RNS-E from Audi A4 -> Seat Exeo
You need to have :
Seat Exeo
RNS-E from Audi A4 (A3 and A6 are not the same)
A laptop with VAG-COM installed (704.1 or more) and HEX-CAN cable
To be a little bit patient
1st Step : you have to remove the old unit with special keys, you can find them on eBay, or at
your local Audi-Seat dealer
You need 4 keys like this
The connections are exactly the same, it’s plug and play.
2nd step : you need to plug the pin 7 from the green connector to the pin 5 on the blue
connector. If you don’t do that, you’ll not be able to setup the RNS-E with VAG-COM.
If you want to keep and use the AUX jack factory fitted, you’ll need to buy a part from your Audi
dealer, this part costs approx. €2.80 and the part number is 1J0 972 977 G
And plug the 3 pins of the AUX cable like this :
Connect the grey 32 pin connector back of the RNS-E and don’t forget to plug your GPS
antenna, I did like this :
3rd step : you need to recode the RNS-E, the Bluetooth, and the instrument cluster
Go to the #37 module called Navigation.
Click on 07-recode and set the code to -> 0410757
(Audi A4, diags for front speakers inactive, sound characteristics linear, telephone with comfort
control, aux in, cd changer (or iPod) and multifunction steering wheel)
Go to the #77 module called Telephone
Click on 07-coding and set the code to -> 0011433 (for France) 0011455 (for Spain) or 0011422
(for UK)
Go to the #17 module called Instruments
Click on 10-Adaptation and go the channel 62, and code it to 23 (19 is normally set) click on
save and OK. (This action enables the navigation on the DIS)
The car must be power cycled to enable changes. Remove the key and let the car 20min. After
that you’ll be able to use all the feature of your RNS-E.