5 m)
Kelvin probe set (4-wires, 1 m)
Surface mount device (SMD) test probes
Kelvin clip set (2 each)
Deluxe test lead set for the 3458A
Thermistor kit
30 A current shunt
Thermistor temperature probe
Kelvin probe and clip set
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