Unique flexibility in the smallest of spaces

Unique flexibility in the smallest of spaces –
Standard-compliant endoscope and instrument
WD 425: Washer-disinfector for reprocessing endoscopes, accessories, instruments
and other medical devices in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1, -2 and -4
Standard-compliant reprocessing
of endoscopes
Endoscopic examinations and interventions are today indispensable for diagnostics and therapy.
The quality of endoscope reprocessing is particularly important in this context. Effective prevention
of infection transmission from the patient to the endoscopy personnel or to other patients through
contaminated endoscopic instruments is essential.
Infection prevention in gastroenterology
High capacity and cleaning performance
The best and safest way of reprocessing endoscopes is,
As one of the leading suppliers of system solutions in the
according to the HYGEA survey (Hygiene in Gastroenterol-
field of infection prevention, Belimed has developed the
ogy – Endoscopic Reprocessing), manual pre-cleaning
cost-effective WD 425 washer-disinfector especially for
immediately after use on the patient. This is also
medical practices and hospitals. With simultaneous
emphasized by acknowledged guidelines, bodies such as
reprocessing of up to 3 endoscopes, it enables a high
the Robert Koch Institute and various gastroenterological
turnover. The endoscope channels are each individually
societies. This should be followed by fully automatic,
cleaned, disinfected and dried. With its high cleaning
chemo-thermal reprocessing of the endoscopes, including
performance, WD 425 fully meets the requirements for
final rinsing with thermally disinfected water.
The WD 425 is available as under-bench machine (left) or mounted on a base designed to allow for ergonomic loading height (right).
Great to be so flexible.
But in more ways than the choice of color.
High flexibility
One device for everything. Whether for reprocessing flexible or rigid endoscopes, surgical or
MIS instruments, anesthesia materials or equipment – WD 425 convinces by its broad range
of applications.
Flexible application
Simple installation
WD 425 is suitable in any situation where both endo-
The automated endoscope reprocessor WD 425 is easy
scopes and a wide variety of medical devices have to be
and fast to install. Apart from water, RO water, drainage
reprocessed within extremely limited space. The broad
and electrical power, no further connections are required.
range of application of WD 425 enables real cost savings.
The exhaust-air condenser is integrated as standard.
Both chemo-thermal procedures for endoscopes as well as
Optional connection to the building exhaust-air system is
thermal procedures for instruments can be applied.
also possible.
WD 425 is suitable for reprocessing all types of commercially available endoscopes from a wide range of
Procedures using glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid
WD 425 is perfectly equipped for heavy-duty use. Thanks
to high-quality components and parts, various procedures
using peracetic acid or glutaraldehyde can be applied.
Confirmation of compatibility of materials must be
obtained from the endoscope manufacturers prior to
3-level rack for 3 flexible
MIS rack
8 DIN tray rack
Hygienic, safe and reliable
Our top priority is to protect patients and personnel. This we ensure through reliable process quality and
simple operation. Our consistent endeavor to ensure safe and reliable operation of the device is
revealed in every detail.
A new dimension of hygiene
Simple, safe and reliable operation
Each channel is individually cleaned and disinfected by the
Operation of the endoscope reprocessor WD 425 is simple,
Belimed channel rinsing system which thereby ensures a
intuitive and well arranged. It fulfills all criteria for high
hygienically flawless cleaning result. The new chamber
user comfort. Just pressing one button is enough to start
design with rounded corners was especially developed to
the appropriate program. Important process data such as
prevent cross-contamination and carry-over of rinsing
cycle time, program status, temperature and remaining
media. The standard washing chamber is made of
cycle time are indicated on the display in clearly readable
high-quality 316L stainless steel. This design, which is
form. Remaining cycle time, loading or removal readiness
based on pharmaceutical technology, ensures fast and
and error messages are additionally displayed via our
residue-free drainage in every process step.
patented status display that is well visible from afar.
Standard-compliant – requirements of current
Automatic program selection and economic
standards fully met
process cycle
Verified and certified by an independent hygiene
The benefit of simple, safe and reliable operation is
institute – WD 425 meets the requirements of all
systematically optimized: automatic instead of manual pro-
applicable guidelines – both at the international and at
gram selection is optionally available. When automatic
the country-specific level. EN ISO 15883, parts 1, 2 and 4,
program selection is activated, the control identifies the
as most important standard, has been fully implemented.
respective rack using special sensors and automatically
begins the cleaning process, based on rack identification.
Easy and ergonomic operation: the operating panel is located at the optimal height from an ergonomic point of view.
There are many ways to protect life.
Ours are the most effective.
Validated final rinse – recontamination ruled out
Consistent data monitoring
Disinfected RO water is used for the final rinse, as
The essential program data are monitored by means of the
recommended by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). This
printer that is integrated as standard. For paperless
ensures consistent quality of the final rinse water and
documentation and archiving, WD 425 can be connected
effectively prevents recontamination of the endoscopes.
up to the Belimed ICS 8535 cycle documentation system.
The process, including indirect re-cooling, takes place in
The cycle data can be presented graphically or in form of a
parallel to the ongoing cleaning process. Cycle times can
detailed cycle report.
thus be shortened by about 15 minutes.
Fast data recording
A0 value-controlled thermal disinfection
The use of barcode scanners enhances the efficiency and
For surgical utensils and instruments, an A0-value of 3000
reliability of data recording – the barcodes on the
is normally accepted. Once this value has been reached,
endoscopes can be read in within a matter of seconds. The
the controller terminates the disinfection phase. Approx.
data are automatically recorded and documented and can
5 minutes of processing time and 0.75 kWh of electrical
thus be clearly retraced.
energy per cycle can thus be saved compared to the
previously customary control by temperature and time.
Flexible individual endoscope-channel connection concept: endoscopes
from all manufacturers can be easily and quickly connected up.
High cleaning performance: The endoscope channels are each
individually cleaned, disinfected and dried.
That’s true greatness.
Often concentrated in the smallest of spaces.
Maximum capacity in the smallest space
Compact design with high turnover: WD 425 is the most powerful and most compact automated washerdisinfector in its class. Up to 3 endoscopes or 8 DIN instrument trays can be reprocessed simultaneously.
Professional reprocessing – even under conditions
Greater efficiency due to pre-loading outside
of limited space
the machine
The WD 425 endoscope reprocessor combines high
Only a limited number of endoscopes is available in an
technology with an extremely compact design. Only 90 cm
endoscopy department, and it is thus all the more essential
wide and measuring 70 cm in depth, the machine features
that endoscopes are reprocessed quickly so that they can
an excellent relationship between payload space and room
be used again. An important precondition for this is that
space required.
the capacity of the washer-disinfector is optimally utilized.
The flexible loading system allows the WD 425 device to
be utilized continuously. There are no downtimes due to
loading. The endoscopes can already be loaded onto the
racks and connected up to the individual channels in
advance outside the machine. Thus, they are immediately
ready for the next reprocessing cycle.
Technical Data
Outer dimensions, under-bench model, without
cover, H × W × D (mm)
860 × 900 × 700
Outer dimensions, with base, free-standing, with
cover, H × W × D (mm)
1450 × 900 × 700
Chamber dimensions, H × W × D (mm)
635 × 580 × 550
Chamber volume (liters)
Items to be washed
Intake capacity
Flexible endoscopes (pieces)
Rigid endoscopes (pieces)
MIS instruments (sets)
Surgical instruments (DIN trays)
4 / 6 / 8
Endoscope accessories
Anesthesia material (sets)
For more technical data, see page 7
on 2 tiers
The endoscopes can already be loaded in advance outside the machine.
This saves time and costs.
Technical Data
WD 425
Procedures using glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid
Dosing pumps for cleaning agents and disinfectants (standard/additional as an option)
Flow control for dosing units (standard/additional as an option)
Empty level control of process chemical containers (standard/additional as an option)
Type tested according to EN ISO 15883-1, 2, 4
Medical product certificate CE 0044, VDE, EMV, DVGW, SVGW
Front-loading single-door model with door interlock
Manually operated full-glass hinged door made of safety glass
Wash chamber made of high quality stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L); execution meets pharmaceutical industry design
Wash chamber illumination
Fast-filling valves for cold, warm and RO water with temperature control during filling (16L/min)
«Dynamic Filling» system to reduce media consumption
Guaranteed drainage of residual liquid to prevent carry-over of rinsing water
Electrically heated tank (kW)
Washing system designed for 3 flexible endoscopes with 7 channels each
Washing system designed for 8 DIN instrument trays on 4 levels
Leakage test for 3 endoscopes
Foam control system
Drainage system with valve and pump
Thermal RO water disinfection with re-cooling function
High-performance drying ventilator with HEPA filter H13 (operational capacity in m3/h)
Drying system, electrically heated (kW)
Air flow surveillance to avoid overheating
Vapor condenser for exhaust-air cooling
Patented process status display with LED technology
Foil keypad with 12 direct keys and tactile feedback
Selection of programs via coded racks
A0 value control function and controller for thermal programs
Two-line VFD monitor display
Temperature monitoring for control and surveillance
Thermal protection against overheating
Interfaces: RS 232 for printer and barcode reader, RS 485 for PC cycle documentation
Barcode reader for recording goods to be cleaned
Built in cycle printer integrated into front side of device
PC cycle documentation for recording and archiving all process data
Independent process data monitoring using redundant sensor system
Controller-independent process recording of conductivity
Acoustic signal at program end
Validation nozzle for external sensors
Device for taking water samples
Modem for remote maintenance and diagnosis
Automatic maintenance reminder
Front, side and rear paneling made of AISI 304 stainless steel, smoothed, 4N
Stainless steel base (H = 540 mm) with drawer for chemicals
Machine top cover (W = 900 mm × H = 50 mm) made of stainless steel
Machine top cover (W = 1200 mm × H = 50 mm) made of stainless steel
Storage cabinet (W = 300 mm × H = 860 mm) made of stainless steel, for storing the RO water cartridge
Storage cabinet (W = 300 mm × H = 860 mm) made of stainless steel, for storing process chemicals
Floor pan with leakage sensor
approx. 200
Connection data
Cold water
200 – 500 kPa, ¾" nipple
Warm water
200 – 500 kPa, ¾” nipple
RO water
200 – 500 kPa, ¾” nipple
DI 19, with siphon on building side
Electrical connection
400 V 3N AC 50 Hz, 10.5 kW, 16A
Additional connection (not mandatory)
Connection to building exhaust-air system
DN 50
■ = Standard, O = Optional
Subject to modification
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