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Tip #008
9/20/2013 C.O.
Effected Product:
Elgin Crosswind & Whirlwind
Fan care
Any sweeper that uses a fan to convey air to move debris
is likely to have carryover of debris back into the fan and
then to the pressure slot or is exhausted. A build up of
debris can adhere to the fan blades and can cause an out
of balance vibration that will cause damage to the fan,
bearings and the sweeper.
Suggestions for when sweeping to help reduce carryover.
#1 Reduce the RPM’s of the fan. Slower air speed
through the sweeper’s hopper will allow the weight of
the debris to fall out of the air flow. You should be using
different RPM’s and the vacuum enhancer for different
amounts and types of debris.
#2 Water spray injected into the air flow stream will
adhere to the dust particles adding weight to the debris
and help the drop out in the sweeper hopper. A small
amount of water is all that is needed, a load should be
moist not mostly water. The water system is what is
protecting the fan from dry abrasives of the carryover.
Fan maintenance is:
#1 Daily wash out.
#2 Daily visual inspections. Opening inspection hatch
and looking at the fans condition.
#3 Daily physical removal of any debris build up on the
fan blades. On the top side of each blade and closes to
the center of the fan is a low velocity area where debris is
caught on the fan blades. This debris build up is what
causes the vibration.
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