waterproof bluetooth® handset for mobile phones

New Music Mode
Wirelessly stream and control music
from your iPhone®, iPod Touch®,
Blackberry® or Android™ phone.
Connects directly into any existing
stereo input.
Wireless Technology
Keep your cell phone safe
and dry by pairing it to
the handset.
Caller ID and log
Easy caller identification,
lists up to 50 incoming, outgoing
and missed calls.
Noise-canceling microphone
Blocks background noise.
Loud and clear
Loud and clear non-emergency
Designed to JIS7 standards.
New Music Mode
Streams music wirelessly from your iPhone®, iPod Touch®, Blackberry® or Android™ phone and conveniently connects directly to input of existing stereo.
MicroBlue™ Technology
(Patent Pending)
Bluetooth Wireless Technology in a unique noise canceling handset design.
Noise-Canceling Microphone
Cobra exclusive noise muting technology for crystal clear communication.
Loud and clear incoming audio, phone calls are heard through the unit’s powerful speaker.
Unit Specifications
Unit Dimensions
4.5”H x 2.6”W x 1.4”D
(114mm x 66mm x 36mm)
Individual Unit Weight
.88 lbs. (400g)
Input Power
13.8V DC (12V Nominal)
Class II, Version 2.0
MR F300 BT
0 28377 20128 8
Individual Gift Box
8.9”H x 8.3”W x 2.7”D
Simple Installation
Install and setup in as little as 30 minutes.
Submersible to JIS7 Specification
Meets JIS7 standards; submersible for 30 minutes in one meter deep water.
Large Illuminated Display Large dot matrix display area allows for clarity and ease of view and use.
Dimensions (in.)
(225mm x 210mm x 68mm)
No Recharging
No need to recharge or replace batteries.
Individual Gift Box Weight
1.3 lbs. (586g)
EasyGrip® Microphone
Cobra has been making microphones for 40+ years. We know what works!
Master Pack Qty
EasyPair Easy one-time configuration, simply use your Bluetooth capable mobile phones menu
to pair it with the F300, the same way you would a Bluetooth® headset.
Master Pack
5.7”H x 8.7”W x 9.7”D
Dimensions (144mm x 222mm x 247mm)
Caller ID For incoming calls, the number and name (if in contact list) appears on the LCD
screen for easy caller identification.
Master Pack Weight
3.02 lbs. (1371g)
Easy Redial Operation One-touch redial of last phone number dialed.
50 Number Call Log
Press one key to see the Call Log of incoming, outgoing and missed calls.
50 Number Phone Book
Easily access up to 50 of your most frequently used numbers.
Adjustable Volume Volume can be set or controlled during the call with ease.
10 Selectable Ring Tones
Choose from 10 of Cobra’s predefined ring tone.
Optional VOX This software controlled option (with a dedicated button) allows you to use this device
in a speakerphone hands-free mode. For normal operation, you press the PTT button
while you talk, eliminating all of your background noise.
Backlit Blue Buttons and Display
Cool blue display makes it easy to see and operate during the day or in low light conditions.
8 Phone Pairing
Pairs with up to 8 different mobile phones (one used at a time).
Easy to switch between paired phones.
External Audio Output Allows a method for you to connect the F300 to your stereo’s Aux Input. The voice of your caller
(To Marine Stereo) can be played through your stereo over your boat’s amplified speaker system.
Waterproof Deck Connector
This device connects directly to your boats 12V DC power system through an easy to
install waterproof plug.
USB Upgradeable
Cobra software upgrades and enhancements can be made through a standard USB Connector.
Cobra does not endorse cellular telephones as substitutes for marine radios. They generally cannot communicate with rescue vessels and, if you make a distress call
on a cellular telephone, only the party you call will be able to hear you. Additionally, cellular telephones may have limited coverage over water. If you do not know where
you are, the Coast Guard will have difficulty finding you if you are using a cellular telephone. However, cellular telephones can have a place onboard where cellular
coverage is available - to allow social conversations and keep the marine frequencies uncluttered and available for their intended use.
Optional accessory
CM 140-002
12V Audio
Wirelessly Play &
Control Music From Your
Music Player
Pairs to your cell phone
with Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology
to JIS7 specifications
Noise Canceling
Loud & Clear
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