Baby Jogger City Mini Double

City Mini Double
Amazing 360° Turns
Make For Extreme Maneuverability
This product complies with BS EN 1888:2003 inc. A1,2,3: 2005
This product complies with ASTM F833-07a
Read these
instructions carefully
before use and
keep them for
future reference.
Your child’s safety may be
affected if you do not follow
these instructions.
For the sake of your precious cargo, please read
these warnings before using your stroller.
arning: Ensure all
locking devices are
engaged before use.
arning: DO NOT exceed 3 mph. – this stroller is not suitable for running,
jogging, skating or roller blading.
arning: Prevent serious injury to your children by always using the
safety harnesses.
arning: Parcels or accessory items, or both, placed on the unit may cause
the unit to become unstable.
• Warning: Never leave your children unattended.
arning: Recommended weight for seat pocket is 2 pounds and basket is
4.4 pounds. Excessive weight may cause a hazardous unstable condition to exist.
arning: Stroller is not meant to be used for transporting children up or
down stairs. Damage resulting to stroller, will not be covered under warranty.
1. U
npack stroller from box and set
wheels aside.
2. B egin to unfold stroller by pushing the bottom
frame up and away from the handle.
arning: Child may slip into leg openings and strangle. Never use in
reclined carriage position unless safety harness is properly fastened.
ccessories which are not approved by the manufacturer or distributor
shall not be used.
• The passengers shall remain seated (no standing in the stroller).
• Watch out for cars – never assume that a driver can see you and your children.
• T otal weight load recommended for this stroller is 100 lbs.
(combined passenger and baggage weight).
• This stroller seats two passengers.
• It may be unsafe to use replacement parts other than those supplied or approved
by the manufacturer.
3. T he stroller will click into place.
4. T urn stroller over to upright position.
Snap safety strap to frame before use.
To fold: Unsnap safety strap from frame and pull up on fold strap.
Front Wheel
Rear Wheels
1 To install front wheels, lay
stroller back so the handle
is resting on floor.
2 Insert the front wheels by
sliding the axle into the
wheel end. Make sure
the front wheel is locked
into place.
lign wheel with axle.
Swivel/Straight Feature
aise the lever up to allow the front wheel
assembly to swivel.
• P ress the lever down to lock the front wheel
assembly in the straight position.
• When loading and unloading child, always press the lever down to lock the front
wheel straight.
2 To insert, press the wheel
button while gently sliding
the axle into the wheel’s
axle end. You will feel the
wheel click into place.
To remove the rear wheels,
press the wheel button
while gently sliding the
wheel away from the axle.
ou must engage both front wheel levers
in order to swivel or lock the front wheels.
Safety Harness
3 T o buckle: Fasten both
shoulder strap buckles into
the crotch strap buckle. The
buckles should always be
clicked into place before use.
nclip top of
shoulder strap
from the seat
and re-clip
on the pair
of seat loops
closest to
child’s shoulder
To unbuckle: Press both sides
of the shoulder buckles to
release them from the crotch
buckle, one at a time.
2 T o adjust the
shoulder and
crotch strap
length: Remove
the shoulder
pads and move
the plastic guide
up or down
to lengthen or
arning: Always use the crotch strap in combination with the
shoulder straps and waist belt.
• S imply push
brake pedal down
to engage rear
parking brake and
lift up to release.
arning: Engage parking device before loading and
unloading passenger.
Reclining Seat
1 To recline: Pinch the clamp behind the seat, and slide it down to desired recline. Pull seat down
1 S nap seat to frame,
on both sides to match recline position of clamp.
starting with the top snap
closest to the handle, and
working your way down
to the frame behind the
front wheel.
arning: Always
be sure the safety
strap Is securely
snapped onto the
frame before using
2 S ecure top of seat around
frame with Velcro tab, after
snapping the webbing to the
frame underneath.
3 S ecure seat straps around the
bottom of the frame, behind
the front wheel. Thread one
seat strap through the D ring of
the other strap, and fasten both
Velcro sides firmly together.
eather Cover: If desired, pull weather
cover down and over the seat back
mesh. Secure firmly over both sides
of seat. When not in use, roll weather
cover up and fasten with elastic loop
and barrel provided under top of the
seat fabric.
4 S ecure safety
Reverse steps to return to the upright position.
straps to both
sides of the
frame before
5 B e sure that fold strap rings are secured
to the frame before use.
To fold stroller: Remove child
from seat. Unsnap safety straps
from side of frame and pull
upwards on the fold straps with
a gentle tug.
1 Wrap webbing around stroller frame tube.
2 S nap basket webbing together. On the back
side of the stroller, the basket should rest
between upright frame and crossbar.
1 To attach canopy to frame, simply
slide canopy axle into the top hole of
the bracket on the frame, until you
hear it click into place. The bottom
hole can be used for accessories,
and they should be inserted into the
bracket the same way as the canopy.
2 To remove the canopy, stand facing the
stroller and press the bracket buttons
with index finger while removing the
canopy from the bracket.
Note: The rear of basket has the mesh material and the front does not.
Quick Fold
Simple Lift & Fold
arning: Always
be sure the safety
strap Is securely
snapped onto the
frame before using
In Motion
• S teering your stroller is simple: It is balanced to turn with just a light touch on the handlebar
without having to lift the front wheel.
In the Dark
• S ince we are concerned about the safety of you and your child, we recommend that you not
use your stroller at night. However, if you choose to, please attach reflective strips to the wheels
and the seat. Bicycle lights can also be mounted on the handle crossbar. These accessories can
be found at most bike stores.
To fold stroller:
1 R emove child from seat. Remove safety straps from frame.
Pull upwards on the fold straps with a gentle tug.
• T o preserve the longevity of your stroller, it is important to perform simple, regular maintenance.
From time to time, make sure that the joints and folding areas are still in good condition. If you
hear any squeaking or feel tension, you can take your stroller to a local bike shop for added
lubrication. All repairs should only be carried out by an authorized dealer.
Stroller Care
WarrAnty Registration On-Line AT
ou can machine wash your stroller’s seat in cold water with a mild detergent.
To minimize shrinkage, simply reattach the seat to the frame to dry.
(Please do not put the seat in the dryer!)
e sure to remove the frame from the back of the
seat before washing.
Baby Jogger's Limited Lifetime Warranty:
Baby Jogger warrants that the frame is free of manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the product. Manufacturer’s defects include
but are not limited to the breaking of welds and frame tube damage. Textile or soft side materials and all other components
shall be warranted for one year from the date of purchase (except for tubes and tires). Proof of purchase is required to make a
warranty claim and the warranty is only extended to the original purchaser.
This warranty does not cover:
Wheel Care
• T he wheels can be cleaned using a damp cloth. They
will need to be dried completely with a soft towel or cloth.
• Normal wear and tear
• Corrosion or rust
• Incorrect assembly, or the installation of third party parts or accessories not compatible with the original design
• Accidental or intentional damage, abuse or neglect
• Commercial Use
• Improper storage/care of the unit
• S unshine can fade seat fabric and dry out tires, so storing
your stroller indoors will prolong its good looks. However,
if you do store it outside, using a tarp will help protect against weather wear.
This warranty specifically excludes claims for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. The implied warranties of merchantability and
fitness for a particular purpose is according to the specific warranty period for this model unit at time of purchase. Some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives
you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. To know what your legal rights are in your state,
consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state’s Attorney General.
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