Sound Enhancement System for Classrooms
The day-to-day stress placed on a teacher's voice has come increasingly under the medical and legal
spotlight. A convenient classroom sound enhancement system can be designed to take away the vocal
strain and fatigue associated with long hours teaching or lecturing.
Mipro’s ACT-101 Remote Controlled Wireless Microphone System can be installed simply and easily
integrated with Graphic Equalizer, Powered Mixer and Ceiling Speakers or other Wall-mount Speakers
to enhance the sound quality from CD/DVD/MP3, computers or other audio sources for clear sound
transmission in all types of classrooms.
MIPRO is an industry's leading manufacturer of innovative wireless microphone systems. Therefore, it
is no accident that its ACT series boasts many unique, sound performance-enhancing features. No
other brand can match the innovative features of MIPRO's AutoScan and ACT (Automatic Channel
Targetting) technology which provide the easiest and fastest channel set-up in the industry.
ACT-101 Remote Controlled
Wireless System
EIA standard 1/2U rackmountable receivers.
External ACT Port Receiver can be wall-mounted or standalone
to remotely power on/off the receiver.
ACT-101 Remote Controlled Wireless System
Same personal wireless microphone MT-101ACT can operate
PA in multiple rooms(up to 97 rooms).
Autoscan technology quickly scans and finds a clear, noninterfering receiver frequency – all with one push of a button.
Accepts external portable music player (iPod, MP3, CD,
cassette, DVD) for sound amplification.
ACT-101i External ACT Port Receiver
Can be used with lavalier or headworn microphone for greater
Dual "Pilotone & NoiseLock" circuit prevents interferences.
Superb RF reliability and transparent AF performance.
2-3 hours battery recharge time allows 24 hours continuous
Accepts External Headset or Lavalier Mic
Mipro ACT-101/MT-101ACT in Multiple Classrooms
For teachers, the usage of the whole system is completely hassle-free and userfriendly.
Once programmed, the same MT-101ACT transmitter microphone can be used in up
to 97 different rooms. In today’s environment where personal hygiene and
prevention of the spread of superbug, H1N1 or other viruses is of great concern,
every teacher can be given his/her own personal wireless transmitter microphone
for use in the various classrooms. The transmitter microphone is compact and ultralightweight , and powered by AA sized Ni-MH Rechargeable battery which is easily
available off-the-shelf in DIY shops. Featuring Industry’s only all-in-one, versatile
MT-101ACT transmitter microphone, the power on/off and volume loudness can be
adjusted on the transmitter microphone itself. MT-101ACT can be either handheld,
worn as a neck lanyard or with a headset microphone or lavalier microphone for
hands-free operation. Built in 3.5mm mini-jack line-input on the transmitter
microphone accepts external audio sources (iPod/MP3/CD/tape/minidisc/computer) for amplification.
MT-101ACT Personal
Wireless Microphone
Reliable & Interference-free Audio Transmission in Classroom Environment
ACT-101 Wireless
Remote Controlled
Microphone System is
ideal for teachers in
multiple classrooms and
comes with IDA
Approved Frequencies.
ACT-101 uses RF wireless technology to
overcome the disadvantages of infrared
wireless microphone systems. With infrared
transmitters and receivers must be almost
directly aligned (i.e. able to see each other)
to communicate. When blocked by
common materials, such as people, walls,
plants, etc. the transmission can be lost.
The performance of infrared wireless
microphone system tends to drop off with
longer distances or longer range
transmission. With ACT-101, students
seated at the end of the classroom can
hear clearly, without any loss in
amplification level.
Engine case specification
Single channel
Revertex kneading board, revertex engine
Engine case material quality
Assembly way
Oscillation mode
Radio frequency stability
Carrier frequency band
Stationary receive mold train
PLL phase lock frequency synthesis
±0.005% (- 10~50℃)
UHF 620~950MHz
Frequency interval
Duration of charging
3 hours
Long-term usage time
24 hours
May establish the frequency
97 groups
Preinstall channel
1 group, IDA Approved Frequency
Receive way
Mipro’s ACT-101 comes with PiloTone, a
squelch circuit function designed by one of
MIPRO's R&D senior engineers. The main
function is to prevent unwanted signal and
sudden bursting noise interference when
the receiver is at stand-by mode. With
PiloTone, both the microphone and
receiver are equipped with built-in sub
audible modulation signals. The receiver
tone squelch opens only when receiving a
signal containing a matching sub audible
tone. Thus, it prevents other signals or
noises from interfering.
EIA standard half U
Channel number of classes
Biggest drift rate
CPU controls chooses the frequency
Is equal to 40KHz when the drift rate, the
input 6dBμV, S/N>80dB
Synthesizes the S/N ratio
Synthesizes T.H.D.
<0.5% @ 1KHz
Comprehensive frequency
AC power source supply
Original 'sound code locking' static sound
External connection 230VAC supply
DC power source supply
Static sound control model
210 (wide) * 44 (high) * 170 (depth) mm
0.6 kg
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