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Upgrade from 56-kbps
DDS to 1.544-Mbps T1.
Key Features
Connect to 56-kbps
DDS now, upgrade to
1.544-Mbps T1 later.
Both a complete
56-/64-kbps DDS
CSU/DSU and a T1
Frame Relay accepts
DDS or T1 lines.
SNMP manageable.
Easy LCD
Automatic alarm
ith the DDS/T1 Super DSU
from Black Box, you can
connect your systems with 56kbps DDS line now, then upgrade
later to a high-speed 1.544-Mbps
T1 line.
And this CSU/DSU is ideal for
your Frame Relay connections
since you can run your DDS or T1
line into Frame Relay.
DDS lines use four wires and
although they’re capable of
supporting speeds up to 56 kbps,
DDS is actually a 64-kbps circuit
using 8 kbps for signaling.
T1 line operates at 1.544 Mbps.
This dedicated transmission line
consists of 24 DSOs each able to
support speeds of 64 kbps. Users
send data at N x 56 or N x 64 over
T1 circuits, with T1 running over
twisted-pair cables.
Since the DDS/T1 Super DSU
is SNMP manageable via SLIP
connection, network performance
can be monitored and CSU/DSUs
can be configured from any ASCII
terminal or with pushbuttons and
an LCD panel.
Speed — Up to 64 kbps or up to
1.544 Mbps
Connectors — 8-position RJ-48C,
DB25 F (M/34 F adapter included)
Clocking — Internal, frequency
locked to network (loop time),
frequency locked to serial port
Power — 90-230 VAC, 47-63 Hz,
Diagnostics — Remote and local
loopback, test patterns
Size —4.6 x
21.3 x 25.4 cm
Management — SNMP MIB II over
UDP/IP/SLIP interface
Weight —3.2 kg
Ordering Information
DDS/T1 Super DSU..............................................MT102A-R2
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