9 Volt Battery Replacement #597 for TV Camera Transmitters

9 Volt Battery Replacement #597 for TV Camera Transmitters
9 volt Battery Replacement for
TV camera transmitters
Item #597
The 9vBRTV is intended to power TV camera transmitters, or
other light current devices, requiring 9 volts DC. The 9vBRTV,
replaces the battery in TV type camera transmitters.
Installation: Find a proper place to locate the 9vBRTV. Either use
the double sided tape to secure the unit or other method. The
9vBRTV is encased in heatshrink tubing to prevent electrical
shorts to the board.
Input power: connect two gray wires to either AC, DC, DCC, or
other voltages to obtain the fixed 9 volt output.
Output: The battery connector represents the battery output and
can be connected directly to the other 9 volt battery snaps that
would normally be connected to a battery. If you do not want to
use the battery connector, it can be removed leaving the bare
wires to connect to the load. The black wire is the "+" power, the
red wire is the "-". This is opposite of normal color codes but is
necessary to make the battery connector the correct polarity when
used as a direct "snap in" battery replacement.
To maintain the 9 volt output, sufficient input voltage must be
present. The 9vBRTV contains on board storage which prevents
intermittent connections of the track power from affecting the
cameras operation!
Precautions: DO NOT short circuit the terminals or leave them
contact other metal surfaces! Make sure that no exposed metal
touches any other metal object. Also make sure that the battery
connections exposed metal does not come in contact with any
metal object. Damage to the 9vBRLT may occur which is not
covered under any warranty.
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