Seamless Business Workflow Integration
for Fast, Easy Document Sharing
The Canon imageFORMULA® ScanFront® 220e/220eP compact network scanners, powered
by eCopy™ ShareScan®, deliver state-of-the-art image capture and intuitive document sharing
through seamless integration with existing networks, workflows, and applications.
State-of-the-Art Image Capture
The ScanFront 220e/220eP network scanners provide
Canon’s renowned document capture technologies, reliability, and durability. These scanners offer state-of-the-art
imaging technologies capable of top scanning speeds of up
to 24 pages per minute (26 ipm).* These scanners capture
high-quality color, grayscale, and black-and-white images,
while Canon’s advanced page separation mechanism and
slant-path paper feeding ensure smooth and reliable
handling of a wide variety of document types. A large 8.5inch color touch-screen allows users to preview scanned
documents with exceptional full-color detail and clarity.
These sleek, stand-alone scanners plug directly into the
network, allowing for minimal space allocation and greatly
reducing the overhead costs normally associated with
traditional enterprise document scanning solutions.
System Components and Architecture
Easy to Deploy, Manage, and Use
Intuitive Document Sharing
The ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners, powered by eCopy
ShareScan, deliver intuitive document sharing through
seamless integration with existing networks, business
workflows and processes, and network applications
and services. These scanners are compatible with both
Microsoft® and Novell® infrastructures and will use existing
network address books and databases, such as Microsoft
Access, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle®. “Connectors” provide
links between the ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners and
networked software applications and services. Scanned
images can easily be used for network distribution as well
as in applications such as document management, cost
recovery, e-mail, fax server, and information management.
* Examples based on typical settings, rated in pages/images per minute with letter-sized
documents, portrait-feeding direction, up to 200 dpi.
Powered by eCopy ShareScan, the ScanFront 220e/220eP
scanners deliver simple integration and minimal workflow
disruption. A scalable solution, many ScanFront 220e/220eP
scanners can be deployed just as easily as one. These
scanners simply plug directly into any Ethernet network.
System administrators can remotely manage and configure
an entire fleet of ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners and their
connectors, as well as Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE
devices running eCopy ShareScan for MEAP, from a central
location using the bundled administration software. Multiple
ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners can be managed and
configured to work with a single ShareScan server. Each
ScanFront 220e/220eP scanner does not require a separate
dedicated PC, thus reducing potential points of failure and
setup processes for the administrator. Direct access to
Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and LDAP address books
lets administrators maintain a single set of e-mail accounts.
The color touch- screen enables easy operation, and an
intuitive user interface requires minimal training.
Enhanced Security
The ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners can help effectively
manage the risks associated with traditional document
scanners and paper documents. These scanners support
native integration to Microsoft Active Directory and Novell
eDirectory, allowing log-in and authentication to prevent
unauthorized access. They can also create audit trails,
including activity logging and
document tracking. Since
the ScanFront 220e/220eP
models contain no hard disk,
no sensitive data resides in
the scanners, so none can be
lost through hardware failure.
The ScanFront 220eP scanner
also offers a fingerprint reader
Fingerprint Reader
for user authentication at the
device level, providing access control. The ScanFront
220e/220eP scanners only operate in conjunction with
the central ShareScan server, eliminating the need for
certain PCs in the enterprise, which could reduce the
number of potential virus entry points into an organization.
This also serves as a theft deterrent, as does the built-in
Kensington lock slot.
Environmentally Conscious
The ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners have been designed
with the environment in mind. ScanFront 220e/220eP
scanners can plug directly into office networks to deliver
both scanning and sending, thereby eliminating the need
for certain PCs in the enterprise and further reducing
overall energy consumption. These scanners also employ
a low-power standby mode to automatically reduce energy
consumption during non-use periods. They also support
duplex scanning, so both sides of a document can be
scanned in a single pass, reducing energy consumption
in the process.
Implementing ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners ultimately
leads to less surplus computer hardware than an equivalent traditional document scanner installation. This not
only reduces energy, operating, and maintenance costs,
but also hardware disposal costs at product lifecycle end,
which can result in significant cost-savings and contribute
to achieving energy-saving targets. These scanners also
comply with the RoHS directive for reduction of hazardous
substances, and are made from plastic, glass, and metals
that are mostly recyclable. Canon takes the extra step to
stamp the resin number on many plastic components for
ease of identification during recycling.
The Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners, powered by eCopy ShareScan, can help lower total
cost of ownership (TCO) through reduced requirements
for hardware, workspace, energy, and IT administration.
Easy-to-use devices, the ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners
are well-suited for use in small- and medium-size businesses and large enterprises alike. They can seamlessly
integrate with existing networks and applications and are
ideal for ECM, ERP, CRM, HRIS, and many more workflows.
eCopy Connectors
Connectors are ShareScan modules that enable the
ScanFront 220e/220eP scanners to integrate with popular
business applications and services, including document
management systems, e-mail, and fax servers.
Standard Connectors
Standard Connectors provide general sending functions
and are built into the ShareScan Services Manager. They
also offer support for sending secure e-mail and faxes with
Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes authentication and
address book, plus Scan-to-Printer, Folder, USB Memory,
or Desktop™.
eCopy Applications and
Management Tools
eCopy also offers a document management application
and handy, user-friendly administration and service tools.
eCopy PDF Pro Office
Using eCopy PDF Pro Office, users can turn paper
documents into scanned image files and:
• Combine them with documents from other applications
• Protect private information with permanent redactions
• Search for text within documents and network folders
• Insert bookmarks for easy navigation
eCopy Quick Connect
Also bundled with the scanners is eCopy Quick Connect™,
which automates business workflows with sophisticated
sending functions. Quick Connect offers custom “Scan-to”
buttons with versatile file naming, indexing, and destination
options. Users can send to multiple destinations and any
database or workflow application, including WebDAV and
Novell NetWare.
Optional Add-On Connectors
A wide variety of connectors, sold separately, are available
for applications including Microsoft SharePoint®. And additional connectors are being continually added to expand
application integration.
• Sign documents electronically
• Integrate documents with e-mail, fax, and document
management systems
ShareScan Services Manager
Configure and manage imaging, and document services.
ShareScan Administration Console
Configure, manage, activate, and monitor multiple
ShareScan Services Managers, application connectors,
and eCopy-enabled devices using the familiar Microsoft
Management Console.
Compact Network Scanner
Document Feeding:
Automatic or Manual
• eCopy ShareScan
• eCopy Quick Connect
Document Size
2" – 8.5"
2.12" – 14"
• eCopy PDF Pro Office
Document Weight
Automatic Feeding:
14 – 32 lb. Bond
• Exchange Roller Kit
Manual Feeding:
14 – 40 lb. Bond
• eCarePAKs
Feeder Capacity:
50 Sheets
• Scan-to-Print
Scanning Element:
One-line CMOS CIS
• Scan-to-E-mail (SMTP, Microsoft
Exchange, Lotus Notes)
Light Source:
• Scan-to-Fax (SMTP, Microsoft
Exchange, Lotus Notes)
• Scan-to-USB Memory
Scanning Modes:
Simplex, Duplex, Color, Grayscale, Black and White,
Halftone, Text Enhancement
• Scan-to-Folder
Color Dropout/Enhance:
Red, Green, Blue
Optical Resolution:
600 dpi
Output Resolution:
100/150/200/300/400/600 dpi
Scanning Speed*
24 ppm
16 ppm
11 ppm
26 ipm
17 ipm
10 ipm
Black and White:
• Scan-to-FTP
• Scan-to-WebDAV***
• Scan-to-Database***
Operation Panel:
8.5" TFT Liquid Crystal Display with Touch-Panel
Fingerprint Sensor:
Optical Sweep Type Sensor (ScanFront 220eP Only)
Dimensions (H x W x D):
6.22" x 12.2" x 9.21"
7.5 lb.
Power Consumption:
26W or Less
Suggested Daily Volume: Approx. 1,500 Scans
• Automatic Page Size Detection
• Bleed-through Removal
• Deskew
• Skip Blank Page
• Color Dropout/Enhance Color
• Fingerprint Reader
(ScanFront 220eP Only)
• Text Orientation Recognition
• Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection
(ScanFront 220eP only)
ScanFront 220e: 3323B001
ScanFront 220eP: 3324B001
* Examples based on typical settings, rated in pages/images per minute with letter-sized documents,
portrait-feeding direction, up to 200 dpi.
** Examples based on typical settings, rated in pages/images per minute with letter-sized documents,
portrait-feeding direction, up to 150 dpi.
*** eCopy Quick Connect installation is required.
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.4GHz or Higher
RAM: 512MB or Higher (1GB or Higher Recommended)
Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3, Vista Business/Enterprise SP1,
2003 Server, 2008 Server or Later
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