5140 IP Appliance Quick Reference

Quick Start Guide
IP Appliance
he Mitel Networks™ 5140 IP Appliance provides you with convenient access
to powerful features using command keys and quick keys. The Mitel Networks
5140 IP Appliance display screen allows you to easily view and quickly navigate
through these features. The full-duplex speakerphone gives you excellent handsfree
There are several user-friendly keys on the 5140 IP Appliance:
ΠAudio Device Controls - There are four audio device controls. The audio device
controls include:
Headset - Toggles the audio between the headset and
speaker. If this is left on, all new calls will be directed to
your headset when you answer the phone by pressing the
prime line/intercom quick key.
Microphone - Toggles the Handsfree microphone on or
off. The microphone is turned on automatically when
Handsfree is turned on.
Vol +, Vol - When the phone is ringing, use these
buttons to control the ringer level. When you are using
the phone, use these buttons to control the headset and
handset volume. When the phone is idle, you can use
these buttons to adjust the contrast of the display screen.
 Command Keys - There are six command keys in a column along the left side
of the display screen. When you press a command key, you invoke the command or
function described by the adjacent text label.
Ž Telephony Feature Keys - The telephony feature keys include:
Hold - Places a call on or removes a call from Hold.
Speech Recognition - If this feature is available on your system, use it to
directly access this application.
Handsfree - Toggles the audio between speaker/microphone and handset.
Note: You can mute a Handsfree call by turning off the microphone button.
Quick Start Guide
 Application Keys - There are 8 application keys. Many of these keys, including
Bookmarks, Personal Directory and Speed Dials, must be programmed using the Mitel
Networks 3100/3300 ICP Desktop User Tool. To use this tool, open your computer’s
Internet browser and type the Desktop User Tool URL your administrator has given
you. At the login screen, type your username and password.
Begin programming by selecting an action from the I Want To drop-down list.
For more information on the 5140 IP Appliance, refer to the system specific 5140 IP
Appliance User Guide available at www.mitel.com, or contact your Administrator.
Online Services - Displays the Online Services main screen, which gives you
access to company specific information your administrator has programmed.
Settings - Allows you to access your phone book and personal keys, program call
forwarding, and even leave messages on the display screen for anyone who calls
your extension.
Bookmarks - Displays a screen that lists the URLs you have programmed using
the 3100/3300 ICP Desktop User Tool.
Using your phone or the 3100/3300 ICP Desktop User Tool, you can program
your quick keys with a:
• Feature
• Extension number
• Extension group number
• Line or line group number
• Corporate or personal speed call number.
“ InfraRed Port - After you’ve installed the Mitel Networks Personal Digital
Assistant (PDA) Application software onto your Palm® Handheld™, you can dial a
number directly from your PDA’s address book and invoke other telephony features,
all by beaming information from your PDA to the InfraRed port.
Phone View - Displays the default telephony ‘call state’ screen.
Note: To return to phone view at any time, press Phone View.
Personal Directory - Displays your Personal Directory, which allows you to
browse and dial the private telephone numbers you programmed using the
3100/3300 ICP Desktop User Tool.
Note: Your Administrator or other extension users do not have access to this directory.
Call Logs - Accesses your Call Log, which displays the last 10 different incoming
numbers and the number of times the number has called (3300 ICP only).
Speed Dials - Displays the Speed Dial list, which allows you to browse and dial
the telephone numbers you programmed using the
3100/3300 ICP Desktop User Tool.
Voice Mail - Accesses the visual voice mail screen showing the contents of your
voice mailbox.
 Navigation Keys - Allow you to navigate through your Personal Directory, the
Corporate Directory, List of Calls and Redial List using the up, down, left, and right
keys. Press OK to choose the selection you have highlighted.
‘ Dialpad Keys - May be used to dial a number, to input text characters or
punctuation, or to ‘jump’ to an entry in a numbered list. You can also program quick
keys using the dialpad keys.
’ Quick Keys - There are nine quick keys arranged in a staggered column along the
right side of the display screen. When you press a quick key, the action shown on the
display screen beside the quick key is performed.
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